Nikita Mishin Offloads Stake in Globaltrans

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The co-founder of Globaltrans, Nikita Mishin, has divested his ownership interest.

Nikita Mishin, one of the co-founders of Globaltrans, has divested his ownership interest in the company. This decision was part of a larger deal that resulted in Aqniet Capital, an investment firm based in Kazakhstan, acquiring a substantial portion of Globaltrans. As of the start of 2024, Aqniet Capital’s acquisition has led them to hold a 31.62% share of the company’s issued capital, granting them full voting rights. Consequently, this has left a majority of Globaltrans shares, specifically 56.2%, available for public trading.

Company Background and Growth

Globaltrans is a prominent freight rail transportation company with a strong presence in Russia and the CIS countries. Founded in Moscow in 2004 by Nikita Mishin, Nikolaev, Maltsev, Andrey Filatov, and Alexander Eliseev, it has grown to become one of the leading private operators in the region, with a fleet exceeding 66,000 railcars. 

The company specializes in transporting bulk commodities, oil products, and metallurgical cargoes, providing sophisticated logistics solutions to a diverse clientele. Globaltrans is known for its operational efficiency, transparency, and commitment to innovation, which have been instrumental in its expansion and success. 

Listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2008, the company has consistently demonstrated strong financial performance and dedication to shareholder value, making it a notable player in the global transport and logistics industry.

Strategic Relocation

In 2023, Globaltrans migrated its legal domicile from Cyprus to Abu Dhabi’s free economic zone to optimize its strategic position. This relocation is expected to increase shareholder dividends, reflecting the company’s commitment to shareholder value.

Fleet and Market Operations

Globaltrans has carved out a niche for itself in the transportation of bulk commodities, metallurgical products, and oil, with an operational footprint that extends across Russia, Estonia, Ukraine, and other regions. Their asset portfolio includes a significant tanker operation, further cementing their market presence.

Prospects and Expectations

The company is widely regarded as an efficient and transparent operator with valuable assets and is expected to maintain its leadership in the freight rail industry. The new shareholder, Kairat Itemgenov, owner of Aqniet Capital, brings a wealth of experience from diverse sectors, including pharmaceuticals and energy. Meanwhile, Nikita Mishin is redirecting the proceeds from his sale into philanthropic efforts, particularly in the field of education.

Key Personalities and Future Directions

Despite the changes in ownership, Globaltrans continues to be led by a strategic management team committed to the company’s ongoing development. They adhere to a disciplined financial policy, focusing on sound dividend practices and shareholder remuneration. The company is also well-positioned to adapt to economic shifts and the competitive landscape.

Full Year Results

According to the company’s Interim 2023 Results, the Freight Rail Turnover remained consistent year on year, and the Average Price per Trip increased by 3%. This indicates that while the volume of freight transported by the company stayed stable, Globaltrans managed to increase its revenue per trip.

A detailed announcement regarding the Group’s financial and operational results for the year ended December 31, 2023, will be released on April 8, 2024, which will provide a comprehensive overview of the company’s financial health for the entire year.


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