Great App Ideas: Roommate Matchmaking

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By Jacob Maslow

female room matesEver since the App Store debuted in 2007, the world has been awash with apps. I’m sorry to say this but most of the apps out there are complete garbage. Either they are very narrow and specific so as to be useless for most people, or they’re just badly programmed and don’t have enough features.

In my job writing financial analysis and looking through different technology changes and financial opportunities, I do come across several hot ideas per week. One key idea that app developers and entrepreneurs should look into is roommate matchmaking app. While there are roommate matchmaking apps on the market already, they are weak, to put it mildly. Most assume that you would match up with random strangers. This is a completely bad idea. You don’t know if the person that your app matched you with is an ax murderer. Moreover, rooming with somebody you don’t know can lead to all sorts of personality conflicts and other issues.

It would be better for a roommate matchmaking app to incorporate your social networks. The idea is to use your social connections on Facebook or Twitter to facilitate roommate arrangements. While many of these people are still strangers, it’s still better to room with people you know at least on a very superficial level. At the very least, these people are not complete strangers.

How would this app make money?

The big commercial potential for this app is to show advertising for apartments, furniture, and merchants of products and services that are normally associated with moving into an apartment.

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