Microsoft announces updated console, the Xbox One S

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By Larry Banks

The Xbox One is now much smaller. Announced at the E3 in L.A. this week, the new Xbox One S is a slimmed down version of the original games console, with a fresh lick of white paint to boot.

The new machine is a striking design that looks much sleeker and attractive than Microsoft’s older consoles. It’s forty percent smaller than the original Xbox One, according to the firm, and also does away with the huge power supply used by previous models. Unlike the original Xbox One, the new model can also be stood on its side thanks to a vertical stand.

Aside from the visual update, the Xbox One S includes some other notable improvements. There’s now 4K Ultra HD video support and HDR capabilities for video and games. One of the USB ports now moves to the front for more easy access, and besides the controller pairing button there’s also a built-in IR port. One of the features that has been removed however is a dedicated Kinect port. There will however be a separate USB adaptor for anyone that wants to hook up to the motion-sensing device.

“The Xbox One S for us was a realization that first, we want to make a smaller Xbox, but there was also some capability that we saw growing out in the market around HDR and 4K video”, Xbox head Phil Spencer says. “So we said, if we’re going to do an upgrade to our console, let’s go ahead and embrace some of the technologies that are coming and make those part of our core SKU”.

The console also has an upgrade controller. It’s the same white colour as the main unit, with new textured grips on the rear and Bluetooth, which provides a longer wireless range and also allows users to hook it up to a PC.

A limited edition launch of the new console will be available in August with a 2 TB hard drive for $399. Soon after, two standard versions will be available: a 500 GB version for $299 and a 1 TB model for $349.

SOURCE: The Verge.

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