9 Instances Where Marketing Expertise Turned Around Struggling Businesses

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By Jacob Maslow

To shed light on the transformative power of marketing expertise, we asked nine seasoned professionals, including founders and CEOs, to share their experiences. From how niche marketing transforms a private practice to how an SEO overhaul surges lead generation, these leaders provide invaluable insights into the tangible difference marketing can make for struggling businesses.

  • Niche Marketing Transforms Private Practice
  • Strategic Pivot Boosts Business Success
  • Google Ads Drive Significant Growth
  • Brand Identity Creation Fuels Success
  • LinkedIn Empowerment Leads to Collaboration
  • Content Strategy Development Spurs Growth
  • Comprehensive Strategy Ignites Agency Growth
  • Target Audience Shift Expands Business
  • SEO Overhaul Surges Lead Generation

1. Niche Marketing Transforms Private Practice

A few years ago, I took on a client who had been in private practice for six months and was struggling to fill his caseload. He tried different marketing tactics that yielded no response, and he needed help to figure out what he was doing wrong.

Together, we worked on narrowing down his niche and focusing on eating disorders instead of offering therapy for every possible condition. I helped him craft a core marketing message, update his website content, rewrite his Psychology Today profile, and pitch himself as an eating disorder expert on podcasts. We also created a very clear Google ad that directed leads to his newly updated website, which captured these leads.

When I spoke to him a few months after our work together, his practice was full, and he was referring clients out. He could quickly stop investing in Google ads and rely on his reputation and referrals as a specialist. He went from fear of failure to a world of possibilities in just a few months.

Avivit Fisher, Founder, REdD Strategy

2. Strategic Pivot Boosts Business Success

Companies must reach potential customers to make an impact and survive. However, marketing can be one of the first things companies nix in a recession or when they struggle in business.

In one such instance, a business client considered pulling all marketing for their business and redirecting the funds elsewhere. However, with our recommendations, they pivoted. Instead, they reconfigured their approach, zeroed in on their purpose, brought passion and clarity to their message, and strategically targeted their marketing to ideal clients and more profitable business areas.

Within a month, they landed two clients that paid for their marketing for an entire year. This turnaround is the power of purpose fueled by clarity.

Jennifer Williams, Executive Coach and EQ Leadership Trainer, Heartmanity

3. Google Ads Drive Significant Growth

When I opened Sagapixel, one of the first leads I got was from a basement waterproofing company. The owner had a substance abuse issue, and it quickly went under, but one of his salespeople was impressed enough that he Googled “Frank, website designer, NJ,” and somehow found my website.

He decided to start his basement waterproofing company and needed leads. We started doing Google Ads for him and had him doing around $70k/mo within six months.

About two years later, he was in my office telling me he had just paid for his daughter’s nursing school in cash. His eyes were watering, and he was getting choked up. There were few times I’ve been more proud of my marketing chops than in that moment.

Frank Olivo, CEO, Sagapixel SEO

4. Brand Identity Creation Fuels Success

We end up working with many clients with very little to no brand identity established. We’ve often helped businesses create an actual brand for themselves, including a brand guide and related assets.

It’s incredible how something that seems so simple (although it takes a lot of research and direction) instills motivation for clients to help them succeed. Once they have that set identity that is their own, and they realize all the opportunities they can use it for establishing themselves, the typical response is to utilize their new branding to become a unique brand in their marketplace that makes an impact.

Of course, there are other aspects to help make them successful, but having that consistent brand is something many smaller businesses and brands need to pay more attention to when starting out. It is more beneficial to have this initially versus being several years in business and going back to make an established brand finally.

Isaac Kiehl, Marketing Director + Owner, Digital Sunrise

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5. LinkedIn Empowerment Leads to Collaboration

As a LinkedIn coach/trainer, my expertise has significantly helped professionals land jobs, gigs, and projects by giving them the permission they sought to talk about themselves. This empowerment allows them to refine their LinkedIn profile and marketing message to attract more viewers (now 950 million) and make viewers want to inquire more about mutual collaboration.

It’s rewarding when a CMO client informs me, excitedly that they were searched out on LinkedIn, the prospect contacted them, and in conversation, the firm landed the assignment. The business was struggling but landed the largest project of that year.

There are stories about entrepreneurs being told that their qualifying interview was much more in-depth because they had already explained their “why,” as the conversation ensued, more pointed to them as best qualified.

The clients stand out; the role is to give the clients the ability to look “amazing-er” (a branding word) and get noticed.

Marc W. Halpert, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer, Marketing Consultant, connect2collaborate.com

6. Content Strategy Development Spurs Growth

A growing start-up was assisted in the beginning stages of building its content marketing strategy. The company was fine, but it had a modest budget for content. A proposal with three options within the budget was developed, and the contact chose the option that fit their needs best.

Over time, they could measure engagement and refine the strategy. Fast forward, the company has grown to a point where it expanded its in-house marketing team. They’re publishing more content than ever.

Heather Johnson, Medtech Marketing Consultant and President, OutWord Bound Communications

7. Comprehensive Strategy Ignites Agency Growth

Our marketing expertise delivered a remarkable turnaround for an auto insurance agency. With declining retention rates and stagnant growth, we created a comprehensive strategy that redefined their trajectory.

First, we identified and targeted underserved niches, refining their messaging and product offerings accordingly. Our efforts extended to enhancing their online presence through improved search visibility and a seamless user experience. Also, we launched an informative content-marketing campaign and employed targeted social media and email marketing.

The outcome was nothing short of impressive: within a year; the agency experienced a 30% surge in website traffic, a 20% increase in customer retention, and a 15% growth in new policyholders.

This success story underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering tangible, transformative results through our marketing expertise, making us a trusted partner for businesses seeking impactful growth strategies.

Nitin Bajaj, CEO, Stratosphere

8. Target Audience Shift Expands Business

In a previous job as a freelance marketer, I worked with an artisan who made wicker coffins part-time. His business was struggling because he dealt directly with bereaved families, which generated fewer orders and infrequent repeat business.

As a result, he had to work another job to make ends meet. Alongside building his online presence, I helped him with marketing assets and creating relationships in the funeral industry to sell his coffins to funeral directors instead of just to the families. Even though he was initially hesitant, things changed dramatically after we implemented my strategy.

Funeral directors liked his ethos and coffins; they began placing big orders regularly. This became so successful that he quit his other job and now works on making coffins full-time, which was his goal. He even expanded the business and hired more people. This shows that you can turn a struggling business into a thriving one with strategic guidance and the right expertise.

Ricci Masero, Marketing Manager, Intellek

9. SEO Overhaul Surges Lead Generation

Several years ago, we collaborated with an upscale flooring company that, while not particularly struggling, wanted to proliferate.

Their website, crafted meticulously by an excellent local design agency, was visually appealing but needed the foundational elements of search engine optimization. Recognizing this gap, our team delved into a comprehensive on-site SEO overhaul.

Post-optimization, the transformation was palpable. The influx of leads surged, turning their digital presence from merely a visual showcase to a potent lead generation tool. This strategic intervention not only bolstered their business but also cemented our relationship. The testament to the success of this endeavor? The client has remained an integral part of our portfolio for over 13 years, a journey marked by mutual growth and trust.

Shane McEvoy, MD, LeadFly

Marketing Wizardry: Tips to Transform Your Struggling Business

When your business is teetering on the edge, sometimes you need a sprinkle of marketing magic to get things back on track. If the stories above inspire you, you’re in luck. Here are some actionable tips based on the expert experiences shared:

  • Identify Your Niche: If you’re trying to be everything to everyone, you’ll end up being nothing to anyone. Focus on a specific target market to concentrate your marketing efforts.
  • Revisit Your Brand Identity: It’s more than just a logo or tagline; it’s how people perceive your business. A strong brand can work like a charm for customer loyalty.
  • Invest in Content: Content is king for a reason. High-quality, targeted content can bring in organic traffic and boost engagement.
  • SEO Is Your Friend: From meta descriptions to optimized images, small tweaks can lead to massive results.
  • Leverage Social Media: Use platforms like LinkedIn to highlight your USPs and build collaborative relationships.
  • Analyze, Adjust, Repeat: Marketing strategies aren’t set in stone. Use analytics to keep tweaking your methods for better results.

Bonus: Tools for Your Marketing Arsenal

If you’re eager to replicate these marketing successes, you might want to equip yourself with the right tools. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Google Analytics: A treasure trove of data, great for understanding your audience.
  • Canva: For those who don’t have a design team, Canva can help you whip up stunning visual assets.
  • HubSpot: Ideal for managing inbound marketing, from blogs to newsletters.
  • SEMrush: Comprehensive tool for everything SEO.
  • LinkedIn Premium: A worthwhile investment for networking and B2B lead generation.

Remember, marketing is not an expense but an investment. It may take time, but the rewards can turn around the fate of your struggling business, just as it did for the experts who shared their stories. Good luck out there!

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