How to Get Started in the Pest Control Business

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Pest invasions are a problem for homes, businesses, and other organizations. If you have the training required and feel you can start a pest control business, you can tap into a lucrative market where repeat business is typical.

However, remember that you also must adhere to stringent requirements besides the difficulties of working under challenging conditions because pests tend to accumulate in drains, hot attics, and freezing basements.

Starting Your Pest Control Business

As you plan to start your pest control business, here are the most important steps to follow to ensure its long-term success:

1.      Create a Plan for Your Pest Control Business

Start with a clear plan that determines the services you plan to offer, your startup costs, your target market, and your charges. After that, you need to define your profit margins and the type of business entity you want and determine your business name.

It’s easier to draw up a business plan than you think, but if you don’t know how to do so, include the steps described in this section. You can also see the examples and get a template from the recommendations below the article.

Which Services to Offer

The services you decide to offer will often depend on your location. For example, some areas are more prone to bugs and rat infestations, while others, like Florida, have a problem with fire ants. Then determine the treatments you specialize in for the infestation, e.g., baiting or fumigation.

Find out your area’s most common pest control problems and try to encompass several pest control services.

Pest Control Niches to Consider

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are a growing problem in many areas and require special equipment and chemicals for proper eradication. The main challenge of dealing with bed bugs is that they spread quickly, so it’s essential to be able to detect and treat them fast.

Ant Control

Ants are also everywhere, making ant control an essential part of any pest control business. Many pesticides will work on ants, but some may require specialized techniques like baiting or exclusion.

Rodent Control

Rodents can cause severe damage if not dealt with quickly, so the right strategies and tools are essential. When dealing with rodents, you should always use traps instead of poison to avoid any potential accidental poisoning of humans or animals.

Termites Control

Termites are a severe problem in many areas, requiring specialized treatments to be eradicated appropriately. Treatments can range from baiting to fumigation and should always be done by a professional pest control operator.

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

Heat treatment is an effective way of eliminating bed bugs without any chemicals whatsoever. The heat kills the eggs and adults, making it environmentally friendly and cost effective for the customer.

Bird Control

Birds can cause damage to buildings or crops if not managed effectively. Bird control services range from deterrents such as netting, spikes or bird repellents to physical removal methods like trapping or relocation.

Bee Control

Bees are beneficial insects, but they can also become a nuisance if they make a nest in or near your home. A bee control service should be able to use smoke and other deterrents to safely relocate the bees without harming them.

Lawn Care Services

In addition to pest control services, many businesses offer lawn care services such as mowing, fertilizing, weed control, and aeration. These services can help keep your property healthy and well-maintained.

Determine Your Operating Costs

Your operating costs include your license, registration, insurance, vehicles, equipment (including safety equipment), business premises, supplies, and labor. Write all these down to clearly understand what you need to start the business and your ongoing monthly running costs.

Starting a pest control business will require between $20,000 and $50,000. First, you must determine where to get financing if you don’t have personal funding. Some options include bank loans, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, lines of credit, etc.

Remember to include management software and accounting tools into your costs because they make it easier to control your contracts and file taxes.

Find Your Target Market

Your target market may be anything from whole neighborhoods to property owners of several developments, local businesses, government agencies, office blocks, etc. Begin by determining the opportunities in your area.

Work Out Your Charges

Depending on your services, you may have customers who only call when a problem with pests appears. However, most clients prefer regular treatments to ensure the issue remains contained.

Working out your charges will depend on the existing market charges, the type of infestation, the regularity of treatments, the square footage of the properties, etc.

Determine Your Profit Margin

Several things determine the profit you can expect, including your number of clients, the size of the area you serve, and your overhead costs. To grow your profitability, you must market your business and let customers know about your services, so create your marketing strategy.

Choose your Business Structure

Business owners choose between the four most common business types. These are sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and corporations. Several things will determine which suits your business best, and it’s best to speak to your lawyer for advice. However, the best structure to guard you against being held personally liable if you face a lawsuit or financial troubles is to form an LLC.

Name Your Business

Every business relies on its name to help it grow. However, brainstorming a unique name that indicates your industry is easier said than done. Get some ideas from the examples we created at the bottom of the article.

You must always check the state records so no other business has the same name. Also, review your state and federal trademark records. You will also want an URL and social media handles matching your business name.

Finally, if you choose to run a pest control business as a sole proprietorship, you don’t need to use your name as the business name. Instead, you can register a DBA for your business name.

2.      Register Your Business

Now that you have the business plan, you are ready to register your pest control company with the state. You can do this with an online application, but you can also visit the relevant department of the state where you will run your business. You pay a registration fee with the application and will have an answer within a few days.

3.      Get a Tax Number

Before starting a business, you must register for taxes (federal, state, and local) by applying for an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS.

4.      Obtain Your Certification, Permits, and Licensing

Specific state laws dictate the registration and certification of pest control businesses. Therefore, before starting a pest control company, you must present your accreditation for dealing with harmful chemicals and their commercial applications. The Department of Agriculture or the SBA for your state offers courses and guidance on getting the required permits and licenses.

Before starting projects, clients must sign a service agreement with the relevant terms and conditions. These contracts must clearly state the client’s expectations while protecting you. Have your layer prepare a professional service agreement that meets all the requirements.

5.      Find the Right Insurance

Every pest control business must have insurance to protect itself in cases of property damage or bodily injuries. Get advice from an insurer for a comprehensive insurance package covering general and business liabilities, insurance for your equipment, and loss of income insurance.

You will also need worker’s compensation insurance to ensure your employees have the correct coverage.

6.      Get Your Business a Bank Account and Credit Card

Your business needs a dedicated bank account to separate its income and expenses from your personal finances. If you have an LLC, it is a requirement to maintain the corporate veil.

A business credit card can give you an excellent line of credit as you start your business. It can also help you build a better credit history if managed correctly, helping you to raise money if needed later.

7.      Marketing and Branding

Don’t forget it takes time to build a name for any business, but proper marketing can help you define your brand. Word-of-mouth from family and friends makes for a great start, but you also need to use other marketing methods to reach more people.

The correct branding can give you a solid presence in a competitive industry. First, start creating a logo and tagline before working on a streamlined business website with informative content. Then, besides using traditional marketing materials like business cards, flyers, and radio ads, create an online presence on social media.

Ensure your website is SEO-optimized to give it higher rankings on local searches and ask customers to leave reviews. Don’t forget that the more you network and interact with customers, the more likely the word will get around about your services.

Marketing costs can add up, so use advertising smartly with free and low-cost options that give you more visibility.

Safety Tips for Pest Control

When offering pest control services, safety is your top priority. It’s essential to protect yourself and the people around you from any potential accidents or incidents that may occur during the process.

Here are a few safety tips for you to consider:

1.     Wear Protective Gear

Always wear protective gear when handling any insecticides. This includes masks, gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and pants.

2.     Read and Follow Labels

Carefully read all labels of insecticides before using them. Be sure to follow the directions precisely as instructed on the label as this will help ensure your own safety and that of others in the area.

3.         Keep Safety in Mind

Be aware of your environment when conducting any pest control activities. Make sure to protect yourself and others from insecticides, traps, and other equipment.

4.     Store Insecticides Properly

Always store insecticides in a secure location to avoid accidents or misuse by anyone else. Keep the containers sealed and dispose of them properly according to local regulations.

5.     Have Emergency Plans Ready

Before starting any project, have an emergency plan in case something unexpected happens onsite. Also, ensure that everyone involved is familiar with the safety procedures and protocols before beginning work. This will help ensure that everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

Following these tips will help ensure that your pest control services are carried out safely and without any incidents. Doing so will also protect you from any potential liabilities or damages resulting from the project.

Supplies Needed to Launch Your Business

You need to stock enough of the right supplies for each job, such as traps, sprays, and safety gear. With the correct inventory management, you can ensure you have enough stock without spending too much upfront capital.

Supply List

  • Traps
  • Sprays
  • Safety Gear (gloves, goggles)
  • Protective Clothing
  • Insecticides and Herbicides
  • Fogging Machines
  • Rodenticides and Bait Stations
  • Blowers and Vacuums
  • Ladders and Extension Poles

What We Like and Dont Like About a Pest Control Business

We like that the pest control business is an essential service and can be a lucrative career. It’s in demand, so you will likely be able to find customers quickly and build your customer base. You’ll also have the opportunity to make a difference by helping protect people from pests that may carry diseases or cause property damage.

What we don’t like about the pest control business is that it can be dangerous if safety protocols are not followed. Insecticides are toxic, so taking all necessary precautions when handling them is essential. It’s also important to consider the environmental impact of using insecticides and other chemicals for pest control services.

Finally, it can be challenging to keep up with the ever-changing technologies used in pest control. You need to stay up to date on the latest products and techniques to remain a competitive business in the industry.

Before entering the pest control business, these pros and cons should be considered. Considering all these things will help you determine if this is the right career path for you. Good luck!

Final Take

When you start and grow your pest control business, remember that it can grow beyond local. If you dream of owning a regional or national pest control company, remember that you need to develop a solid reputation to ensure opportunities keep knocking at your door.


What permits and licenses do I need to start a pest control business?

Depending on your state, you will generally need a registration/certification for dealing with harmful chemicals and any other relevant permits or licenses from the local Department of Agriculture or SBA.

Do I need insurance for my pest control business?

Yes, it is essential to have insurance coverage to protect your business from any property damage or bodily injuries that may occur during operations. You must also get worker’s compensation insurance for employees.

How can I market my pest control business?

Word-of-mouth is an excellent marketing option, but you can also use traditional marketing materials like business cards and flyers and online methods like creating a website and social media accounts. Ensure your website is SEO-optimized to give it higher rankings on local searches. Use free or low-cost options wherever possible.

Can my pest control business expand beyond local?

Yes, if you have a solid reputation in the industry and work hard enough, you can grow your business to a regional or national level. This will require efficient operations to ensure customers are satisfied with the services delivered.

Can I hire employees to help me start my business?

Yes, you can hire employees when you have the resources and capacity to provide them with adequate training and monetary compensation. It is essential to determine the roles and responsibilities of each employee before hiring them. The more efficient your team is, the better your chances of success for your business.

Do I need a bank account for a pest control business?

Yes, having a dedicated bank account separate from your finances will help protect your company’s assets. You should also get a credit card with good terms to manage expenses and build a credit history if needed later.

Do I need a business plan for my pest control business?

Yes, having a comprehensive business plan on hand is always helpful as it will help you track your progress and measure the success of your efforts. A good business plan should include industry analysis, financial projections, marketing strategies, and plans. This will help convince potential investors and lenders that your business is worth their time and money.

What should I look out for when starting a pest control business?

When starting the business, ensure you have adequate industry knowledge, enough capital to get started, relevant licenses and permits, appropriate insurance coverage, and efficient marketing methods. You should also consider hiring experienced employees if necessary for faster growth. Additionally, keep an eye on customer feedback so that you can adjust your services accordingly. Most importantly, ensure safety standards are met to protect the health of clients and employees.

Naming Your Pest Control Business

Starting your pest control business is an exciting opportunity to create a successful and profitable venture. Choosing the right name for your company is one of the essential steps in this process, as it can help boost customer engagement and attract potential customers.

The accompanying tagline for your pest control business should be a concise phrase that captures the essence of your company and resonates with customers. It should also complement your chosen name, making it more memorable and unique.

200 Pest Control Business Names with Accompanying Taglines

1. Pest Proof – “Protecting Your Home & Business”

2. Nature’s Guardian – “Guarding Homes Against Unwanted Invaders”

3. Bug Buster – “Eliminate Pesky Pests Quickly & Efficiently”

4. Eco Shield – “Safe Solutions for Healthy Living”

5. Critter Control – “Managing Uninvited Guests”

6. Affordable Pest Solutions – “Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Home & Business”

7. Bug Off – “A Fast & Natural Way to Get Rid of Bugs”

8. Eco Defender – “Saving the Environment and Protecting Homes”

9. Green Force – “Safe, Non-Toxic Solutions for Pest Management”

10. Exterminator Extraordinaire– “Providing Professional Services with a Personal Touch”

11. Ecological Insect Solutions– “Protecting Nature while Resolving Problems”

12. Terminix Pro– “Eliminating Infestations One House at a Time”

13. Perfect Pest Solutions– “No More Unwanted Guests in Your Home or Business”

14. All Natural Pest Control– “Solutions for a Healthier Environment”

15. Safe Solutions – “A Safer Way to Protect Your Home & Business”

16. Guardian of Nature – “Securing the Environment and Homes from Pesky Invaders”

17. Eco Warriors – “Fighting the Good Fight Against Pests”

18. Greener Earth Solutions– “Guarding Homes & Planet Without Harming Either”

19.Bug Be Gone – “Say Goodbye to Pesky Pests For Good”

20. Eco Pest Solutions – “Preserving Nature While Protecting Homes”

21. Eco Protection Services– “Protecting Both Nature & Homeowners”

22. Natural Insect Solutions– “Using the Power of Nature to Solve Problems”

23. Green Shield– “Saving the Environment While Keeping Your Property Safe from Invaders”

24. Bug Banishers – “Bringing Harmony Through Pest Control Solutions”

25. Ultimate Defense – “Secure Your Home & Business with Professional Service”

26. Total Pro Pest Control– “Complete Home & Business Protection From Pests”

27. SafeGuard – “Secure Solutions for a Safe Home & Business”

28. Nature’s Defenders – “Defending Homes and the Planet One Pest at a Time”

29. Eco Warriors Plus– “Caring For Nature While Controlling Pests”

30. Total Protection Services – “A Shield Against Unwanted Invaders in Your Home & Business”

31. Green Defender – “Protecting Both Environment & Property with Professional Service”

32. Buy Bye Bugs – “Say Goodbye to Pesky Invasions Forever!”

33. Earthwise Solutions– “Preserving Nature While Protecting Homes from Unwanted Guests”

34. Clean and Clear Pest Control– “Living & Working in Safety From Pests”

35. Safe Solutions Pro – “Safe, Effective Solutions for Your Home & Business”

36. Eco Pest Pros – “Keeping Nature and Homes Safe From Invaders”

37. Clean and Green – “Helping Nature While Controlling Pests”

38. Eco Shield Pest Solutions– “A Safer Way to Protect Your Home & Business”

39. Critter Control Plus – “Taking Care of Unwanted Guests Across Homes & Businesses”

40. Eco-Friendly Extermination– “Providing Professional Service Without Harming the Environment”

41. Bug Busters XTreme – “Kicking Out Pesky Invaders, Fast & Safely!”

42. EcoSecure – “Protecting Your Home & Business from All Invaders!”

43. Ultimate Pest Control Services– “Complete & Professional Solutions for Your Home & Business”

44. Green Defender Pro – “Making Sure Nature & Homeowners Are Safe From Pesky Invasions”

45. EcoForce Pest Solutions– “Eliminating Infestations with the Power of Nature”

46. Clean and Clear Pest Services– “Keeping Homes & Property Free from Unwanted Invaders”

47. EcoSafe – “Solutions for a Healthy Living Environment”

48. Bug Blaster – “Blast Away Bugs Without Harming the Environment”

49. Natural Defense – “Protecting Both Nature & Homes With Professional Service”

50. Green Warriors– “Saving Nature & Homes From Pesky Invaders”

51. Eco Solutions Pro – “A Greener Way to Protect Your Home & Business from Pests”

52. Guardian Angel Solutions– “Protecting both Nature and Property from Invasions”

53. Total Control– “Secure Solutions for a Good Night’s Sleep”

54. Perfection Plus Pest Control – “Eliminating Infestations, One House at a Time”

55. Bug Blockers– “Keeping Nature, Homes & Businesses Safe with Professional Service”

56. Eco Defenders – “Defending the Earth While Keeping Unwanted Guests Out of Homes & Businesses”

57. Professional Pest Solutions– “Complete Protection for Homes & Businesses”

58. Natural Elimination – “Using Nature to Rid Homes & Businesses of Pesky Invaders”

59. Eco Shield Specialists – “Protecting the Environment while Keeping Properties Safe from Pests”

60. Bug Busters Xtreme Pro – “Kicking Out Pesky Invaders with Professional Service!”

61. Nature’s Defenders Plus – “Protecting Nature & Homes From Pesky Invaders”

62. Ultimate Protection Services– “Secure Solutions for a Safe Home & Business”

63. EcoSafe Pro – “Creating Safer Living Environments without Harming the Environment”

64. Green Shield Exterminators– “Protecting Both Property & Nature with Professional Service”

65. SafeGuard Pest Control– “Secure Solutions for a Good Night’s Sleep!”

66. Bug Buster Xtreme Elite – “Eliminating Infestations with Professional Service & Expertise”

67. Natural Solutions– “Preserving Nature While Keeping Homes & Businesses Pest-Free”

68. Eco Smart Solutions– “Protecting Both Property & the Planet from Unwanted Guests”

69. Total Protection Plus – “A Shield Against Invaders for Homes & Businesses, Inside and Out”

70. Green Warrior Pro – “Saving Nature and Properties From Pesky Invasions”

71. Clean n’ Clear Defenders– “Keeping Homes & Properties Free of Infestations”

72. EcoSecure Solutions– “Guaranteed Professional Service Without Harm to Nature or Homeowners”

73. Safe Solutions Elite – “Safe, Effective Solutions for Your Home or Business”

74. EcoForce Specialists – “Eliminating Infestations with the Power of Nature”

75. Green Defender Xtreme – “Defending Properties & Nature from Pesky Invaders”

76. Bug Blasters Pro – “Blasting Away Bugs & Pests with Professional Service”

77. Natural Defense Plus– “Protecting Both Homeowners & Nature From Invaders!”

78. EcoSafe Solutions– “Creating Safer Living Environments without Harming the Earth”

79. Guardian Angel Elite – “Keeping Unwanted Guests Out of Homes and Businesses, Everywhere!”

80. Perfection Plus Specialists – “Eliminating Infestations, One House at a Time”

81. Bug Blockers Xtreme Pro– “Keeping Nature & Properties Safe from Pesky Invasions!”

82. Eco Defenders Plus – “Defending the Earth & Homes with Professional Service”

83. Professional Pest Control Solutions– “Advanced Protection for Your Home or Business”

84. Natural Elimination Elite– “Using Nature to Rid Homes & Businesses of Unwanted Guests”

85. Eco Shield Pro – “Preserving both Property and Planet from Invaders”

86. Bug Busters Specialists– “Kicking Out Pesky Invaders with Professional Service & Expertise”

87. Nature’s Defenders Xtreme – “Protecting Nature & Homes from Pesky Invaders!”

88. Ultimate Protection Plus– “Secure Solutions for a Safe Home, Inside and Out”

89. EcoSafe Elite – “Creating Safer Living Environments without Harm to Nature or Property”

90. Green Shield Exterminators Plus – “Protection For Both The Environment And Your Home Or Business”

91. SafeGuard Pest Control Specialists– “Secure Solutions For A Good Night’s Sleep!”

92. Bug Buster Elite Pro – “Eliminating Infestations With Professional Service and Expertise”

93. Natural Solutions Plus– “Preserving Nature While Keeping Homes & Businesses Pest-Free”

94. EcoSmart Solutions Elite – “Protecting Both Property & Planet From Unwanted Guests”

95. Green Warrior Pro Plus– “Saving Nature and Properties from Pesky Invasions!”

96. Clean n’ Clear Defenders Xtreme – “Keeping Homes & Properties Free of Pests, for Good!”

97. EcoSecure Solutions Specialists – “Guaranteed Professional Service Without Harm To The Environment Or Homeowners”

98. Safe Solutions Pro – “Safe, Effective Solutions For Your Home Or Business”

99. EcoForce Xtreme Elite– “Eliminating Infestations With The Power Of Nature”

100. Green Defender Plus – “Defending Properties & Nature From Pesky Invaders!”

101. Bug Blasters Pro Plus– “Blasting Away Bugs & Pests With Professional Service”

102. Natural Defense Specialists – “Protecting Both Homeowners & Nature From Invaders!”

103. EcoSafe Solutions Xtreme – “Creating Safer Living Environments Without Harm To The Earth”

104. Guardian Angel Elite Pro – “Keeping Unwanted Guests Out Of Homes And Businesses, Everywhere!

105. Clean Sweep Pest Control – “We provide safe and effective solutions for all your pest problems”

106. Protect Home Solutions – “Keeping homes protected from pests”

107. Bug Busters Elite – “Get rid of your bugs with us!”

108. Exterminator Pros – “The professionals who put an end to pests”

109. Erase Pest Care – “Eradicating pests from your home with precision and care”

110. Urban Fumigators – “Fogging away all your pest worries”

111. Termite Solutions – “Complete termite elimination with our expert services”

112. Ant-Free Homes – “No ants allowed in your home!”

113. Total Control Extermination – “Total control of pesky pests with us!”

114. Vermin Defender – “Protecting your property from vermin invasion”

115. Shield House Guard — “Defending homes from pest infestation”

116. Repellent Technologies — “The latest in pest control technology”

117. Bug & Spiders Away — “Keep your home clean and bug-free!”

118. Residential Exterminators — “Eliminating pests from residential areas”

119. Stop the Bugs — “Say goodbye to pesky bugs with us!”

120. Buzz Off Pest Control – “Banish the bugs that plague you”

121. Safe Spray Solutions – “Safe, non-toxic sprays for all pests”

122. EcoGuardians – “Eco-friendly solutions for controlling pests”

123. Elite Pest Warriors – “Winning battles against infestation”

124. Pest Prevention Pros – “Preventing pests before they enter your home”

125. Safety Shield Services – “Gaining the upper hand against pests”

126. All Clear Pest Solutions – “Creating a pest-free environment for you to enjoy”

127. Home Guardian Exterminators – “Protecting homes from unwanted intruders”

128. Critter Control Experts — “Complete control of critters with us!”

129. Be Gone Vermin — “Say goodbye to pesky vermin”

130. Bug Blasters — “Blast away all bugs with us!”

131. Pets Out Pests In — “Stop all pests in their tracks”

132. Stop & Go Pest Solutions — “Stopping and repelling pests with our services”

133. End of Pest — “Say goodbye to pests with us!”

134. No More Critters – “Get rid of critters and keep them away”

135. Bye Bye Bugs – “Expel bugs from your home for good!”

136. Pest Guardians – “Guarding homes against pest infestation”

137. Zero Infestation Pro– “No more pests allowed in your property!”

138. Eco-Friendly Exterminators — “Safely eliminating pests without harming the environment”

139. Quick Knockout Solutions — “Eliminating all pests in a jiffy”

140. Bug Zappers – “Zapping away all unwanted pests”

141. Get Rid of It Now – “No more pest problems, fast!”

142. Home Pest Control Solutions — “Creating a pest-free home with our solutions”

143. Safe Solutions Specialists — “Safely eliminating pests without harm to the environment or homeowners”

144. Total Eradication Solutions– “Eliminating all your pests for good”

145. Critter Free Services – “A critter-free home is just a phone call away!”

146. EcoFumigation Plus — “Maximum protection from pesky invaders with eco-friendly fumigation services”

147. Pest Defense Strategies — “Developing innovative strategies for efficient pest control”

148. EcoPest Solutions – “Solutions that don’t harm the environment”

149. No Bugs Allowed – “Don’t let pests ruin your day!”

150. Guardian Angel Exterminators – “Providing professional and reliable pest control services”

151. Clean Space Solutions — “Giving you a clean space free from annoying pests”

152. Pest Free Services– “Keeping your home safe and pest-free with us!”

153. Eco-Friendly Eradication Services — “Eliminating pests the eco-friendly way”

154. Natural Pest Control Solutions — “Say goodbye to pests naturally, with our solutions”

155. Safe & Sound Pest Removal – “Safe and sound pest removal services”

156. Assassin Exterminators – “Assassinating pests with precision and care”

157. Protect Your Home Now — “Protecting your home from pests with ease”

158. No More Pests Please — “Keep pests away for good!”

159. Pest Banishers – “Banishing the pesky unwanted intruders!”

160. Bug Defenders – “Defend your property from bug invasions!”

161. All Natural Extermination Services – “Non-toxic solutions to pest problems”

162. Pest Protection Pros — “Eliminate pests and protect your home”

163. Eco-Pest Control Solutions — “Effective, eco-friendly solutions for controlling pests”

164. Keep ’em Out Pest Solutions — “Keeping unwanted intruders out of your home!”

165. Bug BeGone – “Say goodbye to bugs today!”

166. SafeGuard Solutions– “Safe and effective pest guard services”

167. Clean & Clear Pest Removal — “Ensuring a clean, clear space without pesky pests”

168. Vermin Vanquishers – “Vanquish all vermin with our services”

169. Pest Prevention Solutions — “Preventing pests before they even enter your home”

170. Pro Pest Protection– “Professional pest protection, guaranteed!”

171. Total Extermination Services – “Complete and total extermination of all pests in your home”

172. Stop The Invasion Now — “Putting a stop to pesky invasions with our services”

173. Eco-Friendly Insect Control — “Eliminate insects while protecting the environment”

174. No More Intruders – “No more intruders with us on board!”

175. Safe & Healthy Pest Solutions — “Keeping your home free from pests and healthy for you and your family”

176. Eco-Extermination Services– “Safeguard the environment with our eco-friendly pest removal services”

177. Pest Solutions Now – “Get rid of pests now, don’t wait!”

178. Bug Blast Away — “Blasting away all bugs in sight”

179. Safe & Secure Extermination Services – “Keep your home safe and secure with our help!”

180. Pest Repellent Specialists — “Providing specialized pest repellent solutions to keep unwanted intruders out”

181. EcoPest Busters – “Eliminate pests with minimal environmental damage”

182. Pest Prevention Technologies — “Advanced pest prevention technologies for a permanent solution”

183. All Natural Bug Control Solutions– “No harsh chemicals, just all-natural bug control solutions!”

184. The Extermination Experts – “Experience the best extermination services”

185. Bug Free Zone – “Creating a bug free zone with our services”

186. Safe & Effective Pest Solutions — “Getting rid of pests safely and effectively”

187. Eco-Friendly Insect Repellents — “Preventing insect infestation the eco-friendly way”

188. EcoPest Solutions– “Eco-friendly solutions for all your pest problems”

189. All Natural Pest Control — “Safe, natural and reliable pest control solutions”

190. Home Guardian Services – “Guarding your home from pests and more!”

191. Vermin Chasers – “Chase away vermin with our services”

192. Total Pest Elimination Solutions — “Totally eliminating pests in your home or business”

193. Bug Blaster Exterminators – “Blast bugs away with the help of our experts!”

194. No More Nuisance Pests — “No more nuisance pests with our help!”

195. Pest Eradication Services – “Eliminate pests and keep them away!”

196. Eco-Friendly Termite Solutions — “Eco-friendly solutions for termite control”

197. Trouble Free Exterminators – “Trouble free services that get rid of all your pesky problems”

198. Our Home, Bug Free — “Making sure our homes are bug free”

199. Safe & Secure Pest Solutions– “Safe and secure pest removal services you can depend on”

200. Clean & Clear Insect Control — “Keeping your home clean and clear from annoying insects”


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