How to Compare Dog Insurance Plans: 6 Factors to Consider

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By Jacob Maslow

Decades ago, dog insurance wasn’t even an option for owners, but times have changed. There are now dozens of companies creating policies that keep you covered in the case of your dog’s injury, illness, or even ongoing care needs.

Pet parents must now answer how to compare dog insurance plans now that there’s an overwhelming number of options available.

Let’s explore the key factors to consider when picking a dog insurance provider, a policy, and setting a long-term strategy for success.

1. Type of Coverage

Before considering the money factor, consider first the coverage you want for your dog.

Many plans will cover the costs of an accident like a broken leg but may not do the same in case of illness. Others cover all those bases and include preventive care as well.

This is a broad look at the types of coverage available, but don’t just skim the fine print when deciding on a policy. Instead, look into exactly what each plan covers and what you’re getting for your monthly payment.

2. Fit For Your Budget

Once you determine what coverage is appropriate for your dog, it’s time to think about costs. This starts with your monthly premium, which you can expect to pay once a month along with the rest of your bills.

While you may balk at plans with higher premiums, your benefits may be worth the cost, especially if your dog is highly active and prone to accidents.

It comes down to how much you’re willing to spend, with a clear understanding of your budget so that you don’t stretch your money too thin each month. If comprehensive coverage is your top priority, expect to spend a bit more from month to month.

For many owners, that extra money is well worth it, if only for the peace of mind they get from the policy.

3. Deductible and Reimbursement

Another budget-related concern is how much you’re willing to spend in terms of a deductible or the out-of-pocket cost for a vet visit. Again, this typically relates to how much reimbursement you can expect following that visit.

It comes down to a question of “pay more now or pay more later” in many cases, along with an assessment of risk based on lifestyle and the likelihood of certain events.

Luckily, these costs are usually not prohibitively high, and you can lock in a great policy if you are proactive early in your dog’s life. Just be sure to gather all the relevant info about deductibles and payout limits because they will vary from one plan to the next.

The last thing you want is to be reading through a complex policy when there are bills to be paid, and your dog’s health is in question. So get all that legwork done upfront so you can set all questions and concerns aside for good.

4. Customer Experience

Insurance providers aren’t always known for providing a smooth or intuitive experience for customers. This is due to an industry with many moving parts, regulations, and variables that need to be accounted for.

Still, owners should keep a high standard for dog insurance providers as they search out policies, and this goes for user experience, too! Everything from filing claims to receiving payments should be a seamless process with minimal downtime or inconveniences.

Thankfully, dog insurance companies tend to excel at user experience and make the process pain-free for everyone.

5. What Owners are Saying

Testimonials from real pet owners should be a primary source of info when shopping for policies. We all know how people are regarding their dogs – nothing but the best will do!

Therefore, spend some time reading reviews, watching videos, or talking to other pet parents about their experiences with different providers. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to get so much info from the companies themselves.

Pet insurance comparison sites also help weigh pros and cons in clear terms, so use all the resources available to you.

6. Fees, Discounts, and Limitations

Like all aspects of the insurance world, there are bound to be extra fees and limitations on your policies. Rather than waiting to come up against these obstacles in real-time, put in the research before you commit and know what you’re getting into.

On the flip side, there are opportunities to save money and work the system to your advantage. Take note of introductory offers or benefits granted to puppies and healthy dogs. As always, it’s wiser to lock in a policy early on.

Find the Ideal Insurance Plan Today

With these factors in mind, you’ll soon find the perfect insurance policy for you and your dog. So do the research, weigh your options, and get that policy in place – so you don’t have to think about it any further.

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