Investing in Apple

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By Jacob Maslow

iPhone 6 & 6+
Apple iPhone 6 and 6+

Apple stock has been on a steady increase ever since the company went public in the 70s. Trading at $107.20 per share, Apple stock is a fantastic investment as the company continues to lead the way in technology. With the introduction of iTunes and new software advances that have improved compatibility across the board, Apple continues to hurl forward.

Right now the only company worth more in the technology genre is Samsung. Both companies continue to make leaps ahead of the competition by focusing on cell phone technology. By adding applications to the cell phones that they manufacture, both companies have taken the lead and cornered a constantly changing and evolving market.

Apple stock has shown a yearly increase of 34.64% and all signs indicate that the increases will continue for the long term investor. While it has recently fallen over the last couple of weeks by roughly $7, it continues to increase over the long term and be considered a solid investment.

With the introduction of the iPhone and each time a new model is released, people line up in front of Apple stores to be the first to have one. With customers showing brand loyalty and products that continue to impress, there is no indication of Apple being brought down by any other companies.

In fact, all signs show that they may actually overtake Samsung in this race to be the leader in technology at some point in the near future. This might even be the year that Apple is crowned as the unbeatable force in the modern age of technology.

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