Start Your Tarot Reading Business in 5 Simple Steps

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By Jacob Maslow

  • Be your own boss
  • Start a tarot business on a shoestring budget
  • Make a great income doing what you love
  • Become a master of tarot reading

Starting a tarot business can be an exciting and rewarding venture. Whether you are looking to start your own business or want to offer tarot readings as a side hustle, you must be knowledgeable about tarot reading and have the right tools for success.

Before you launch your tarot business, there are some things you should know. Primarily, that tarot is a way to divine information about what’s happening in someone’s life and make choices based on those findings–not telling fortune. Also, familiarize yourself with the card meanings, symbols, and how they interact with one another energetically; this will be key for readings.

SWOT Analysis of a Tarot Business

Before you jump into the venture, conducting a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) of your tarot business is essential. This will help you understand the services you offer, the advantages and disadvantages of being in this industry, and identify potential opportunities and any threats that may arise.


• Tarot reading is in high demand, especially in urban areas.

• Low cost of entry into the business as all you need is a tarot deck and an understanding of how to read the cards.

• You can quickly market your services through word-of-mouth and social media.


• Lack of awareness of tarot reading in many places can limit potential customers.

• Not being able to find successful clients due to lack of experience or credibility as a reader.

• Difficulties in finding reliable sources for cheap and quality decks or materials needed for readings.


• You can tap into different markets by offering online readings and hosting virtual events.

• You can diversify your services by offering additional spiritual counseling services or workshops.

• There are opportunities to partner with local metaphysical shops to offer readings in their stores and collaborate with psychics or numerologists for readings at festivals or conventions.


• Competition from other tarot readers in the same area who may have more experience and a better reputation than you.

• Legal issues related to offering readings without proper licensing.

• Being subject to negative feedback from unsatisfied customers could damage your business’s credibility and reputation.

Once you have identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of running a tarot reading business, you should start planning and strategizing how to best move forward. Here are some tips on getting started.

How to Start a Tarot Reading Business

Some tarot readers work online while others have their shop front. Some tarot readers set their store at private parties, fairs, or festivals, while some use Skype or phone. So, there are endless possibilities in this industry. But how to start your own tarot reading business without hassle?

Here are five practical and straightforward steps to start your tarot reading business:

  1. Plan your tarot reading business
  2. Register your business
  3. Open a business bank account
  4. Prepare to launch
  5. Networking

In the below section, we have discussed these steps in detail so you can learn how to start a tarot reading business.

What You Are Going To Need

When you plan to start a tarot reading business, you need these things:

  • Analyze the market to find the opportunity.
  • Decide on a business name and get it registered.
  • Create a successful business plan.
  • Choose a business structure.
  • Register your tarot reading company for taxes.
  • Get funding for your business.
  • Apply for license and permits.

Step 1: Plan Your Tarot Reading Business

Your first step in starting a tarot reading business is creating a plan. A clear plan can guarantee success as it allows you to understand the specifics of your business.

While creating a plan, you need to consider the overall cost of starting a business, decide your target market, and choose a name for your business.

#1 Cost Involved in Starting a Business

The best thing about a tarot reading business is that you can start it with little capital. Most money goes to setting up a proper computer, phone, and internet system. Plus, you need a deck of cards that speak to you, a table set, and experience.

To engage with customers, you must also create a professional-looking website for your tarot reading business.

If you have prior experience, create a website on your own. Otherwise, hire professionals to create a website for you. Then if you further decide to expand your business, try to keep the required funds.

#2 Ongoing Expenses for Tarot Reading Business

One of your major ongoing tarot reading expenses will go into marketing, basic accounting, and travel. You must regularly update your website to add all the current information.

#3 Identify Your Target Market

Target the people who need guidance regularly. You can schedule weekly or monthly readings with them.

Tarot parties can also become your target market to earn a good source of income in a few hours. But you will encounter people from all walks of life and income levels at these parties. So, you must carefully analyze the clients and choose the ones who will accept your wisdom.

Offer your tarot reading service at fairs or walk-ins at a flat rate. However, you can charge by the hour for an in-depth reading that requires more time. Your reputation in the market and the type of client will determine how much you can trust.

Tarot reading is a profitable business. Your income will increase as your client base grows. The more accurate your predictions are, the more money you can make.

#4 Choose a Niche

With the wide range of tarot reading services available, it is helpful to find a niche for your business that will allow you to specialize in a specific area or style of reading.

Some popular niches:

Relationship Readings: Focusing on relationships between two people and using tarot cards to predict the future of their bond.

Spiritual Guidance: Helping clients find clarity in life by offering advice on complex or recurring issues through tarot readings.

Past Life Readings: Exploring a client’s past lives and helping them gain insight into who they were in these lifetimes through tarot readings.

Health Readings: Using tarot cards to diagnose physical, mental, and emotional health problems and guide the client toward solutions.

Financial Readings: Analyzing a client’s financial situation and predicting potential outcomes with tarot cards.

#5 What Will You Name Your Business

Choosing the right name is essential for your business but can be challenging. If you cannot think of a good name, ask for recommendations or look at the comprehensive list of business names and slogans at the bottom of this article.

If your tarot business follows a sole proprietorship structure, avoid operating the business under your name. Before finalizing the name, check the social media handle and web domain availability.

Step 2: Register Your Business

Make the entire process of starting a tarot reading business official by registering your company.

The location of your business can significantly influence the taxes, revenue, and legal requirements. Ideally, people like to register their businesses in the area where they live. But if you want to expand your business, consider registering your company anywhere else.

You must select a business structure that will shape your taxes, business registration, and personal liability. Every business structure comes with pros and cons.

Here are your standard options:

  • Sole Proprietorship: Small businesses ideally choose a sole proprietorship structure as there is no legal distinction between the owner and the company. Here, the income directly goes to the owner, who is also responsible for losses, debts, and liabilities. Plus, the business owner pays business taxes through their tax return.
  • General Partnership: It’s similar to the sole proprietorship but with two or more owners. The owners in this business structure can keep the profits, but they are liable for losses. Also, the partners must pay taxes on their share of the business.
  • LLC: This business structure combines the characteristics of a sole proprietorship with a corporation. In this case, the partners are not liable for debts personally.
  • C Corp: Under C Corp, the business is seen as a separate entity. The owners cannot be personally held liable for debts. This structure does not allow the partners to take profits directly. Instead, they take it through shareholder dividends.
  • S Corp: S Corp is more of a tax classification than a business entity. It can either be a corporation or an LLC.

If your tarot reading business is new, consider choosing LLC because it has numerous benefits. Plus, you can form an LLC in just five minutes.

Tip: Once you have selected a business structure, register for taxes by getting an EIN. If you have selected sole proprietorship as your business structure, you can use your social security number as EIN. Then select a tax year, which will determine your tax cycle.

If you find filing taxes for your tarot card reading business overwhelming, take the help of an accountant or consultant.

Step 3: Open a Business Bank Account

When starting a tarot reading business, have a dedicated business credit and banking account. It will allow you to protect your assets, especially when/if your business is sued.

In addition, if you know how to build business credit, you can get credit cards. A business bank account makes it easy for you to apply for business loans and file taxes.

Step 4: Prepare to Launch

After you have completed all the basic work for starting your tarot reading business, you need to prepare it for launch. Here’s how you can prepare:

#1 Essential Software Tools

As an entrepreneur, you are expected to perform most roles, but it can be overwhelming. Plus, it will give you little time to consider your company’s growth.

So, the right thing to do is to get powerful software tools for the tarot reading business. You can easily simplify the task by using industry-specific software to manage your bookings and payments and keep a record of your clients.

#2 Accounting

Get the best accounting programs to simplify the challenging accounting work. But if you need to become more familiar with accounting, consider hiring professionals. They can help you with correctly filing income tax.

#3 Marketing

There is a chance that you might get some business from casual passersby or online visitors, but you need to focus on marketing. When you hire professionals to market your business, they leave no stone unturned in boosting customer and brand awareness.

Link your website to social media accounts and vice versa. Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to advertise your tarot reading company to engage with more customers.

In addition, focus on the SEO of your website so your business can rank higher on Google. Create a call to action section and focus on the website’s aesthetics to increase sales.

Remember to list your company on Yelp and Google My Business to generate awareness among your potential clients.

#4 Focus on USPs

Before you launch your tarot reading business, focus on USPs. The characteristics of your products or services make them different from your competitors. It gives customers a quick understanding of what makes your tarot reading business a good choice.

Typical USPs to make your business stand out in the crowd include:

  • Expert tarot reading service at your home.
  • Get in-person or online service.
  • Tarot reading and spiritual tool service to soothe your mind.

Step 5: Networking

You might not know this, but your personal and professional connections can offer you many untapped business potentials. They can help you get more clients or provide better insight and industry connections. Either way, they will help your business grow.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Therefore, you must review your personal and professional networks to find the best connections. In addition, you can consider affiliate marketing to boost the business and build relationships.

Bonus Point: This additional step could turn out to be a magical one. You can ask your customers to provide you with a brief feedback video which you can attach to your website. It will help the new customers build that repo and connect better, especially the ones who don’t know you personally or are taking the online readings because the bottom essence of this business is based on energies, connections, and understanding.

Pricing Your Services

Pricing is an important factor when setting up your tarot reading business. You must price your services correctly to be profitable and successful. There are a few things you need to consider:

• Your target customers

• Your service offering

• Location where you offer the readings

• Competitors’ pricing

• The time required for each session

• Any additional services that you offer

These points can help you decide on the right pricing strategy for your business. Remember, it is about charging the most and providing value to clients. If they find your services worth their money, they will return and refer others.

Finally, consider offering discounts and packages to attract more customers to stand out in the crowd.

How to Read Tarot Cards

Want to learn how to read tarot cards? It is a skill that takes practice and dedication. To begin, familiarize yourself with the different types of cards and their meanings, think about what you want to convey through your readings, create a comfortable atmosphere for your client, and practice distinguishing between different minor arcana. You should also understand the different spreads and their meanings. Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can start offering your services to clients.

What We Like And Dislike About Tarot Business

We love tarot businesses because they can provide excellent service to people who need it. Tarot readings offer customers personal insight into their lives and help them decide what will be best for them in the long run. These services benefit those seeking spiritual guidance or solace in difficult times.

What we don’t like about starting a tarot business is its complexity. It requires a lot of planning and research before launching a successful venture. Plus, there is the risk of competition from other established companies, so you must be prepared for that. Additionally, marketing can be expensive if you do not optimize your resources properly. Finally, regulations may vary by state, and you should comply with all applicable laws before offering your services.

Final Thoughts

Starting a tarot reading business is pretty straightforward and inexpensive. You only need a little money for the setup or ongoing expenditures. All you need is a computer, phone system, stable internet, furniture, and cards.

Once you have it all, hire professionals to build your website. Then market your business and use your network to get clients. You can make good money by offering the best services and growing your business.

Now that you know what it takes to start a tarot reading business, dive into your entrepreneurial future.


What experience is necessary to start a tarot business?

A good understanding of tarot card readings, their meanings, and how to interpret them is necessary for running a successful tarot reading business. It is also essential to have an understanding of marketing and customer service.

What are the legal requirements for starting a tarot business?

The legal requirements for starting a tarot business vary from state to state. Generally, you should ensure that your location is properly zoned and licensed for this type of business. Additionally, check with local authorities about applicable taxes and regulations to your field of work.

Do I need to have my own website?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have your website, as it gives customers an easy way to learn more about you and your services. Your website can also be used as an online portfolio and direct channel connecting you to potential clients. Plus, it helps boost the visibility of your tarot reading business on search engines.

What other services can I offer in addition to tarot readings?

You can also offer numerology, astrology, and spiritual counseling. You could also provide online courses about tarot cards and their meanings for those who wish to learn more about the craft. Additionally, you may consider offering products such as decks of tarot cards or books related to spirituality. This can help bring in additional revenue outside of your service offerings.

Names and Taglines for A Tarot Business

• Mystic Star Tarot – Unlock Your Future.

• Fortune Finders Tarot – Find Clarity through the Cards.

• The Mystical Oracle – When You Need Guidance, Turn to Us.

• Dream Weavers Tarot – Harnessing Your Inner Power for Success.

• Fates Fortune Tarot – Rediscover Your Path.

• In Sight Readings – Glimpse Into the Unknown.

• Soul Seekers Tarot– Discover Deeper Meaning on the Journey of Life.

• Fortune’s Favorites Tarot– Cast Away Doubt and Open Possibilities.

Cute Giry Names and Taglines for A Tarot Business

• Mystic Magic Tarot – Spellbinding Solutions for Your Future.

• Fortune Fairies Tarot– Let the Fairies Take You to Magickal Places.

• The Mystic Moon– Unlock Your Destiny Under the Moonlight.

• Stargazer’s Tarot – Read Between the Stars.

• Fairytale Fortunes Tarot – Believe in Yourself and Magic Will Follow.

• Fortune’s Fables Tarot– Unlock the Wisdom of Stories.

• Soul Sisters Tarot– Tap Into Your Inner Strength Together.

• Fortune’s Fairies Tarot– Dare to Dream Bigger Than Ever Before.

Furry Friends Inspired Names and Taglines for a Tarot Business

• Mystic Paws Tarot – Read Your Future With a Paw.

• Fortune Furballs Tarot– Get Clarity by Looking Into the Eyes of a Furry Friend.

• The Mystic Meow – Hear What Your Purrs Have to Say.

• Waggy Wisdom Tarot – Unlock your Potential with the Power of Tail Wags.

• Fairytale Friends Tarot – Believe in Yourself, and Love Will Follow.

• Fortune’s Fluffy Friends Tarot– Find Fulfillment Through Friendship.

• Soulful Snuggles Tarot– Feel Comforted and Loved on Your Journey Ahead.

• Fortune’s Furriest Friends Tarot– Discover Unconditional Love and Unbelievable Guidance.

Regional Inspired Names and Taglines for Your Business

• Mystic Countryside Tarot – Unlock Your Future in the Land of Enchantment.

• Fortune Fields Tarot– Find Clarity in the Beauty of Nature.

• The Mystic Mountains– Hear What the Wind Has to Say from Above.

• Meadows Wisdom Tarot – Unlock Your Potential with the Power of Fresh Air.

• Fairytale Forests Tarot – Believe in Yourself, and Miracles Will Follow.

• Fortune’s Farmland Tarot– Find Fulfillment Through a Sense of Place.

• Soulful SeasideTarot– Feel Comforted and Loved by the Crash of Waves Ahead.

• Fortune’s Finest Folks Tarot– Discover Unconditional Love and Unbelievable Guidance from Your Community.

Nature-Inspired Names and Taglines for a Tarot Business

• Mystic Fauna Tarot – Unlock Your True Nature.

• Natural Wisdom Tarot – Finding Clarity in the Wild.

• The Earthly Oracle – When You Need Direction, Turn to Us.

• Wilderness Visionaries Tarot– Harnessing the Power of Nature for Success.

• Gaia’s Fortune Tarot – Rediscover Your Path in Nature.

• Wild Sight Readings – Glimpse Into the Unknown Through Exploration.

• Forest Seekers Tarot– Discover Deeper Meaning on the Journey of Life in Nature.

• Earth’s Favorites Tarot– Cast Away Doubt and Open Possibilities Through Nature.

Yoga-Inspired Names and Taglines for a Tarot Business

• Mystic Lotus Tarot – Unlock Your Future Through Breath and Balance.

• Fortune Flow Tarot– Find Clarity in the Unfoldment of Your Journey.

• The Mystic Mind – Hear What Your Inner Voice Has to Say.

• Sunrise Wisdom Tarot – Unlock your Potential with the Power of Yoga.

• Fairytale Fables Tarot – Believe in Yourself, and Abundance Will Follow.

• Fortune’s Freedom Tarot– Find Fulfillment Through Self-Discovery.

• Soulful SalutationTarot– Feel Comforted and Loved on the Path to Enlightenment Ahead.

• Fortune’s Finest FlowTarot– Discover Unconditional Love and Unbelievable Guidance Through Meditation.

You can choose any of the above names or create your unique one that reflects your tarot business. Don’t forget to add a tagline that captures the essence of your brand! Good luck!

You are now equipped with all the necessary information to start your tarot reading business! You can make your mark in tarot readings with a bit of online presence, promotional efforts, and enthusiasm. Best of luck on this journey!

All content provided in this article is for informational purposes only. Tarot reading services are subject to different regulations depending on the state and country, so please check applicable laws before offering your services. Furthermore, it is essential to note that any business activity carries risks, and you should always seek advice from a legal or financial professional before starting a business. Good luck!


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