How to Buy A House In An Inflated Market

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By Jacob Maslow

The cost of goods and services keeps rising. The worst part of the global inflation crisis is that income and salaries remain static. Inflation is also impacting the real estate sector, leaving potential buyers wondering if they’ll be able to afford a home soon. Experts’ predictions about inflation do not offer hope of an improvement anytime soon.

Many may defer their home-buying plans for the unforeseeable future because of this. Should you join this category and postpone your plans? Can one get a real bargain? There is still hope if you are looking to buy a house in this hot real estate market. There are ways to find a good deal. This article examines the above questions and shares basic strategies for getting a reasonable bargain for your new home.

Should you put off buying a house?

For some people, buying a home is a significant investment. For others, it is about having a comfortable place to lay one’s head, a shelter. Regardless of your reason, deciding to buy a house should depend on your financial situation. The consideration to help you answer this question is your budget.

Another element to consider is the time length for which you plan to live in the house. Consider that real estate’s value goes up and down. It is up now, and the increased mortgage rate means a lesser “bidding war.” Competition has slowed due as a result.

Therefore, buying the house might be a good idea if you plan to live there for the short term, between three to five years. Remember that rising inflation means your savings will get you a better deal than they will two or three years from now.

The best time to buy might be now if inflation is your only reason to hesitate. The Federal Reserve is doing what it can to decrease the inflation rate. But no one knows how long it will linger. And some of its major consequences are higher mortgage rates and home prices.

How can you get a good real estate deal in an Inflated market?

Getting a good deal on the house in an Inflated market is possible but difficult. Completing and avoiding inflation effects on the housing market is impossible. Industry experts recommend some strategies to help minimize these effects. We share some of these tips below:

1. Increase your credit score

Unless you plan to pay cash for the home, your credit score is an essential factor that lenders consider. They will review it to determine how well you paid back debts in the past. If the credit score is low, it may affect your ability to secure a loan. At best, you may only be able to access loans with higher interest. That means paying a higher mortgage, which you want to avoid. A 740 credit score or above is considered high and may guarantee easy access to low-interest-rate loans. Therefore, as you prepare to enter the market, you should continue improving your credit score.

2. Review your budget

The real estate sector is a seller’s market at the moment. Houses are selling much higher than they did a year ago. With this in mind, determine the maximum monthly mortgage you want to pay.

Don’t forget to include all other costs, such as:

  • moving costs
  • repairs
  • taxes
  • maintenance
  • etc.

Your budget has to increase to meet up with the market. That means a bigger down payment than you intended.

3. Widen your search

Though location is an important consideration, it also determines the value of a property. Hence, a good bargain may require widening your house search outside high-in-demand areas. But ensure you consider and factor in remodeling costs if you are hunting for a lower price range house.

4. Act fast

Some buyers wait, hoping the market will dip so they can make a purchase. This is not the best idea in a hot market. Rising inflation means your cash currently has more value than it will have tomorrow or next year. Nobody knows when inflation will end, and the more it increases, the hotter the market. Therefore, if you see a house you like that fits your budget, act fast. Waiting till it is convenient can cause you to miss the opportunity.

The benefit of buying now

If you have heard the term “timing the market,” you might be tempted to wait for a price dip. According to experts, it is almost impossible to time the real estate market during such as trend.

Time is of the essence if you are house-hunting in a seller’s market. The benefit of buying as soon as possible far outweighs the drawback.

Buying now helps you lock your fixed mortgage payment in the current dollar value. The future value would have dropped due to inflation.

The real estate sector has also been known to keep up with inflation. That is why many investors use it to hedge their dollar. Whether you are an investor or not, acting fast in your home-buying plans can only benefit you. Your home’s value will continue to appreciate as prices rise.

The rising real estate value also affects rent. Rent is shooting up higher than home prices. Buying a house ASAP helps you dodge this problem.


Buying a house in an Inflated market can be challenging. But if you are ready to move, planning and following the valuable tips provided here can lessen the impact of rising costs. Buying your dream home ASAP is achievable with a good credit score, considerable savings, and realistic expectations, even during a global inflation crisis like this.


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