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By Richard

Travel is an integral part of a person’s life in today’s time. May it be related to business needs, visiting loved ones in other geographical locations, or traveling to tour different places. Traveling enables people to achieve various tasks and even fills one’s heart with joy.

However, it is not untouched by losses. We here talk about the financial losses majorly, which may come due to sudden cancellations, changes of plans, or anything that may be unexpected at first. Though it is no longer an issue, as multiple companies provide travel insurance, and even government bodies like Indian Railways provide travel insurance at very minimal prices.

When talking about private organizations, buying travel insurance may be hectic as there is a wide variety to choose from that too within the range of one’s individual needs. However, companies address their available plans in such a way that it makes it easier for one to choose a procedure that may be a suitable fit for them. For example, Allianz assistance is one company that assists people with travel insurance for their needs.

Allianz describes such insurance as safeguarding against medical emergencies and travel delays. Allianz currently provides a 23% discount on Singapore insurance plans, which does not cover any losses for sanctioned countries such as Russia or Ukraine.

Such travel insurance helps one cover for their delays and cancellations due to Covid surge or Containment in such a way that these valid reasons will never come between a person and them spending well on travel for their future. Such policies cover medical costs, cancellations or containments, and being impacted by any pandemic when one is diagnosed with such a disease.

Allianz helps one buy travel insurance in such a way that they even advertise some instances where they would have helped people from losing money due to travel plans getting canceled because of the Covid pandemic.

Allianz offers various types of policies for multiple requirements, some of which are:

Travelers who frequently travel, such as working people, students, or vendors, can get covered for an unlimited number of trips, where each trip can be of up to 90 days in duration. An entire annual plan can be found as a complete article on the site.

Travelers who occasionally travel, such as businesspersons who rarely get out of a city, or housewives, can claim single trip plans for one-off trips. Even people looking for a shorter gateway fall under this list and, thus, are eligible to claim any such procedures.

Travelers who travel with a group of people or family can opt for the family plan of travel insurance assistance provided by Allianz, in which every family member of the person who is traveling along may be covered, though making it possible for a maximum 2 people being adults out of that group.

The facilities provided by Allianz after buying travel insurance are as below:

If one gets covid overseas, emergency medical/ transportation is covered in such a case.

If one is diagnosed with covid just before the departure as per their planned travel, that person is eligible for getting a claim for involved travel expenses.

If the trip gets interrupted, such as the person is diagnosed with covid during a trip and needs to return to Singapore, such travelers also fall under these policies and thus get all the relevant benefits.

If one is required to get quarantine during the trip, Allianz’s travel insurance helps one claim insurance in such cases.

Thus, buying a travel insurance is a wise person’s choice among travelers.

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