People who saw San Bernardino suspect at mosque describe him as ‘shy, reserved’

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Worshipers at a Southern California mosque were stunned to learn that one of the shooters who allegedly opened fire at a San Bernardino social service facility, killing 14 people and wounding 21 others, attended their mosque.

The worshipers remembered 28-year-old Sayed Farook, the husband of the second shooter, Tashfeen Malik, as shy and reserved, describing him as a good person who never showed any signs of aggression or anger.

“He would pray here on his lunch break so he would come here frequently, maybe two to three times or something like that,” Nizaam Ali told AFP. “I knew him and he was always a good person. He was a little shy, he was a little reserved but he wasn’t ever angry, he never showed any signs of aggression or, you know, any emotional things going on. I couldn’t tell.”

Ali added: “It impacts us because now what we’re fearing is backlashes, we’re fearing that people from the community might want to backlash and say that all Muslims are the same, that, for some reason, we also have the same ideology as Mr. Farook did.”

Another worshipper, Gasser Shehata, told AFP that the mosque was shocked to discover that Farook was one of the shooters. “When we came to prayer at five in the morning we discovered that it was him and we were in shock,” he said.

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