The Easiest Way to Create High-Performing Long-Form Web Copy for Your Business

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By Jacob Maslow

• Increase visibility and reach

• Enhance customer engagement

• Boost SEO rankings

• Educate customers on products/services

• Generate leads and conversions.

If you want your business to be heard in today’s over-competitive market, then you need more than consistent, high-quality blog posts. Instead, it may be time to create long-form web content for your content marketing strategy to help your business move to the next level by building its visibility and engagement.

Types of long-form content and how they serve your business

Long-form content is anything that exceeds 2000 words and includes how-to guides, tutorials, case studies, and blog posts. Your business can serve its audience with long-form content, giving them value. Long-form content does not only include written work,  it can include podcasts and videos, but we look at presenting web copy in this article.

The purposes of long-form content include more shares and likes while providing proof of your authority within your industry.

What is the easiest way to create high-performing long-form content?

Creating marketing content that allows you to remain within your budget when you want to grow your traffic and generate more attention to your products or services has become simpler than ever before.

The answer is AI content marketing tools that save you time from manually creating copy and ensuring it’s also SEO optimized. These powerful tools ensure that a business website can attract visitors, keep them engaged for longer, and turn them into readers and buyers.

AI content marketing tools can help businesses in the following ways:

  • Create appealing content with precise information that’s scalable and easy to source
  • Increase visits and retentions rates by providing SEO-friendly marketing strategies
  • Generate trust in a brand by taking the quality of leads to the next level since they target the right users

There are currently several AI-powered marketing tools on the market. The ones you choose will depend on your business and your capabilities. Some don’t need you to have a team of professionals offering straightforward AI solutions for those preferring the DIY approach.

Understand AI-powered marketing and how to use the latest tools.

AI-powered content tools for your marketing strategy make it easier and more cost-effective. They can help ensure visitor consistency and retention, including reviving stagnated websites. In addition, these tools can help create a credible and informative experience with the ideal clients within any niche. You pick your topic and keywords and have thousands of words presented in an understandable form before you know it.

Therefore, with AI, your business can stop wasting its budget by using the right tools to help you create targeted and sustainable business growth through your online customer targeting.

1.      Content Optimization and Surfer SEO

With Surfer SEO, you get a reliable content optimization tool that helps create high-ranking copy for your enterprise. Surfer SEO will assess and score your content, helping you improve keyword density, readability, length, headers, etc., pushing your content higher in rankings and providing organic growth metrics.

You can either write your content on Surfer SEO or copy-paste for it to analyze it. First, you must choose your domain, target audience, and niche before getting actionable insights. You can integrate Surfer SEO with other content marketing tools, including WordPress, Google Docs, and Jasper.

1.      Content at Scale for quick content

One AI-driven content solution similar to SurferSEO but more scalable is Content at Scale. Within minutes of adding up to 100 keywords, the tool prepares human-like content for publication without human intervention. The content bypasses AI detection because Content at Scale uses three AI engines, natural language processing with semantic analysis algorithms. Therefore, your business saves money, and you save time and the hassle when creating long-form web copy for your website.

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2.      Stay current with LongShot

Keeping content fresh is crucial by including the latest facts, figures, current topics, and events. LongShot is a valuable tool for ensuring that your content is always original and up-to-date. You can either use LongShot alone for your content creation or with other automated tools. If you have a dedicated content writer, they can also include LongShot into their writing process for faster results.

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3.      Jasper is a Dream Tool

Jasper has become one of the best-known AI copywriting tools because it can generate short- and long-form content effortlessly. Previously known as Jarvis (Iron Man’s virtual assistant), the company that had already secured over 350,000 users had to rebrand its tool after Marvel quickly took action.

As with most tools, you can rely on Jasper to get the tone and style right on any topic. It will also help with SEO page scores. However, it’s always a good idea to look at the content to ensure you eliminate repetition and polish the flow.

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4.      Improving content with Grammarly

Grammarly will save the day for you when preparing long-form web copy, even with an AI tool. After ensuring the content is as you want to present it, Grammarly will analyze it for grammatical and syntax consistency. It can do this on all your apps, including Facebook, Word, and Gmail. It will point out redundant and punctuation errors and offer alternatives to overused words within your article. Moreover, you can also run a plagiarism check, ensuring that you don’t run foul of search engine expectations.

5.      Adding graphic and visual designs

Long-form web copy needs visual elements to ensure its success. No Limits Creatives provides fast and affordable graphic and video designs at a highly affordable monthly rate for any online projects and ads, just like they have for trusted brands like KFC, Nestlé, and Quicksilver.

By using these tools to optimize your long-form web copy, you can guarantee that your content will rank higher in search engine results as well as engage your readers. Not only that, but having quality content on your website helps build trust with your customers and encourages them to return repeatedly. With a combination of Content at Scale, LongShot, Jasper, and No Limit Creatives, you have the perfect solution for getting your long-form web copyright.

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Final Take

AI algorithms can provide your business with many benefits, including ease of use and exceptional performance. These five tools offer effective results, whether used alone or in combination with others. They upgrade your marketing effects with scalability, efficiency, reach, cost savings, better decision-making, analytic power, improved customer experience, and more. In addition, some of these have free or cheaper versions, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a try and harnessing their power. Use them as you forge ahead, creating high-performing long-form web copy for your business.



What are the benefits of using AI copywriting tools?

AI copywriting tools can save businesses time and money and offer scalability, efficiency, reach, cost savings, better decision-making, analytic power, improved customer experience, and more.

Which tool is best for scaling content creation?

Content at Scale is an AI-driven content solution designed to be scalable. You can set up your account within minutes and add up to 100 keywords to get human-like content ready to publish with minimal human intervention.

How can I ensure my long-form web copy is always fresh?

LongShot is a valuable tool for ensuring that your content is always original and up-to-date. You can either use LongShot alone for your content creation or with other automated tools. If you have a dedicated content writer, they can also include LongShot into their writing process for faster results.

What do I need to ensure a high-performing long-form web copy?

To ensure high-performance long-form web copy, you will need AI copywriting tools such as Content at Scale, Jasper, and Grammarly, as well as graphic and visual designs from No Limits Creatives. Additionally, it’s essential to include the latest facts, figures, current topics, and events to keep your content fresh.

Do I need a dedicated content writer to use AI tools?

No. You don’t need a dedicated content writer to use AI copywriting tools. These tools are semi-automated and can produce high-quality content without much human intervention. However, you should always look at the content to ensure it meets your quality standards.

Can I use AI to incorporate the latest topics and events in my web copy?

You can incorporate the latest topics and events in your web copy using LongShot, which offers fresh content on current issues and events for a more engaging and accurate copy.

Is it expensive to use AI copywriting tools?

No. Most AI copywriting tools are either free or have a cheaper version, so you don’t need to break your budget when using them. You can get started for as little as $50 per month for some of these tools. However, if you require more features and sophistication, you may need to pay more.​

Do I need to be a tech expert in using AI tools?

No. AI copywriting tools are user-friendly and don’t require any technical knowledge or expertise. Most of them are automated so you can get started quickly without any hassle.

Can AI copywriting tools help my content rank better on search engines?

Some AI copywriting tools like Content at Scale can help optimize your SEO content to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Additionally, they ensure that your web copy does not exceed search engine expectations.


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