2022 Search Engine Marketing Essentials for Local Businesses

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By Jacob Maslow

If you are a new local business owner, chances are that you’re still looking for that breakthrough that will allow the business to boom and maximize profits. In that case, SEM or search engine marketing may be the key to unlocking the true potential of your local business.

However, this process may not be straightforward and may require some level of expertise. So what are the 2022 search engine marketing essentials for local businesses?

Search engine marketing will allow you to reach your target audience directly. Understanding the concepts of keyword searches, ad auctions, and the tools available for search engine marketing is vital. Taking the current statistics of search engine users may also play an essential role in implementing a successful marketing strategy.

In this article, I will dive into the depth of search engine marketing and what local businesses need to know to use this tool to maximize its benefit in 2022.

Understanding search engine marketing means

  • What is search engine marketing and its benefit?

Search engine marketing refers to refining how customers find your business through search engine marketing tools. It is a tool primarily used by small or medium dealings, making it perfect for all types of local companies.

It is a non-invasive method of marketing where the ad is linked to the keywords used by search engine users. The approach makes your ads specific. Instead of targeting all search engine users, only those customers are targeted who are already looking for products or services that your business provides.

  • Pay per click

The marketing strategy is also highly cost-effective due to its pay-per-click design. The company may only need to pay when the customer clicks on the advertisement. This allows for more efficient use of resources and excellent retention.

It is the perfect method for newer businesses to show up on the map as the response to the campaign is quick and instant. However, more data such as the times an ad was clicked and how many sales were made could be essential for a budding startup to analyze the marketing strategy and what changes may be required.

Are SEM and SEO the same

SEO is a part of Search Engine Marketing. Even though both processes are designed to create a more optimized link between the customer and the business, they may differ in the methods used. Search engine marketing refers to all search engine marketing activities. Search engine optimization is a part of that and would refer to optimizing website traffic flow so it can reach the business organically.

Essentials of search engine marketing in 2022

  • Keywords

Search engine marketing is based on linking customers to businesses’ adverts based on the keywords used by the customer. Therefore it becomes essential for the company to search for keywords that may be used for the product or services they offer.

For example, a local car wash would need to consider keywords such as “jet wash,” “car wash,” “auto wash,” or “tunnel wash.” These are multiple words for the same service that need to be accounted for while using search engine marketing as a tool.

  • Targeting

An essential component of search engine marketing is targeting. The local business can control the target audience regarding location, the type of device customers use, or the frequency by which they search for the product or service.

  • Ad copy

A standard ad on google requires a headline of 30 characters. These are used to catch the viewers’ attention instantly. A maximum of two description blocks can be added that allow further 90 characters each. This is where you can further explain your business’s value to the customers.

However, more tools like site extensions or call extensions can add more value to the advertisement while maintaining its engaging nature.

  • Auctions

Simply placing an advertisement on google won’t make it appear at the top. You would need to bid and beat other competitors for your ad to show at the top. However, keeping a budget is essential to ensure there is a positive return on the investment.

It is a common mistake to try to maintain the highest bid where the cost piles up to thousands and the return on investment in the ad are not favorable.

Other aspects like Quality score and Ad Rank may serve essential roles too. Quality score is Google’s method of ensuring your product is relevant to the keywords. The Ad rank directly correlates with the Quality score and bid. The score is a multiple of both. The higher the Ad Rank, the higher the advertisement will show.

  • Tools and platforms

Despite how it may seem, there is more than just Google in the search engine world. Other players like Bing and Yahoo are significant players in the market. However, it is safe to focus on Google and Bing.

Even though the statistics are severely lopsided, it may be fruitful to target Bing and Google. Google holds the majority of the market share, with a whopping 86.19% of the market share in desktop searches as of December 2021. In comparison, Bing has a small value of 7.2%.

However, the users of Bing are exclusive as they might be unreachable through Google, which makes it necessary to target both in your SEM strategy.


It may seem daunting, but search engine marketing may be one of the best ways to allow your business to gain exposure. It is a tool that requires an intricate strategy to be used effectively. With the essentials explained, you too will be able to use search engine marketing to break the slump and lift your local businesses to new levels.


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