Move Over Shared Economy, Make Way For Timepooling

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By Jacob Maslow

uber perth amboyShared economy is one of the hottest concepts in mobile app technology. The whole idea of sharing extra space in your car or in your room through the use of an online exchange you can access through your phone is a multibillion dollar startup technology idea. Companies like Airbnb and Uber are all about the shared economy. There are many other smaller start-ups that focus on this concept. The whole idea is that people who have certain assets that they’re not really using can then rent them out to other people. They can basically convert excess assets into extra cash. The value proposition of a shared economy is pretty easy to understand and appreciate.


However, there is one asset that isn’t being fully addressed by many shared economy mobile apps. I am talking about your time. Your time, of course, is your most important asset. You can turn your time into cash, you can turn your time into opportunities, and you can turn your time into great memories. Time’s value is due to its flexibility and its ability to be turned into many different forms. Interestingly enough, in the whole mad rush for shared economy mobile apps, timepooling, or time asset management, isn’t really being fully explored. Many of the apps out there are not very attractive nor inspiring.


One timepooling area that might prove to be quite lucrative is shared problem solving. People pool their time to solve problems quickly. This enables large problem sets to get handled quickly. We’re talking about problem sets that involve analysis. This could be an interesting business model because the participants of the pool that are sharing their time can be paid through micropayments. If this one project to many model seems familiar, it’s because it is also called crowdsourcing. The big difference, however, is that you’re using your mobile app to access projects based on the time you have. You’re essentially pooling your available time and analytical capabilities with a huge number of people and the mobile app matches you with companies and individuals that need a certain large projects stacked up quickly and effectively.

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