Passenger tries to enter cockpit of flight that left Seattle, injuring 3

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A passenger has been detained after attempting to enter the cockpit of a flight that took off from Seattle, injuring three people and forcing an emergency landing under the escort of fighter jets, reports say.

The incident happened on early Thursday evening after Delta Air Lines Flight 129 took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for an 11-hour flight to Beijing. The incident occurred about 45 minutes after take-off.

A passenger who was on board the plane said someone had tried to enter the cockpit, though specific details about the circumstances were not immediately available. The passenger reported seeing several people with blood on their clothes.

As a result of the incident, fighter jets were scrambled to escort the Boeing 767 back to Seattle, where it landed without further incident. CNN, citing two sources, reported that two passengers and one crew member were injured.

“Flight 129 returned to Seattle following a security incident with a passenger,” the airline said in a statement. “The passenger was restrained onboard and was removed from the flight by law enforcement without further incident when the aircraft arrived back in Seattle.”

There was no immediate word on a possible motive, but the airport said there was no indication of a “national security threat.”

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