How to Catch the Right Moment to Invest in Cryptocurrency

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By Jacob Maslow

  • Make money with cryptocurrency trading.
  • Understand market conditions and make informed decisions
  • Get expert advice to time the market and maximize profits
  • Invest in stable assets for peace of mind

Cryptocurrency is an exciting financial trend but can also be a treacherous environment for novice traders. You may have heard stories about people who have made a bundle on bitcoin, Ethereum, tether, and other types of cryptocurrency. However, behind every crypto trading success story is a person who has learned through trial and error, understands the market, and has the right timing. 

Since the crypto market is volatile and can turn on a dime, timing can be critical. It’s essential to see the signs that can signal another crypto winter when bitcoin prices dropped dramatically in early 2022. 

The most important thing to consider before crypto trading is that it is speculative. Don’t trade with your savings or funds that you need. Instead, invest in stable assets such as stocks and trade in cryptocurrencies as a smaller part of your portfolio. It’s fun to speculate, and you may make some money, but don’t make cryptocurrency your dominant position in your portfolio. 

What You Should Know Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Many people keen on trading cryptocurrency may not necessarily grasp what digital currencies are and how the blockchain works. Digital currencies, as the name implies, are like regular currencies but are entirely digital. 

However, even if you don’t need a genuine wallet for cryptocurrencies, you will need a digital wallet. Just as digital coins are virtual, the place you store them is also digital. Make sure you keep your codes and keys for your crypto wallet secure and don’t share this sensitive data with anyone. Make sure to follow the cryptocurrency wallet user manual

All transactions made with cryptocurrency are recorded on the blockchain. Imagine if your bank transactions were public. That is what the blockchain is like. However, it’s highly secure–no one can tamper with the blockchain, thanks to advanced encryption. Also, all transactions are anonymous, so no one will know about your shopping habits, for instance. 

The idea for cryptocurrency trading, like other types of trading, is to buy low and sell high. The difference between what you purchase a digital coin and what you sell it for is the amount of money you will make. This means you have to look for buying opportunities when a coin is low, but you must be confident that this price will rise at some point. 

What Is the Best Time of Day, Week and Month for Cryptocurrency Trading

The following aren’t intended to be hard and fast rules. A tweet or news story can send a specific type of cryptocurrency tumbling or soaring. However, crypto trading experts have observed certain times of day, week, and months best for buying and selling digital currencies. 

Unlike stocks, you can trade cryptocurrency 24 hours a day. There is no need to wait for the stock market to open. Many crypto traders take advantage of this and purchase cryptocurrencies early in the day before the NYSE opens. Often crypto assets rise throughout the day. Since prices are lower when markets aren’t as busy, it pays to be the early bird that catches the worm. 

Concerning weekly buying, cryptocurrency tends to start the week low and rises during the week. Digital currencies will drop again on the weekend before the following Monday. Therefore, buy early in the week and sell late, but don’t wait for the weekend. When you’re out fishing, you may get a nasty surprise. 

Crypto experts have noticed that cryptocurrency prices tend to drop by the end of the month. That may be an excellent time to buy a digital coin that you think may increase in value in the next month. 

Keep in mind that these are just patterns that crypto traders have observed. There is no need to comply with these as if they are rules. Always remember that digital currency is volatile; if a coin is low, it may drop further. If you have a trading thesis and a reason to suspect the coins will rise in value, you may decide to speculate. 

A Word About ICOs

The best way to keep your money safe with crypto trading is to invest in established cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin Ethereum, tether, and genuine stablecoins levered to the US dollar and other fiat currencies. 

It may be tempting to speculate on ICOs or Independent Coin Offerings. These are like IPOs or independent public offerings in the business. ICOs are the release of a new digital coin, and they are often considered investment opportunities. However, experts have warned that 80% of ICOs are fake. If you invest in ICOs, look for a legitimate ICO platform and research the deal to ensure it’s legitimate. 

The Ups and Downs of Crypto Trading

Crypto trading can be exciting. However, many people have lost money in these trades. It’s essential to be realistic about the risks in digital currencies and their volatility. To learn crypto trading, take advice from seasoned investors, research the market, and use money only that you can afford to lose. 


What is cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency trading is buying and selling digital coins on an online exchange. It’s similar to stock market investing but with cryptocurrencies instead of stocks.

What is the best time for cryptocurrency trading?

Crypto experts have observed certain times of day, week, and months best for buying and selling digital currencies. These include buying early in the day before the NYSE opens and buying low at the end of a month.

Is it safe to invest in ICOs?

Investing in ICOs can be risky as many are reported to be fake. It is essential to research any potential investment before investing, look for a legitimate ICO platform, and research the deal to ensure it’s legitimate.

What are the risks of cryptocurrency trading?

Cryptocurrency is volatile, making it risky to invest in. To learn crypto trading, take advice from seasoned investors, research the market, and use money only that you can afford to lose.

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