Mycelium’s Wallet Suspended from Google Play Store

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By Jacob Maslow

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Google Play logo is displayed on a mobile phone screen. Google Play is a service from Google which includes an online store for music, movies, books, and Android apps and games.

Mycelium received an email from Google stating that the company’s bitcoin wallet has been suspended. The company’s wallet app boasted 50,000 to 100,000 users before the suspension took place.

The suspension occurred after a new beta release had been uploaded to the store.

A developer for the company states that Google’s email revealed a hint as to the suspension: violation of paid and free provision.  The company has not yet determined how their app goes against the terms and service that Google linked up in the email.

Users have stated that the suspension may have occurred due to a technicality. If an app is free, no transaction fees may be assessed. The company’s app does, however, charge a small transaction fee to the trader. Google receives a portion, 30%, of the revenue that apps make directly off of the Play Store.

Updates to the Google Play Store have come to a halt. The company has stated that this will be a growing issue if they cannot get the matter resolved quickly. Current users of the app will not see any difference in the functionality due to the suspension. The only difference will be that the app can only be updated on the Mycelium website for Android users until the matter is corrected.

Clarification from Google has not been given at this time. The team at Mycelium believes that the suspension may have been an error and are attempting to resolve the issue with Google at this time.

Mycelium offers other bitcoin-related services, such as a universal payment card, payment system and a way to buy and sell bitcoin locally.

Developers have concerns that Google is removing apps at a growing pace. Many developers have stated that Google will only allow one chance to fix the issue before the developer’s account and all Google-related products are terminated for life.

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