How to Buy the NELK Boys’ NFT

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By Jacob Maslow

Ever since NFTs emerged in the past year or so, they’ve been changing the game for artists, content creators, and more. NFTs are a new way for creators to communicate directly with their audiences and get direct support in exchange for exclusive digital products.

Many artists and creatives were quick to recognize the potential in NFTs, especially creatives who built their careers using the Internet and are experienced at recognizing the potential in new technology. One of the most popular creative collectives to jump on this trend was the NELK Boys group. Here is how to get your hands on their highly anticipated NFT.

Who Are the NELK Boys?

The NELK Boys are the crew behind one of the most popular global YouTube channels. They started off as YouTubers but branched out into a full suite of entertainment products under their Full Send Entertainment brand umbrella, including clothing drops, a podcast, and hard seltzer.

The NELK Boys are widely popular thanks to their prank videos and vlogs. Their videos are funny and give viewers an insight into American and Canadian college culture. Their cultural impact is so big that the YouTubers popularized several catchphrases that are a blend of American and Canadian slang, including “Rona season” (referring to Corona beers) and “full send.”

What Is the NELK Boys NFT?

In early 2022, the NELK Boys announced their Full Send Metacard NFT and dropped it on January 19th.

The Full Send Metacard NFT is essentially a lifetime VIP pass for NELK Boys fans. Metacard owners will have exclusive access to fan experiences such as invite-only parties, Full Send clubs, and lounges. The NELK Boys are in talks to help create this exclusive fan experience.

Besides allowing fans to own part of the NELK Boys experience, the Full Send Metacard opens up new possibilities for fans. The YouTubers have a close relationship with Dana White, the UFC president, and mentioned the possibility of creating a tie-in for NFT owners. All in all, owning the Full Send Metacard is a good investment for fans of the creators, even though there are no concrete fan experiences planned yet.

How to Buy the NELK Boys NFT

The original NELK Boys NFT collection sold out minutes after the first drop in an amazing show of support from the fan community. The NFT drop functioned in the same way that clothing drops for the Full Send drop do, with limited drops and no repeats once original items sell out. All 10,000 Metacards in the original collection sold out, earning the NELK Boys about $23 million in Ethereum.

However, you can still find Full Send Metacards on OpenSea, an online NFT marketplace. Once buyers don’t want their NFTs anymore, they list them on this marketplace, and other interested people can bid on them.

Before you look into buying Full Send Metacards, you should know that the floor price is larger than the price of the NFT at the original drop, 0.68 ETH at the time of writing compared to 0.08 ETH at the drop. Most buying and selling marketplaces will also charge you gas fees if you use Ethereum (although OpenSea claims to waive those fees).

How to Use OpenSea

As mentioned above, even though the original drop sold out, you can still find NELK Boys’ NFTs on online NFT marketplaces where owners can trade their NFTs. The most popular is OpenSea thanks to the vast quantity of NFTs in its collection and its easy interface.

Even if you’re new to the world of crypto and NFTs, you can easily make an OpenSea account and get into trading, including for NELK Boys’ NFTs. However, there are a few things you have to do before opening an account. First, you have to install MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet that functions as a browser extension, and buy Ethereum so you can make purchases.

Once you set up your wallet through MetaMask, you can make an OpenSea account. All the information you need to open an account is very basic, such as a name and an email address. Once you have your account, you can browse the marketplace, make purchases, and sell any NFTs you have. The great thing about OpenSea is that you don’t need separate accounts for buying and selling.

Getting the NELK Boys’ NFT

The NELK Boys, a popular YouTube and entertainment group, expanded their empire with the Full Send Metacard NFT, giving owners access to exclusive fan events planned for the future. While the original drop sold out the same day, you can still find NFTs on peer-to-peer marketplaces such as OpenSea. Opening an OpenSea account and using it is easy!


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