Looking for a Hot Investment? Invest in Drones

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By Jacob Maslow

delivery droneWith the highly anticipated Federal Aviation Administration rules on drones out to be released sometime soon, a lot of business insiders are excited about drone technology. If you are looking to invest money, you might want to step back from biotech, social media, and mobile app technology and take a long hard look at the drone space. There is a growing consumer demand for drones.
It’s not hard to figure out why. If the government allows commercial operators to run fleets of small flying devices, there are a lot of industrial and agricultural needs that can be met by drones. This unmanned small aircraft can do a lot of wonders. They can save a lot of money and can cover a lot of space. This can allow businesses and agricultural enterprises to become more efficient and increase productivity.

How can drones help industry? Drones can be used for infrastructure inspection, taking meter readings, monitoring and possibly maintaining cellular towers, monitoring crops, monitoring the weather, and aerial photography among a long list of other uses. Currently, these tasks need a lot of labor and can cost a lot of money. Moreover, many tasks envisioned for drones can be quite hazardous if human beings were to do them.

drone carrying carton

Still, there are some reasons why drones might be under tight local scrutiny. Privacy and potential airborne accidents are just two that most easily come to mind. There are other reasons to be wary of drones.

All told, the expected business-friendly FAA rules should explode the drone industry. Expect a massive commercialization of drones if the federal regulations are business-friendly enough.

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