Looking For a Lucrative Long Shot? Try Lumber Liquidators

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By J Maslow

lumber liquidators gift cardSpecialty wood products distributor Lumber Liquidators (NYSE:LL) has been going through one hell of a stock market roller coaster ride recently. Thanks to an expose on the 60 Minutes CBS news show regarding the presence of a known carcinogen Formaldehyde in Lumber Liquidators’ products, the company’s stock has crashed. In fact, the stock is doing so badly that it dropped by a total of 46%.

This stock is depressed because the company hasn’t really been persuasive in making all the controversy go away. There are all sorts of allegations being thrown at the company and it seems that the company really hasn’t gotten its public relations act together. Other companies have faced nasty public relations meltdowns and have staged successful turnarounds. There is a possibility that, in the hands of the right public relations firm, Lumber Liquidators can turn their situation around.

This is why if you are looking for a speculative stock that you can scoop up near the bottom of its 52-week high, you might want to consider Lumber Liquidators. It is not out of the woods yet, by all means. There might be all sorts of investigations down the road if these allegations pan out. Also, the company has disputed how 60 Minutes came to its conclusion. Regardless, it is still embroiled in an unfolding drama. If you want to get a clear idea as to how high the stock can pop assuming its public relations nightmare ends, the 52-week trading range for Lumber Liquidators is $27.79 to $108.40. Depending on your risk appetite, that can be a very lucrative spread indeed.

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