Need another reason to like Apple? It’s a kick ass retailer

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By Jacob Maslow

Apple store in hong kong
Apple Store in the city center on March 19 2013 Hong Kong China. Apple is a very popular worldwide brand name.

If you were to recast many Apple analysts-cum-fanboys as poets, it’s easy to see them proclaim their love for the Silicon Valley giant as: How do I love you, Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)? Let me count the ways… Realistically speaking, it’s very easy to love Apple. It is a solid global brand that people will pay a premium for. This has always been the default positioning for Apple even during its oh-so-dark Gil Amelio days. There’s just something about its cult-like appeal that’s hard to quantify much less shake off. The Apple ‘cool factor’ is on full display recently given its record-setting profits last quarter. Well, if you are looking for yet another reason to admire this company, view it as a retailer.

When analyzed as a retailer, Apple is nothing short of phenomenal. Among all US retailers, it is ranked 24th and fast rising. If you were to restrict Apple solely to its niche electronics space, it is second only to Best Buy (NYSE:BBY). Based on a store-based sales basis, Apple is no slouch. Just how big is Apple as a retailer? Let’s put it this way, based solely on the sales volume of its stores, Apple is a bigger retailer than some of the largest names in traditional retailing. We’re talking about brands like Gap, 7-Eleven, JC Penney, and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Indeed, Apple’s retail store reach is so strong and oh-so-cool that it is kind of baffling why Apple hasn’t exploited its store presence even more. Maybe it could rack up and offer non-Apple products and accessories even more?



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