How Outsourcing Can Help You Grow Your Business

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By Jacob Maslow

Growing your business does not necessarily mean increasing the number of employees. Although every successful company needs a solid team, maintaining an efficient, well-oiled machine means encouraging staff to be focused and creative and not bogging them down with extra tasks. Outsourcing is a growing trend and expected to reach $262.2 billion by 2022. Certain jobs, such as content writing, SEO research, inventory, and payroll can help your team stay on target and generate new strategies.

Free Up Your Staff

You put a lot of thought into your hiring decisions. Don’t let the care and attention go to waste by letting your star employees spend their time doing busy work. There are many opportunities to outsource tasks that are time-consuming and tedious for your employees, such as inventory, research, editing, and cold calls. It is relatively easy to find freelancers who can take care of these tasks, and they do not need any intimate knowledge of your company to do a competent job.

Outsourcing certain jobs can free up your staff to show their true talents, creatively innovate new ideas and collaborate on product development, marketing, and defining aspects of your brand. Outsourcing removes the burden of ordinary tasks from your employees and helps them add value to your company.

Save Time and Money

If you outsource specific jobs, such as editing, payroll, and data entry, the people you hire may specialize in these tasks and perform them more efficiently than in-house employees. On freelancing platforms, you have your choice of talented workers with various skills, experience, and price levels. Also, you pay only for the work that is done, since freelancers take care of their own taxes and insurance. Outsourcing can get the job done in a fraction of the time than it would in-house because you can choose among affordable specialists in certain tasks.

Expedite the Process

In-house projects start with plenty of meetings, plans, reports, drafts, revisions, and yet more meetings. If you are part of an efficient team, this accountability is essential for everyone to ensure they are on the same page. However, not all projects require this amount of group effort. If you want to have an ebook written or a marketing video produced, a simple meeting can be followed by outsourcing the work. The project can be started and completed efficiently so your employees can get on with essential plans.

Create Flexibility

You may have a major project ahead but the idea of going through the hiring process only to be stuck with extra workers when it is finished seems unfair to the company and the new hires. Outsourcing can help your company weather seasonal fluctuations, such as a busy holiday season, without overworking your HR department or having to risk laying off extra employees down the road.

More is not usually better when it comes to hiring. If you have a large project or a busy season ahead and don’t want to overhire or exhaust your existing staff, outsourcing will save your business time, money and can stimulate growth.






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