Inhibrx (NASDAQ:INBX) Stock Forecast – What You Need to Know

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By Jacob Maslow

It’s crucial to understand the market data before investing in any stock. Trades often happen quickly when it’s time to sell or buy, and investors need to understand the Inhibrx Inc. stock forecast and resistance levels before putting out stock quotes.

Regardless, here are a few things you need to know about Inhibrx (NASDAQ:INBX) (Inhibrx):

  • Dividend yield – N/A
  • Market capitalization – $971.65 million
  • Average volume – 334,316 shares
  • Volume – 2,891 shares
  • 52-week range – $14.27 to $47.90
  • 50-day range – $23.20 to $45.06
  • Company’s net income – $-76.12 million

What Is Inhibrx Stock?

The clinical-stage biotechnology company, Inhibrx, Inc., primarily puts attention to developing an extensive pipeline of various candidates. These novel biologic therapeutic candidates are a tetravalent conditional agonist over the death receptor 5 called INBRX-109. This is already in clinical trials for patients with solid tumors, such as sarcoma.

There’s also a tetravalent conditional agonist for programmed death-ligand and one for 4-1BB called INBRX-105. It’s also in phase-one trials to help treat patients expressing tumors in the PD-L1 area.

Overall, Inhibrx Inc. is located in La Jolla, California, founded in 2010. Its Inhibrx Inc. stock relies heavily on those who want to invest in biotech firms and science technology. Therefore, Inhibrx stock could see an upward trend if things go well. However, it’s best to look at the current prices and targets, as well as the forecast, before deciding on anything.

What Is the Current Price Target?

On Jan 5, 2022, the price target rating was about $53.00 (provided by JMP Securities). However, Wall Street analyst ratings claim that the price target changed to one percent from $39.08.

Current Stock Price of INBX

Overall, the INBX stock price gained about 6.08 percent on the last trading day, Jan 28, 2022. It rose from $23.20 up to $24.61. The stock market fluctuated 8.88 percent on Friday, from the lowest at $22.64 to the highest at $24.65. From there, the price fell in seven out of 10 days and is currently down by 23.57 percent for that period.

The volume increased on the last day, which is a positive technical sign. In total, about 30,000 more shares were traded that day than in previous periods. Overall, 539,000 shares were purchased and sold on Friday for roughly $13.27 million.

However, Inhibrx, Inc. stock lies in the lower trend for the short term, and this often poses a great buying opportunity. For example, if the low trend floor of $22.94 gets broken, it indicates a more robust fall rate. With the short-term trend, this stock is likely to fall to -28.90 percent in the next three months and has a 90 percent probability of holding a price of $16.31 to $27.89 at the end of three months.

Historical Information

The historical index of the stock market gives it a B+ rating. According to most forecast systems, it’s an outstanding long-term investment option. Inhibrx, Inc. stock predictions can help project future values through technical analysis and trading purposes. However, it’s up to you to pay close attention to the price trends, signals, forecasts, and everything else. No one can tell you when to sell or what stocks to buy. Still, checking trends in real-time is crucial.

Current Price Trends

The current stock price indicates that INBX is likely to go down within the next weeks and days. However, it appears to have a wild ride next year (into 2023). In October 2020, it dropped to its lowest point, jumping up in Jan of 2021 and then crashing in April of the same year. Currently, it’s holding steady at about $20 and looks to climb steadily upward through Jan 2023.

Signals and Forecast

A buy signal was issued on Jan 27, 2022, with it rising to 6.08 percent. A further rise is expected until the new top pivot is found. Volume is also moving with the price, which is a good technical signal.

However, negative signals were also found, which could influence short-term development. Overall, the Inhibrx Inc. stock holds sell signals for long- and short-term moving averages, offering a more negative connotation.

The technical analysis here indicates that the INBX forecast is likely to hit a downward shift for the next few months. However, analyst consensus suggests that it should see a rise and end the year on a higher note.

Support, Stop-loss, and Risk

The downside finds the stock support below last week’s level at $23.20. However, no support below today’s level means risks are increased, so there could be a significant drop in its stock price.

Overall, the stock should move a lot during the day, which adds volatility, and many analysts feel it’s a “very high risk” stock. On average, this stock has a 13.76 percent volatility rate. In addition, there is no stop-loss set because of the adverse movements.

Buy and Sell Information

Overall, Inhibrx stock has many negative signals and is set for a falling trend. Therefore, it should perform weakly throughout the next few weeks. However, those who buy stock may find that it will likely come out higher at the end of the year (2022). Therefore, they may want to hold what they have.

The company’s Chief Financial Officer made the last trade under the name Deck. Kelly bought 20,000 shares about 21 days ago.

Predicted Opening Price as of Jan 31, 2022

The predicted opening price is $24.61, which is seen to be overvalued.

1-year Forecast

The 1-year forecast has INBX set at $37.318 and rising, meaning people might want to buy more stocks in the company.

5-year Forecast

The five-year forecast is set at $84.117 and climbing, as well.

Forecast Returns on Equity

The return on equity for INBX is forecast as low for three years. Analysts aren’t confident in the company’s ability to generate a better ROE.

Revenue Growth Forecast

The revenues for INBX are forecasted to grow slower than the average. While most biotech firms have about 2,880.83 percent, Inhibrx stock is set to grow at a rate of -42.67 percent each year, according to Wall Street analysts.


Most economic reports show that INBX stock is forecast to be lower than average. This information is provided “as is” and should be used along with other methods. In addition, many analysts provide fundamental company data.

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