How to Improve Etsy in Pinterest

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By Jacob Maslow

Pinterest HomepageEtsy and Pinterest seem like they’re joined at the hip. In fact, many marketers on Pinterest are promoting their Etsy products. This is all well and good but there’s a lot missing from the equation. Wouldn’t it be nice to leverage both its existing traffic and promotion capabilities to add value to both sides? Here’s how I would do it.


First, you can crowdsource product ideas from Etsy visitors. Maybe there should be a “suggest an idea” button on Etsy. Of course, Etsy should have some sort of ranking and fraud detection mechanisms to ensure that only real ideas get processed, and only popular ideas with huge enough demand get serious consideration. Once we get a stream of these serious ideas, this is then put up to a vote by Etsy. Etsy can send notifications to users or have a certain section of that users can look at to vote on a particular idea. Again, there should also be antifraud measures in place to prevent vote rigging.


Now that these people have said they would want to buy a particular product based on an idea that was crowdsourced on Etsy, Etsy should then manufacture this product and incorporate Pinterest technology to let fans of that product viralize that product’s sales and description page on other social media platforms. I know that there are still gaps in this idea. It probably needs to be fine-tuned, but you get the point. It would be nice to come up with an improved or enhanced Pinterest or Etsy online platform with a strong sales component. Pinterest would benefit more from this model because right now, it’s really just an advertising platform. It would probably make more money pushing products directly.


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