Pings detected in search for Air Asia flight 8501

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By Jacob Maslow

Pings detected in search for Air Asia flight 8501Indonesian search and rescue teams tasked with trying to locate the wreckage of missing Air Asia flight 8501 believe that signals from the plane’s black box recorder have been detected.

On Friday morning local time, the National Search and Rescue director, S.B Supriyadi said: “A ship detected the pings. The divers are trying to reach it”

“The location of the ping is reported to be near where the tail was found,” reports AFP.

The Air Asia flight has been missing since it vanished from radar on December 28 whilst flying from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore.

No survivors have yet been found among the 162 passengers and crew who were travelling on the plane. So far, 46 bodies have been found as search and rescue teams continue to search for the plane.

Poor weather conditions have hampered search and rescue efforts.

We’ll bring you more on this breaking news story as it develops.

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