iBio announces encouraging anti-fibrotic disease protein candidate

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By Jacob Maslow

Biotechnology company, iBio, has announced that a peer-reviewed journal has published encouraging findings produced by iBio’s scientific collaboration team. The team’s findings were published in the journal International Immunopharmacology. According to the paper, they have discovered an iBio protein candidate that has shown promise against fibrotic diseases.


Fibrotic diseases normally occur in the lung, and is treated by a wide range of medications. What makes the iBio protein very interesting is that this possible treatment can help prevent fibrotic diseases or modify them through either a single dose, or a repeat dose oral treatment. The oral nature of this treatment is what’s exciting because protein-based treatments are often not ingested orally due to issues with most people’s digestive systems. There is a big danger that digestive enzymes would alter the peptide components of such orally administered medications.


In the quest to treat fibrotic diseases, the potential of an orally administered protein-based treatment system is definitely a cause for further research and attention by the medical community.


The protein found by iBio’s team is derived from endostatin (E4). This protein has been suspected of being able to prevent or help treat fibrosis.
This E4 development was made possible through iBio’s compound development system. Ibio provides plant-based vaccine compounds through its EPIC development platform. This system is a gene expression system that enables researchers develop compounds for possible disease treatment and prevention. Most recently, iBio announced the FDA approval of an anti-influenza therapeutic based on this system. The company’s 52-week high is over the $3.40 mark.


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