Hot Running Stocks Holiday Edition

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By Jacob Maslow

Bull RunHot Running Stocks! These stocks were running hot just before Wall Street closed for the Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend.

If you’re looking for hot running stocks then the ones listed here are well worth watching.

Amkor Technology Inc. whom trade as (NASDAQ: AMKR) announced back on Thursday that they have settled an outstanding litigation and arbitration proceedings with the company Tessera Inc. After that announcement, their shares closed at $6.48. The company saw a growth in their sales for the past five years that was an impressive two point ten per cent. The EPS growth for the company for the next half a decade is expected to be 16.84%.

The company STAAR Surgical Company whom trade as (NASDAQ:STAA) got downgraded by Zacks from a neutral rating to an underperforming rating with a research note that was released back on Friday. At the moment Zacks rate their stocks with an $8.80 price objective. This points to a small downside of 4.45% off their previous close. Their trading movements went down minus seven point forty per cent and closed at $7.88. Their week’s performance was minus eleven point 76 per cent. They are also down -31.48% on their quarterly performance.  They are down a lot from their 52 week high, so much so that it currently stands at -60.08%.

Jetblue Airways whom trade as (NASDAQ:JBLU) just reported on their primary traffic for December in 2014. Their traffic went up by 5.6% from December 2013 to Dec 2014. That means that their capacity went up 7.2 per cent. The companies last trading day saw their stocks rise by 0.55% and they closed at $14.75 per share. They also had a 3.95% volatility for the month of Jan. Their sales growth for the past five years stands at 9.90%, and their EPS growth over five years has been 27.80%, the company really are a hot mover! Sadly though their stock is down 1.27% when the stock closed for the week, it sure should climb up soon though.




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