How to Start a Bounce House Business

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By Jacob Maslow

With a small investment, anyone can start a bounce house business, renting inflatables and similar toys for events at houses, schools, fundraisers, and community gatherings.

Despite a minor setback during lockdowns, the bounce house business grew 16% during 2022, reaching a worth of $5.5 billion. Some of the bounce house industry’s most significant challenges are keeping up with the latest inflatable toy trends, ensuring strict safety protocols with monitoring, and meeting state regulations.

The money required to start a bounce house business will depend on the number of inflatables you initially buy. A package of four to six bounce houses can cost between $7,500 and $12,500, including the dollies and an air blower. Other startup costs include setting up the business, acquiring the relevant permits, insurance, website, and marketing. These should cost less than $3,000. You will also need a truck or trailer to cart the inflatables. One of the highest costs for your business will be hiring an employee to help you deliver and set up the inflatables.

Typically, you can charge about $40 an hour for the bounce house rental, with a profit margin of about 90%.

SWOT Analysis of a Bounce House Business


  • Low startup costs
  • High-profit margins
  • Portable business model – Can be operated from home or rented space


  • Need to keep up with the latest inflatable trends
  • Strict safety protocols and monitoring


  • Growing industry worth $5.5 billion
  • Potential to expand and diversify services


  • Strict regulations vary by state or municipality
  • High competition in the industry

Franchise Opportunities

Franchise opportunities in the bounce house industry offer a great way to get into the business quickly and with a greater chance of success. Franchises provide branding, marketing materials, training, guidance, and access to resources that can help you get your business up and running faster than starting from scratch. When considering franchise options for your bounce house business, weighing the pros and cons is essential.


  • Franchises have an established brand which provides more credibility when building clientele
  • Access to proven business models and operating systems
  • Potential for better financing options compared to starting your own business without assistance


  • Higher upfront franchise fees, royalty payments & other ongoing costs
  • to maintain the franchise
  • Ongoing requirements to adhere to franchisor policies and procedures
  • Potential for limited flexibility in how you operate your business

Below is a list of available franchises with some basic details:

BounceU – BounceU offers the opportunity to own an indoor inflatable playground. They provide comprehensive training, support, and marketing services. The startup cost is approximately $400k-$550k.

Backyard Adventures – Backyard Adventures allows entrepreneurs to start their trampoline park and provide backyard playsets, basketball hoops, and grills. Initial investment costs can range from $100K up to $1M.

Bay Area Jump – Bay Area Jump allows entrepreneurs to own and operate an inflatable rental business. They offer training, support services, marketing materials, and a website template as part of the package. Initial investment costs are approximately $50k-$500k.

Moonwalks R Us – Moonwalks R Us allows entrepreneurs to start their own bounce house rental business. They provide comprehensive training, support services, and marketing materials as part of the startup package. The initial investment cost is approximately $100k-$175k.

Some additional franchises you may consider include: Blast Zone Inflatables, Jump N’ Joy Inflatables, Air Fun Parties USA, and Magic Jump Rentals. All these franchises have different start-up costs but provide similar services and support.

Overall, investing in a franchise for a bounce house business can be a great way to get your business off the ground quickly and with more success due to the training and resources provided. Be sure to research each option carefully before deciding which one is right for you.

Steps to Start a Bounce House Business

If you like the idea of starting an inflatable bounce house business, then you need to complete the following steps:

1.      Create a Business Plan

With a clear business plan, you provide an actionable outline for your success as an entrepreneur. See the template below to help you draw up the business plan, but here are some of the most critical considerations:

Startup and ongoing costs: The cost of one bounce house averages $1,700 with shipping. You will need at least two units to start, or you can take advantage of the package specials mentioned above. If you don’t have a big enough vehicle to deliver multiple inflatables, you will need to add one to your budget.

You can run a bounce house business from home if you have the storage space; otherwise, you will need to consider renting a warehouse.

Other considerations include opening a bounce house store where you can host parties or look for franchising opportunities. These options will cost you much more.

Whatever type of bounce house business you decide suits you best, you will need to consider the cost of building a website.

When working out your ongoing costs, you will need liability coverage from an insurer, marketing materials, maintenance and replacement of bounce houses, cleaning supplies, employees, and fuel and maintenance for your vehicle.

Your target market:

Define your target market. Typically, families with children rent them for birthday parties, family reunions, and other events. However, other audiences you will need to target with your marketing efforts are businesses, churches, and organizers of fundraising events.

Your charges: When delivering bounce houses to events, you charge a rental fee, but when you have a store that caters for parties, you will need to charge an entry fee per child or have a group rate. Do some research on the going rate in your area to ensure you offer competitive pricing according to the bounce houses you provide.

Making your business more profitable: Create a strategy that you can follow to help make your bounce house business more profitable. Some ideas are adding other party services (slides, dunk tanks, tables and seating, sound equipment, etc.).

If you have a venue, you can offer food and drinks, including an arcade or laser tags. You could also run special events and have day camps during the holidays.

Your business name: Find a suitable business name that makes it easy to identify as a bounce house enterprise. Your business name will depend on whether you operate as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company (LLC). You can also register a “doing business as” if you don’t want to run your bounce house business under your name.

Our guide, with over 200 catchy and creative names and slogans below, can help you find a business name. You can also use it to brainstorm a business name idea. First, you will have to run the business name against the business records in your state. Also, check the state and federal trademark records to ensure it’s unique. Finally, ensure that the name you prefer has the available domain name and social media handles, and secure them.

2.      Register Your Business

Now that you have your business plan, you must register the business. Remember, before registering, you must decide on your preferred business structure. Unless you have a partnership, your other choices include a sole proprietorship, LLC, and corporation (usually for bigger enterprises).

LLCs and corporations are the best options if you want protection from personal liability for your inflatables business.

3.      Get a Tax Number

A tax or employer identification number (EIN) registers your business for paying state and federal taxes. You get an EIN immediately when you apply with the IRS, and you can complete the application online.

4.      Apply for a Business Bank Account

You don’t want to mix your business income and expenditure with your personal stuff because you won’t have essential personal asset protection. Therefore, you need an EIN and business registration to open a business bank account. Separating the two incomes makes it easier to file for your taxes.

Also, request a business credit card history to help build business credit if you need financing to expand your bounce house business later.

5.      Obtain the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Find out from your state or SBA which permits and licenses you require to operate a bounce house business because these vary from state to state. You may need inspections of the equipment by the relevant state authority if your state considers inflatables rentals as a part of the equipment of an amusement park.

6.      Cover Yourself with Insurance

Before purchasing your inflatables, make sure that you have the right insurance. You must get liability insurance and ensure coverage for any damage to your equipment and vehicle. Speak to your insurance broker about your state’s insurance requirements.

7.      Market your Bounce House Business

You are just about ready to continue with the purchase of your bounce houses and other inflatables. While preparing to start operating, build your website and start marketing your business online and in your local publications, especially those popular with parents, churches, fundraising organizations, and party organizers.

Send out flyers and create social media accounts because marketing on these platforms gives you visibility. Post pictures and content to get shares and likes.

Finally, display your contact number on your equipment so parents at parties can get your details and ensure ongoing requests for your bounce houses.

Operating Tips :

1. Use business directories and review sites to increase your online visibility and attract more customers.

2. Consider joining local networking groups to meet potential clients in the area.

3. Have safety guidelines on your website or printed material to ensure customer trust in you and your services.

4. Advertise your services at fairs, festivals, and similar events as most parents prefer to interact with vendors before engaging their services for birthday parties or other events.

5. Host a free open-day event for parents and children to get acquainted with your bounce house enterprise’s products and services, build relationships, and generate leads from potential customers in the local community.

6. Offer discounts, loyalty points, and bonuses for repeat customers to encourage customer loyalty and build your business.

7. Create attractive packages with different inflatable options, such as adding a popcorn machine or cotton candy maker, to set yourself apart from competitors and attract more customers who often prefer one-stop shopping.

8. Get an additional vehicle if you have many orders that require transportation of the inflatables across long distances in a short time.

9. Hire employees if you need help managing your business operations, especially during peak season when you receive more requests for services and delivery than usual.

10. Consider joining local trade associations to learn best practices in the industry, network with other professionals and vendors, and obtain helpful information about running a bounce house business.

11. Consult with a lawyer to determine which legal form works best for your business, such as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. This helps you protect yourself from financial and legal liability in case of an accident or other issues related to your services.

12. Provide customer service training to employees so they can handle any client questions or complaints promptly and professionally – this helps ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

13. Have the proper safety equipment on site when setting up inflatables for events, such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and protective gloves that staff should wear when inflating the bounce houses.

14. Partner with event organizers who could use additional inflatables for their events, such as festivals, carnivals, and outdoor concerts – this could increase your customer base.

15. Make sure to have an effective system to track orders and payments to stay on top of any bounced checks or late fees that could negatively impact your business finances.

16. Invest in quality equipment that is easy to maintain and operate. This could save you time and money in the long run by not having to replace the inflatables frequently due to wear and tear from usage.

17. When picking up the inflatables after use, inspect them for any damage before returning them to storage. This helps ensure customers get a safe product each time they rent it from you.

18. Use social media and email campaigns to promote your services, attract more customers, and inform them of any discounts or special offers you may have.

19. Make sure the area is free from sharp objects, water pools,and other potential hazards that could cause injuries when children are playing in inflatables.

20. Create a website for your business with details about the types of inflatables you offer, packages available, safety guidelines, online booking options, and contact information – this makes it easier for potential customers to find you and book your services quickly.

Maintenance Tips:

21. Regularly inspect and replace worn-out parts of the inflatables, such as zippers, seams, and stitching.

22. Wash inflatable surfaces with mild detergent and water after each use to prevent mold or mildew build-up.

23. Keep an eye on any signs of wear and tear to avoid safety hazards.

24. Ensure that all blowers used for inflating the bounce houses are in good working order before using them again – this is critical to ensure that the inflatables do not pop or deflate suddenly when used by customers.

25. Store the inflated units away from direct sunlight or heat sources, as this can cause damage to the material over time.

26. Make sure to repair any gas-powered blowers and inflatables following the manufacturer’s instructions.

27. Maintain records of all maintenance activities for future reference. This helps ensure that your business complies with state and local regulations related to bounce house operations.

28. Provide comprehensive cleaning services before and after an event so customers can be assured safety during their visit.

29. Update your insurance policy regularly, as this covers you in case of any damage or liabilities associated with renting out inflatables from your business.

30 Finally, keep up with industry trends and developments to stay ahead of the competition, provide quality products and services, and maintain customer loyalty for your bounce house rentals.

By following these tips, you can provide a safe and enjoyable experience to your customers while ensuring that your business runs smoothly and efficiently. Your attention to detail in all aspects of the business will go a long way toward building a successful bounce house rental business.

Safety Tips for Operating a Bounce House Business

When operating a bounce house business, safety should be your priority. Remember to follow these tips to ensure the safety of kids and adults:

•   Conduct detailed inspections on all inflatables before every use.

•   Ensure that the persons in charge of assembling and operating the bounce houses are safety-trained.

•   Do not overcrowd the inflatables; follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the maximum number of users.

•   Ensure that kids remove their shoes and all sharp objects before entering the bounce houses.

•   Enforce a no roughhousing policy and ensure that kids on the bounce house follow basic safety guidelines.

•   Make sure to use sandbags or water barrels to secure the inflatables, especially on windy days.

•   Set age limits for each inflatable and ensure it’s enforced.

•   Supervise — always have an adult when children are in a bounce house.

These tips will help you create a safe environment for your customers while successfully operating your business. Good luck!

Final Take

You can be a bounce house business owner with a small capital outlay and these seven steps. Remember that as your business grows, you will need to add more equipment to meet the demand for your fun services. Additionally, keep in touch with bounce house suppliers for info about newer models to ensure you keep up with the trends in the industry.

What we like and dont like about this business

What We Like:

We like that this business is a great way to provide fun and entertainment for kids, while also creating a safe environment for them to play in. We also appreciate that safety guideline and training back this business to ensure the safest experience possible.

What We Don’t Like:

The only downside we can think of is the cost associated with setting up and maintaining a bounce house rental business, as it can be expensive. Additionally, there are local regulations and safety precautions to consider, so research is essential before getting started.

Overall, operating a bounce house rental business is a rewarding venture that can provide hours of fun for kids! With the right knowledge and dedication, you can create an enjoyable experience while running a successful business. Good luck!


What type of insurance do I need for a bounce house business?

You should have liability insurance to make sure you’re covered in the event of any property damage or personal injury. Speak to your insurance broker about the coverage needed and ensure sufficient coverage.

What are the age restrictions on using a bounce house?

It depends on each inflatable, so check with the manufacturer before setting up. Children aged three years or above can use them for most inflatables, but there must be adult supervision. An adult inside the inflatable must accompany younger children.

How often should I check and clean the bounce houses?

It’s important to check each inflatable before every use as a part of your safety routine. You must also clean them regularly with a mild detergent and water mixture. Make sure to dry the fabric thoroughly before storing it away.

Do I need special permits or licenses to operate my business?

This depends on your state, so research what permits and licenses are needed in your area before starting your business. In some states, you may need an inspection of the equipment from a relevant state authority if they consider inflatables rentals as part of amusement park equipment.

Check with your local SBA or state for more information about licensing requirements for bounce house businesses.

Supplier List

Now that you have completed all the other steps finding suppliers for your bounce house business is time. There are a few things to consider when looking for reliable suppliers, such as quality, product cost, delivery time, and customer service. To help you get started on finding reputable suppliers for your inflatables business, look at the following list:

Inflatable Depot: Inflatable Depot offers commercial-grade inflatable products with free shipping in the USA. They offer a wide selection of bouncers, slides, obstacle courses, and more from leading manufacturers.

Joyin Inc.:Joyin Inc. specializes in providing high-quality inflatable products to their customers. They offer an industry-leading warranty and customer service so you can be sure to get the best products.

Blast Zone: Blast Zone is an online retailer that sells a wide selection of inflatable bouncers and slides with free shipping in the USA. All their inflatables are manufactured for safety, durability and fun.

Inflatable Party Magic: Inflatable Party Magic offers commercial-grade inflatables from leading brands such as Ninja Jump, Blast Zone, And Bounce Pro. They specialize in providing high-quality party rentals at affordable prices.

By researching each supplier’s product quality, cost, delivery time, and customer service, you should be able to find the right one for your business needs.



•   Small Business Administration: Learn about permits and licenses for small businesses at

•   Inflatable Safety Organization: Get safety guidelines and standards for inflatable operations

•   IAAPA: Find resources, publications, and guidance on amusement industry topics

•   National Fire Protection Association: Learn about fire code requirements for amusement facilities at

•   American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM): Download the ASTM Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification F2374-17

•  Occupational Safety & Health Administration: Get safety information and resources to protect workers in all industries

These resources can provide valuable guidance on safely operating a bounce house business and information about your area’s licensing requirements. Use them to their full potential when setting up your business!

Sample Ads For Facebook

1. Attention parents! Looking for a safe and fun way to entertain your kids? Look no further than our bounce house business! We offer a variety of options that are sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Contact us today for more information.

2. Get the party started with our inflatable rentals! From bounce houses to obstacle courses, we have something for every occasion. Enjoy your special day knowing that safety is our top priority when setting up and operating each inflatable. Call us now for more details.

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8. Let the good times roll with our inflatables! Our certified staff will handle the setup and takedown of each rental, so you can focus on enjoying your special occasion. From birthday parties to outdoor movie nights, we have something for every event. Book us now and get ready to bounce!

9. Planning a party? Look no further than our inflatables! We offer a variety of options, from bounce houses to water slides, that are sure to provide hours of entertainment. With our certified safety standards in place, you can trust that everyone is safe while having fun. Contact us today for more information!

10. Want to add some extra excitement to your next gathering? Check out our selection of inflatable rentals! From obstacle courses to bounce houses, we have something for every occasion. With certified safety standards in place, you can trust that everyone is having a great time without compromising their safety. Call us now to book your rental!

Sample Business Plan

Business Plan Template:

I. Executive Summary

II. Company Description

III. Market Analysis

IV. Sales & Marketing Plan

V. Financial Plan and Projections

VI. Appendix with supporting documents

Sample Business Plan:

I. Executive Summary: This business plan aims to set up a successful bounce house rental company that provides high-quality, safe inflatable rentals to customers in our local area. We will focus on providing exceptional service, quality products and competitive pricing in order to attract and retain customers over the long term. Our experienced team will handle all aspects of setting up and operating each inflatable, ensuring that the highest safety standards are always met.

II. Company Description: Our company will be called ABC Inflatable Rentals, and it will provide rentals of bounce houses, water slides, obstacle courses, and other inflatables to customers in our local area. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring the highest safety standards for each rental.

III. Market Analysis: We believe that our market is large enough to support a successful business with ample room for growth over time. There is an existing need for reliable bounce house rentals in our area, as evidenced by the growing demand from customers at events such as birthday parties, fairs and festivals.

IV. Sales & Marketing Plan: Our sales and marketing strategy will focus on delivering excellent customer service while meeting customer needs regarding product selection, pricing, and scheduling. We plan to utilize both online and offline marketing efforts to reach potential customers, including paid search advertisements, social media campaigns, direct mailers, and attendance at local events.

V. Financial Plan and Projections: To achieve our goals, we must carefully manage our finances by establishing a budget for each rental and tracking expenses accordingly. We project that our sales will increase over time as more customers become aware of our services and the demand for inflatable rentals continues to grow.

VI. Appendix with supporting documents: This business plan includes documents such as tax returns, financial statements, contracts with vendors, copies of permits and licenses, etc., which can be used to provide additional information and evidence of our plans.

This business plan provides a template for setting up a successful bounce house rental company that focuses on delivering high-quality, safe inflatable rentals to customers in our local area. With careful planning, effective marketing strategies, and reliable financial management, we are confident that ABC Inflatable Rentals will become a thriving business in no time. Thank you for taking the time to consider this plan!

200 Catchy and Creative Names and Slogans

Using catchy and creative names and slogans can be a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd. Whether setting up an inflatable rental business or another type of venture, coming up with a unique name and slogan will help draw attention and create interest in what you have to offer. Here is a list of some catchy and creative names and slogans that could be used for your business

1. Bouncing Time – “The Best Place for Your Next Bounce”

2. Party Jumpers – “Where Fun and Safety Go Hand-in-Hand”

3. Inflatable Universe – “Explore the Possibilities of Fun”

4. High Flying Adventures – “Soar to New Heights of Excitement”

5. Airzones – “Take Flight with Us!”

6. Star Jumps – “Jump into a World of Fun!”

7. Magic Kingdom Inflatables – “Create Lasting Memories Today”

8. Jolly Jumpers – “Jump Into Fun!”

9. Inflatable Fun Center – “Let the Fun Begin!”

10. Bounce Around – “We’re Revolutionizing the Art of Having Fun!”

11. Inflatables House – “Jump Right Into The Party”

12. Flippin’ Good Times – “Turn Your Event into a Memorable Experience”

13. Bouncy Bear – “No event stays bouncing without us!”

14. Total Air Time – “From Kids to Adults, We Provide Hours of Fun!”

15. Jump & Play – “Your One-Stop Shop for Hours of Fun!”

16. Bounce Central – “The Place to Jump, Climb and Slide!”

17. Wacky World Inflatables – “Let The Fun Begin!”

18. Sky High Inflatables – “Take Your Party to New Heights”

19. Bouncy Paradise – “Experience Fun like Never Before”

20. Bounce Away – “We Make Fun Easy”

21. Jumps & More – “Jump into the Joy of Playtime!”

22. Supreme Inflatable Rentals – “Make Playtime Epic”

23. Airwaves – “Bringing You Soaring Entertaining Everywhere!”

24. Bouncy Land – “Your Ticket to Fun and Adventure”

25. Bounce Buddies – “Where Friends Unite and Fun Abounds!”

26. Big Jumpers – “Where Big Fun Happens!”

27. Bounce Around Town – “We Bring the Latest and Greatest Inflatables to You”

28. Super Slides – “Make Your Event Surprising and Exciting!”

29. Let’s Bounce – “A Fun-Filled Adventure Awaits!”

30. Bouncy Castle Company – “Your Place for a Magical Time”

31. Jumpin’ Fun Rentals – “Experience Nonstop Entertainment with Us!”

32. King of Bounce – “The Home of Royalty Fun”

33. Bounce Zone – “Making Every Moment Count!”

34. Fun House Inflatables – “Making Memorable Moments!”

35. Bouncy Party Rentals – “We’re Not Just Ordinary, We’re Extraordinary!”

36. Jump Around – “Jump Into a World of Fun!”

37. Fantastic Jumps – “It Doesn’t Get Much Better than This!”

38. Airborn Adventures – “Soar to New Heights With Us!”

39. Rainbow Rides -“Take a Ride on the Colorful Side of Fun”

40. Wacky World Inflatables – “Let The Wildness Begin!”

41. Party Jumpers – “Let The Fun Begin!”

42. Amazing Inflatables – “Introducing Your Newest Adventure”

43. Bounce House Rentals – “Your Place for Unforgettable Fun”

44. Super Jumps – “We Bring the Joy!”

45. Fantasy Rides – “A Journey Like No Other!”

46. Airborne Entertainment – “Experience Thrilling Adventures With Us!”

47. Inflatable Kingdom – “Where Magic Comes to Life”

48. Bouncy Boyz – “The Ultimate Destination for Excitement and Adrenaline Rush!”

49. Mega Jumpers – “Jump Into a World of Fun!”

50. Magic Inflatables – “Your Place for Magical Memories”

51. Just Jump – “Jump Into The Fun!”

52. Bouncy World – “Unleash Your Inner Child with Us!”

53. Joyful Jumps – “We Bring Joy to Every Event!”

54. Bounce Xtreme – “Experience the Thrill of Our Inflatables!”

55. Air Castle Adventures -“Where Fantasy and Fun Come Alive”

56. Adventure Rentals – “Bringing Hours of Fun Everywhere We Go!”

57. Bouncy Town – “The Place Where Parties Come to Life”

58. Bounce Mania – “A Party Like No Other!”

59. Boomerang Inflatables – “Bouncing Back to You with Fun!”

60. Sky High Rentals – “We Take the Party to New Heights!”

61. Jumping Wonders – “Jumping Into Unforgettable Adventures”

62. Thrills & Chills – “Experience Excitement Like No Other”

63. Air Extreme – “Let the Fun Begin!”

64. Astro Jumps – “Blast Off into Outer Space Fun!”

65. Bounce With Us – “Fun Awaits Around Every Corner!”

66. Bouncy Time – “Jump Into The Best Party Ever!”

67. Magic Jumpers – “It Doesn’t Get Much Better than This!”

68. Bounce House Company – “The Home of Fun!”

69. Jumpy Jamboree – “Where Friends Unite and Magic Happens”

70. Inflatable Zone – “We Bring the Excitement to You!”

71. Super Bouncers – “Make Your Event Super-Sized with Us!”

72. Fantastic Fun Inflatables – “Jump Into The Never Ending Fun!”

73. Bouncefest – “Bouncing Together Is Better!”

74. Jumping Around Town – “Bringing Hours of Fun Everywhere We Go!”

75. Bouncy Castle Rentals – “Where Fun is King!”

76. Jump Street – “We Make Your Event Unforgettable!”

77. Dream Jumps – “Jump Into A Dream Come True!”

78. Party Inflatables– “Let the Fun Begin With Us!”

79. Ultimate Bounce House -“Experience The Ultimate in Fun and Entertainment”

80. High Flying Adventures – “Take the Excitement to New Heights!”

81. Springy Things – “Where Fun Abounds!”

82. Bounce Bazaar – “The Place Where Magic Happens!”

83. Jumping Jacks – “Bring the Joy with Us!”

84. Inflatable Heaven – “Jump Into The Heavens of Fun!”

85. Sky High Rentals – “We Take Parties to New Heights!”

86. Happy Hoppers – “Make Every Moment Count!”

87. Joyful Jumps and Bounces– “Experience Unforgettable Adventures With Us!”

88. Fantasy Islands -“Where Imaginations Come To Life”

89. Big Time Bouncers – “We Make Every Moment Count!”

90. Bouncy Land – “Unlock the Fun!”

91. Jumpin’ Jacks Party Rentals– “Let The Partying Begin!”

92. Inflatable Adventures – “Experience Thrilling Adventures With Us!”

93. Bounce Town – “Where Friends Unite and Magic Happens”

94. Super Bounce – “Jump Into A World of Fun!”

95. Party Jumps -“Make Your Event an Unforgettable Experience!”

96. Jump Around Inflatables – “Enjoy Hours of Endless Fun!”

97. Jolly Jumps – “We Make Every Event Special!”

98. Bouncing Buddies -“Bringing the Fun Everywhere We Go!”

99. Jump Around Party Rentals – “Experience The Best Parties Ever!”

100. Magic Moon Bounce – “Make Your Dreams Come True!”

Cute Girly Names and Slogans

101. Princess Pals – “Where Friendship and Fun Reigns!”

102. Sparkle-tastic – “Let Your Sparkle Shine!”

103. Girly Glitz – “Let Your Inner Princess Out!”

104. Jumpalicious – “Jump Into a World of Fun!”

105. Sweet Dreams Parties – “Where Fantasies Come to Life!”

106. Princess Party Palace – “Create Magical Memories with Us!”

107. The Royal Inflatables – “Every Jump is a Joyful Ride!”

108. Glamour Bounce – “Experience the Magic”

109. Little Lady’s Jumps – “Elevate your Celebration with Us”

110. Fairyland Adventures– “Let Your Imagination Soar Beyond the Clouds!”

111. Glitter & Glam – “We Make Every Moment Shine!”

112. Princess Bounce House – “Where Fun is Queen!”

113. Party in Pink – “Experience the Ultimate Glamourous Event!”

114. Dreamy Darlings – “Jump Into A Magical Wonderland!”

115. Fab-u-lous Parties – “Creating Unforgettable Experiences!”

116. Pixie Jumpers – “Let Your Imagination Run Wild!”

117. Bouncy Palace– “A Place Where Dreams Come True!”

118. Pretty Princess Parties -“Where Every Little Girl Is a Star!”

119. Sparkle Land – “Every Moment is Special!”

120. Joyful Jumps and Glitter – “Take The Magic To A Whole New Level!”

121. Magical Inflatables -“Where Dreams Come True!”

122. Bouncy Boutique – “Jump Into Fun Filled Adventures!”

123. Royalty Inflatable Time – “We Make Events Perfectly Perfect!”

124. Jumping Jewels– “Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime!”

125. Pink Palace Parties – “A Princess Party that Shines Bright!”

126. Fairytale Events – “The Ultimate in Girly Fun!”

127. Bouncy Princesses – “Where Every Little Girl Dreams Big!”

128. Regal Adventures – “A Magical Experience Awaits!”

129. Little Divas – “Let Your Dreams Come True!”

Regional Names and Slogans

130. Hometown Bounces – “Making Memories to Last a Lifetime!”

131. Southern Jumps -“Where Fun is King!”

132. Mountain Jumps – “Jump Into the Wild!”

133. Prairie Party Rentals – “Bringing Fun to Your Front Door!”

134. Midwest Fun Factory – “Where Magic and Fun Come Together!”

135. Coastal Parties – “We Make Every Event Memorable!”

136. Nor’easter Inflatables– “Experience Big Time Fun in the North East!”

137. Pacific Coast Bouncers – “Let The Adventure Begin”

138. Hill Country Jumpers– “The Premier Way To Have Fun!”

139. Southwest Rides -“Soar Above It All”

140. Arctic Adventures -“Where The Fun Never Stops!”

141. Great Lakes Jumps – “Creating Thrilling Experiences!”

142. Caribbean Dream Parties – “A Relaxing and Refreshing Vacation At Home!”

143. Canadian Inflatables- “Where Every Moment Counts!”

144. Alaskan Bouncers– “We Make Every Event A Blast!”

145. Desert Parties -“Dive Into the Fun!”

146. Hawaiian Luau Jumpers – “Celebrate in Paradise Anywhere!”

147. Tropical Island Adventures – “Experience Unforgettable Moments with Us!”

148. Rocky Mountain High Jumps – “Bringing the Fun to the West!”

149. Grand Canyon Bounce – “We Make Events Epic!”

150. Atlantic Coast Bouncy Houses -“Making Your Party Dreams Come True!”

Novelty Names and Slogans

151. Wacky World Party Jumpers – “It’s a Whole New World of Fun!”

152. Popcorn Parties -“From Sweet to Savory, We’ve Got it All!”

153. Crazy Castles– “Jump Into the Wildest Adventures!”

154. Piñata Blastoff – “Bringing Fun To A Different Level!”

155. Lollipop Land – “Unlock Your Imagination and Enjoy the Ride!”

156. Superhero Bounce House- “Where Heroes Come Out to Play!”

157. Carnival Jumps -“Celebrate in Style!”

158. Cartoon Time -“Experience the Magic of the Big Screen!”

159. Safari Jumps – “Let Your Wildest Dreams Come True!”

160. Pirate Adventure – “Aye, Aye Matey! It’s The Ultimate Treasure Hunt!”

161. Jurassic Park Inflatables– “Feel Like You’re Traveling Back in Time!”

162. Space Balloons – “Where There’s No Limit to Fun and Imagination!”

163. Monster Madness – “The Fun Will Never End!”

164. Circus Cabanas– “Come One, Come All for a Day of Pure Fun!”

165. Wild West Bounce House– “A Place for Cowboys and Cowgirls to Have Fun!”

166. Dino Bouncy – “Dive Into Prehistoric Adventures!”

167. Ocean Odyssey – “Journey Into a Whole New Underwater World!”

168. Animal Jumps – “Where Every Child is an Explorer!”

169. Sports Arena – “Jump into the Big League of Fun!”

170. Race Car Mania -“An Exciting Ride Around The Track!”

Specialty Names and Slogans

171. Sweet Treats– “Making Birthdays Sweeter Than Ever!”

172. Pool Parties – “Cooling Off with a Splash of Fun!”

173. Tiny Tot Time – “Let the Little Ones Play Big!”

174. Ultimate Adventurer -“Live Life to Its Fullest!”

175. Kindergarten Jumps – “Where Every Kid Is A Star!”

176. Teen Scene Bounce House- “The Place To Be For Teens!”

177. Dance Party Chaos– “Put on Your Dancing Shoes and Get Ready to Move!”

178. Graduation Jumpers – “Celebrating The Class of 2021!”

179. Corporate Events -“Elevate Your Business With Fun!”

180. Senior Celebrations – “Let’s Have Some Fun, Seniors!”

181. Adults Only -“For Those Looking to Let Loose!”

182. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Jumpers – “A Night to Remember!”

183. Church Events– “Where Faith and Fun Come Together!”

184. School Field Days – “A Day of Learning and Fun!”

185. Bar Mitzvah Parties- “Making Every Moment Special”

186. Fundraisers – “Raising Money For a Great Cause!”

187. Grand Openings – “Marking the Start of Something Great!”

188. Festival Celebrations -“A Time to Rejoice and Unite!”

189. Charitable Events- “Giving Back Is Always In Style!”

190. Holiday Parties – “Where Every Season Is Filled With Joy!

Creative Names and Slogans

191. Jumpalicious – “Let The Fun Begin!”

192. Magic Moments – “Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime!”

193. Joyful Jumps– “The Perfect Place for All Ages!”

194. Happy Hoppers -“Making Smiles Magnetic!”

195. Bumper Buddies -“Make Friends, Have Fun!”

196. Kids Clambake – “Making Memories Since 2021!”

197. Kidz Kaboodle – “Fun For The Whole Family!”

198. Krazy Jumpers – “Let Your Imagination Run Wild!”

199. Mega Jumps – “A Bigger and Better Way to Bounce!”

200. Ultra Bounce -“Soaring Above the Rest!”

201. Bouncy Bonanza– “This Year’s Biggest Craze!”

202. Bopping-Bounce Bash – “An Unforgettable Experience!”

203. Rockin’ Rebounders -“For Those Who Like to Bounce!”

204. Super Jumpers– “For the Ultimate in Fun and Excitement!

Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos