ISIS claims responsibility for London bombing, threatens more attacks

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The Islamic State group (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for Friday’s bombing on a subway train in west London, stating that multiple people were involved and warning that additional attacks are still to come.

A statement from the group said “the soldiers of the Caliphate” were able to plant several explosive devices and detonated one of them on board a train at the Parsons Green subway station in west London.

The claim could not immediately be verified but authorities have said no other bombs were found on the train. The bomb exploded during the morning rush hour on Friday, injuring at least 29 people. The device failed to fully detonate.

“What is coming is more devastating and bitter, Allah willing,” the statement added.

British police have launched a major manhunt to find those responsible for the attack, but no arrests were immediately made. The national terrorism threat level was raised from severe to critical on Friday night, meaning that authorities believe another attack could be “imminent.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan urged the public to remain vigilant and appealed to anyone with information to call police immediately. “Everything possible is being done to protect our city and keep us all safe, both Londoners and visitors to the capital,” he said.

Khan, seeking to reassure worried residents, added: “Rest assured the full resources of our police and security services are being deployed to track down those responsible. They will be caught and brought to justice.”

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