Long Beach Learner’s Lexicon: What To Know About Selling Your Used Car

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By Richard

Selling a used car for the first time can bring about a wide range of emotions. When you’re ready to sell, it’s important to know some of the finer nuances of how to get it sold fast, for the most money, and how to do so without being scammed. Many first-time used car sellers have found that by following some basic principles, they’ll have a hassle-free selling experience. The factors for how to do so will depend on the seller’s priorities. We’ll cover what they need to know.

Beneficial Facts To Know About Selling Your Used Car

Selling your used car can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. The easiest way to sell a used car that has issues is to deal with a specialized dealership. For example, you can sell your junk car in Long Beach to a junk car dealer.

However, if you want to take another path, having a clear idea of the best ways to unload it can make the process much easier. Some subtle nuances when selling your older car can make a world of difference, with each one either saving you time or putting more cash in your wallet. Here’s a look at some of the things all first-time used car sellers should know.

Price Your Used Car Correctly

Pricing your used car correctly can be a make-or-break moment when attempting to sell it to the general public. Price it too high, and you’ll hear nothing but crickets, and price it too low, and you’ll lose your profit. But how do you place the right price on your used car?

The solution to the used car pricing dilemma is to use one of the many online vehicle value calculators. Just plug in your vehicle’s VIN along with some information about its special features, mileage, and condition, and you’ll be given its approximate resale value. Armed with this figure, you can determine to set your selling price slightly higher or slightly lower.

Locate All of It’s Paperwork

You’ll have great difficulty selling your used car without its pink slip. This document, referred to as the vehicle’s title, is necessary when selling your car to a private buyer.

Other paperwork that can help to trigger a sale is locating all of its maintenance paperwork. It includes receipts for preventative care like routine oil changes and also for things like new tires or brake pads. Buyers are more apt to purchase used vehicles that have proof of being shown a lot of TLC.

Car Photo Safety

You want to include lots of photos of the interior and exterior of your vehicle; however, be careful with what you post to the public. Avoid using photos that have any family members in them, and it’s also wise to ensure that your home isn’t visible, either. Blurring out your vehicle’s license plate is also advisable, as savvy identity thieves could use it to obtain your personal information.

Avoid the Scams and Hustlers

One of the biggest threats when selling your used vehicle online is being exposed to car buyer scams. Many search online ads are looking for their next victim. It’s best to avoid using certain phrases as they tend to be magnets for hustlers. Don’t use:

  • Must sell
  • Reduced price
  • Selling for a sick relative

Anyone who contacts you about purchasing your car without seeing it in person is most likely a scam. A common ploy is to claim that they are away on vacation or live in another state but are very excited to purchase your used vehicle. They will claim to have a carrier ready to pick up the vehicle and will send you an online payment or check to cover its cost. You’ll be asked to send the overpayment to the shipper, which, of course, is a fake company. This is generally referred to as the overpayment scam.

What To Know About Selling Your Used Car: Final Words

Selling your used car, while usually a somewhat pleasant experience, can expose you to con artists and fraudsters. When selling to the general public, you’ll have to meet with potential buyers, and although generally safe, there’s always a risk when meeting a stranger.

The safest and most convenient way to sell a used car, especially for those with high mileage and mechanical issues, is to sell them to a specialized junk car dealer. There’s no waiting involved, and once you accept their quote for your used vehicle, most will come and tow it away within a day or so while leaving you with a more than generous cash payment. It’s the safe and profitable way to sell a hard-to-sell used car.

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