Microsoft Gets A Nice Insider Vote of Confidence

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By Jacob Maslow

If you are looking to figure out what company insiders think of the company they manage or are board members of, pay attention to their share purchases. Let’s face it, part of human nature is to talk a big game. We all like to talk and talk and talk. However, if you are looking for the truth, just pay attention to what people do.

People say one thing and often do another. This is definitely the case with many company insiders. There are many cases, especially during the first Dot Com crash, where company insiders would talk up their company. But based on their Securities and Exchange Commission filings, they are actually dumping the stock.

Well, none of that is happening with Microsoft. Instead, it is the reverse. A company director, Mason Morfit, put his money where his mouth is. He picked up a large block of Microsoft’s stock. How large is the block? We are talking about one million shares.

He picked up the stock in a price range of $40.84 to $41.47. The total bill came out to $42.5 million. If that isn’t a vote of confidence, I don’t know what is. Mr. Morfit shows that he has confidence in Microsoft.

Truth be told, there is a lot to be confident about. Microsoft is on the right track when it comes to pursuing a cloud-based computing business model. Moreover, it is finally waking up from its delusion that the world will continue to demand Windows as its operating system. The sooner it wakes up from that pipe dream, the better it would be for Microsoft and its shareholders. At $42.5 million, it appears that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella got a very loud vote of confidence from a company director. I wouldn’t be surprised if more company directors start buying in to the company.

Microsoft has a lot of strategic advantages that, if used properly, will not only keep the company relevant in the mobile data age, but also position it to own the future of technology. I know this sounds like big talk. But if you are looking for any company that has the deep pockets, the brain power, and the infrastructures to pull it off, your selections are few. Near the top of the list, of course, is Microsoft.

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