Looking Beyond Monetary Incentives for Employee Rewards

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By Jacob Maslow

Every employee wants to feel appreciated for a job well done. For many companies, that appreciation is structured as monetary incentives like bonuses and cash rewards. However, modern business owners are looking beyond these incentives and instead going the creative route to reward their employees uniquely. Here are some unique and innovative employee reward ideas you can incorporate into your business.

Experiential Rewards

Experiential rewards are all about unique, memorable, and personal experiences. The right experiential reward can provide an unforgettable experience that inspires employees, motivates them, and makes them feel appreciated and an essential part of the team.

There are numerous options for experiential rewards because they should be personal, and every employee is different. They can range from sporting tickets and art workshops to adventure trips or the opportunity to dine at a restaurant with a celebrity chef.


We rely on technology in our daily and professional lives more than at other times. This is why many people would appreciate receiving tech they wish to buy themselves. Businesses can start with something as simple as a tablet or pair of headphones and go up to and beyond a powerful gaming laptop.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are typically seen as a personal gift, but they can be the perfect reward for the right employee. Businesses can reward employees with gift cards to their favorite stores or to get something they have desperately wanted for a long time. The good news is that it is easy to reward your team for a job well done with gift cards as you have physical and digital options.

Gift card fulfillment platforms even allow you to personalize the rewards within the card, control and approve individual budgets, and buy the gift cards in bulk so you always have enough regardless of the team’s size.

Flexible Work Arrangements

This option might not seem like a gift, but many employees would appreciate the work-life balance of a flexible work arrangement. Businesses can reward top-performing employees or teams with the option to work remotely, adopt flexible work hours, or set up a hybrid arrangement that fits how they work best.

Office Upgrades

How comfortable and inviting the workplace environment is can impact your employees and business differently. It can also affect your employees’ health and well-being. For example, employees can get injured if they sit on non-ergonomic chairs or do not have the option of standing while working.

In addition to providing these two upgrades, you should consider tech upgrades to improve productivity and job satisfaction, creating relaxing break areas, or asking your employees to suggest upgrades that would make the most difference to them.

Businesses should look beyond monetary rewards and incentives and instead use innovative and creative ones alongside or beside them. The most effective employee rewards align with the company culture, preferences, and overall business goals. The right incentives can improve employee engagement, retention, and job satisfaction while fostering a positive and motivated workforce and workplace.

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