One-line eLearning growing fast in Thailand’s capital Bangkok

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By George Anderssen

eLearning in Thailand is booming
eLearning in Thailand is booming

BANGKOK: — eLearning is growing rapidly in Thailand in 2018, reports.

eLearning is learning utilizing the Internet and specially created Apps to access education outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online.

There are many terms used to describe learning that is delivered online, via the internet, ranging from Distance Education, to computerized electronic learning, online learning, internet learning and many others.

A company in Bangkok, CallToAction Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in in eLearning in Thailand. CTA define eLearning as courses that are delivered via the internet to somewhere other than the classroom where the professor or teacher is teaching. Within Thailand or abroad. Live or on-demand.

It is not a course delivered via a DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a TV channel. It is interactive in that you can also communicate with your teachers, professors or other students in your class. Sometimes it is delivered live, where you can “electronically” raise your hand and interact in real time and sometimes it is a lecture that has been prerecorded.

“There is always a teacher or professor interacting /communicating with you and grading your participation, your assignments and your tests. eLearning has been proven to be a successful method of training and education is becoming a way of life for many citizens in Thailand”, says Ms. Lukgal Nakavisit, Managing Director for eLearning in Thailand according to

— Additional reporting by Peter Abrahams, StreetwiseJournal

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