How a New Waste to Energy Solution Can Help Heal Earth’s Ailing Ecosystem

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By Jacob Maslow

Planet Earth is in trouble. More and more humans are impacting negatively upon Earth’s fragile ecosystem. From the destruction of the rainforests to overconsumption, from global warming to human overpopulation, every day a little bit more of our ecosystem gets damaged. Often, irreparably so.

Despite the continuing issues with overconsumption, human waste grows exponentially. We are consuming more and throwing away more than ever before. The result of which is, 100 million tons of plastic gets dumped in the sea along with untold worldwide waste poisoning our lands and the air we breathe.

One company is trying to change all this. PatentReal Corporation, based out of Hong Kong, recently launched its Product Reincarnation Technology (PRT), a ground-breaking new waste to energy solution, which is designed to reduce the growing impact of waste on the global ecosystem.

As the importance of the ‘carbon footprint’ became more prevalent, a variety of different measures have been introduced, some successfully, to reduce the carbon footprint. However, the problems continue, and the ecosystem isn’t being given the opportunity it needs to heal.

The PRT aims to change all that. After eight years in the labs, testing and perfecting, PRT finally went public in 2018. PatentReal Corp, led by Roberto Hroval, is slowly but surely getting the world’s attention with its waste to energy solution. By transforming worn, used, or any waste product into a fuel, electricity or even a completely new product, PRT offers the ultimate green solution to cutting CO2 emissions and reducing drastically a carbon footprint. The technology and process PRT brings, promises high energy efficiency of over 85 per cent and the kicker? Zero carbon emissions whatsoever.

Dubbed the European Elon Musk, Roberto Hroval is well known in Science circles. Having developed a passion for science and invention since the age of 15, Roberto has been a researcher, inventor and founder of more than 30 projects, modular, patents, and TM novelties. A member of the Academy of Science and Technology of Ljubljana, Slovenia the registered scientist and bold visionary, believes that with PRT, the world now has a workable solution to two of planet Earth’s most pressing issues – the exploitation of finite resources and the ever-growing quantity of waste and worn out products.

“Today’s techniques allow us to transform waste into something valuable,” said Hroval, “With our unique technology, worn out products are turned into high-demand products, like electricity or clean diesel oil for highest demanding EURO6 engines. In addition, PatentReal Corporation will be the only company in the world offering this innovative technology.”

PRT has already been verified by Dr. Zvonimir Steiner from the reputed J. J. Strossmayer University and has been launched with wide acclaim. Josef Kluy from the German giant BluechemGroupsaid of PRT – “PRT is a highly ingenious innovation in modern times. It can serve to be a breakthrough putting all previously known technologies in the shade.”

As the world embraces the vision of Roberto Hroval and the innovation of PRT, our delicate ecosystem may yet be given that all important  chance to heal.

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