GR0: Unveiling the Future of SEO Strategies

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By Jacob Maslow

GR0, a digital marketing agency founded by Jon Zacharias and Kevin Miller, is revolutionizing how businesses approach SEO. Learn more about their unique strategies for helping brands rank #1 on Google.

GR0 is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing top-notch SEO and online marketing services to help brands achieve their full potential in the digital landscape. Founded by Jon Zacharias and Kevin Miller, who possess extensive experience working with D2C and B2B brands, GR0 aims to empower clients to build strong online presences and rank #1 on Google. Their focus on understanding each client’s unique needs and adapting strategies accordingly has contributed to the success and growth of various businesses in the market.

The dedicated team at GR0 is well-versed in the latest SEO techniques and industry trends, making them a valuable partner for businesses looking to enhance their online visibility. They implement targeted strategies, considering Google’s ever-evolving algorithms and quality rater guidelines, to ensure optimal results for clients. In addition, by emphasizing a friendly and approachable work environment, GR0 fosters a culture of learning and growth that encourages employees to achieve their goals and contribute to the company’s mission.

In the competitive world of digital marketing, GR0 prides itself on providing high-quality SEO and marketing services tailored to each brand’s specific requirements, allowing them to stand out in the saturated online market. By prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering unmatched value, GR0 has carved out a niche as an industry leader in the world of SEO and digital marketing services.

GR0’s Services

Search Engine Optimization

GR0 offers comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) services to help businesses improve their online presence. Their SEO experts work closely with clients to devise tailored strategies that target relevant keywords and drive organic traffic to websites. With a focus on boosting search rankings, GR0 utilizes best practices and continuous optimization to ensure sustainable growth in online visibility.

Online Marketing

In addition to SEO, GR0 specializes in digital and online marketing. Their services encompass various channels, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content creation. By leveraging cutting-edge techniques and tools, GR0 assists businesses in reaching their target audience and driving engagement with their brand across multiple platforms.

Direct-to-Consumer Startups

GR0 works with diverse clients, including direct-to-consumer (D2C) startups. They understand the unique challenges faced by these businesses and employ proven strategies to help them succeed in a competitive digital landscape. From SEO to online marketing, GR0 offers comprehensive solutions that cater to the specific needs of D2C startups.

  • Digital Marketing: GR0’s comprehensive digital marketing services combine SEO, SEM, and content creation with helping businesses thrive online.
  • Online Marketing: GR0 offers various online marketing services, including PPC, social media marketing, and email campaigns, to reach target audiences effectively.
  • D2C: GR0’s expertise in working with direct-to-consumer startups allows them to create tailored marketing strategies that drive engagement and growth for these businesses.

Founders and Leadership

GR0 is an SEO agency co-founded by Kevin Miller and Jon Zacharias. Kevin Miller serves as the company’s CEO, while Jon Zacharias plays a vital role as a co-founder. Their combined experience and expertise have led GR0 to work with premium brands such as Theragun, Ritual, Pressed Juicery, Hydrow, Venus Et Fleur, Universal Music Group, and more.

Kevin Miller has an extensive background in the industry, having worked at companies like Kinship, M13, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, and BlackRock. He left Opendoor in 2020 to co-found GR0 with his long-time friend, Jon Zacharias.

Jon Zacharias has an interesting story of transitioning from law school to building a successful SEO agency. His experience and dedication have contributed significantly to the growth of GR0.

The leadership team at GR0 also includes experts in various fields, such as project management, talent management, people operations, and SEO. In addition, they are known for their strong reputation in delivering results for their clients in Organic Search.

Some notable industry figures have supported GR0, including Paris Hilton, venture capitalist Carter Reum, Balance co-founder Judd Schoenholtz, BAM Ventures Managing Director Richard Jun, BWCP investor Jack Mohr, and Doe Lashes founder Jason Wong.

Under the guidance of Kevin Miller and Jon Zacharias, GR0 continues to impact the world of SEO, benefiting clients with their innovative strategies and commitment to excellence.

Company Culture and Values

GR0 is a digital marketing and SEO agency founded in 2020, with an impressive employee response regarding its company culture. With 95 employees, 132 reviews have been provided, giving their leadership an A+ grade, which places them in the top 5% of similar size companies.

The culture at GR0 can be characterized by several core values that contribute to shaping the work environment and inspiring employees. Some of these core values may include:

  • Integrity: Ensuring honest and transparent communication inside and outside the organization.
  • Boldness: Encouraging employees to take risks, think outside the box, and embrace new ideas.
  • Commitment to Customers: Prioritizing customer satisfaction and delivering unmatched value.
  • Passion: Fostering enthusiasm for the work and the mission of the company.
  • Continuous Learning: Emphasizing personal and professional growth through learning and development opportunities.
  • Ownership: Taking responsibility for one’s work and being accountable for results.

The company culture at GR0 is essential, as it directly impacts employee engagement, performance, and job satisfaction. By promoting a healthy and positive work environment, GR0 effectively highlights how investing in company culture and values can lead to long-term success.

Client Reviews and Ratings

GR0 is a digital marketing agency that has received positive client feedback on various platforms. It offers SEO, advertising, and social media marketing services for businesses in diverse industries such as finance, real estate, and healthcare.

Clients have praised GR0’s effective brand and review management on platforms like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and Google Reviews. They work on increasing brand awareness across multiple search engines and optimize Google Ads campaigns for their clients. Additionally, GR0 helps in the deployment of monthly press releases throughout organizations.

Their dedication to customer satisfaction and quality of work has earned them high ratings. On Clutch. co, GR0 currently holds a 4.9/5 star ranking based on 44 client reviews. Moreover, their achievements have been recognized by The Manifest, who named them the #1 Best Recommended B2B Firm for 2022.

Employee satisfaction plays a significant role in the company’s success. Glassdoor reviews reflect satisfaction, with 84% of reviewers recommending GR0 as a workplace and 88% approving of CEO Kevin Miller. These positive reviews contribute to the company’s overall reputation, and potential clients can confidently choose GR0 for their digital marketing needs.

To summarize, GR0 has:

  • High client satisfaction, with a 4.9/5 star rating on Clutch. co
  • Recognition as the #1 Best Recommended B2B Firm for 2022 by The Manifest
  • Strong brand and review management capabilities
  • Employee satisfaction demonstrated through Glassdoor reviews

These factors make GR0 a reliable and trustworthy choice for businesses seeking digital marketing services.

Achievements and Recognition

GR0 has established itself as a top digital marketing agency, focusing on organic growth for direct-to-consumer startups and helping brands rank #1 on Google. Their dedication to customer success and impressive results have earned them various accolades in a relatively short period.

In 2021, GR0 was honored with the “Fastest Growing Company of the Year” at the American Business Awards. This prestigious recognition showcases the agency’s rapid growth and emergence as a prominent player in the digital marketing landscape.

As a leading SEO agency, GR0’s expertise in search engine optimization has garnered them additional recognition. Notably, the Comparably Award for Best Company Happiness highlights the organization’s positive work environment and employee satisfaction.

GR0’s achievements extend beyond their own growth and employee happiness, as their efforts have resulted in successful partnerships and measurable results for their clients. Some of the notable outcomes include:

  • Increasing organic search rankings and driving online visibility
  • Generating significant revenue growth for businesses
  • Building robust digital presence and improved branding for clients

The agency’s excellence in advertising earned them a prestigious California award, further solidifying their position as a top advertising agency. This recognition is a testament to GR0’s commitment to providing innovative and effective marketing solutions for its clients.

In summary, GR0’s achievements and recognition in the digital marketing space include the following:

  • “Fastest Growing Company of the Year” at the American Business Awards
  • Comparably Award for Best Company Happiness
  • Acknowledged as a top SEO agency
  • Renowned California advertising agency

It’s clear that GR0 has made a significant impact within the industry and continues to improve and expand its range of services to drive success for its clients.

Brand Awareness and Growth

GR0 is an SEO and digital marketing agency helping brands achieve organic growth and increase their online presence. Their efforts are concentrated on promoting brand awareness, which is essential for any business to stand out and gain a competitive edge in the market.

One of the critical strategies that GR0 employs to enhance a brand’s organic growth is by focusing on search engine optimization (SEO). This approach involves optimizing a company’s website and online content to rank higher on search engines like Google. Consequently, this increases the brand’s visibility, exposing it to more potential customers and increasing website traffic.

To develop a strong online presence, GR0 prioritizes creating high-quality content for its clients. They work closely with businesses to understand their goals and tailor their content strategy accordingly. Producing valuable and informative content is crucial for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones.

In addition to SEO and content creation, GR0 has experience in utilizing social media platforms to aid in expanding brand awareness. Their influencer marketing campaigns have successfully raised brand awareness for clients, such as MinkDog, through popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This approach halves the cost per impression (CPM), driving more traffic to the client’s website.

Some of the tactics GR0 employs to help businesses develop their brand awareness include:

  • Establishing a robust brand identity and strategy
  • Optimizing clients’ websites for search engines
  • Creating high-quality, valuable content for websites and social media
  • Running influencer marketing campaigns on platforms like Instagram and TikTok

By combining these tactics, GR0 enables brands to reach their full potential, resulting in higher visibility, an increased online presence, and organic growth.

Strategic Advisory Experience

GR0, a digital marketing agency co-founded by Jon Zacharias and Kevin Miller, has been built on a foundation of extensive strategic advisory experience. The agency focuses on helping clients build powerful online brands and achieve top rankings on Google. Their expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing strategies sets them apart in the industry.

The co-founders have a track record of working with B2B and D2C brands, offering tailored solutions to their unique needs. By focusing on keyword targeting, content creation, and technical optimization, GR0 ensures clients see maximum ROI from their SEO efforts.

Some of the notable aspects of GR0’s strategic advisory experience include the following:

  • Identifying opportunities for growth by conducting an in-depth analysis of clients’ organizational models and objectives
  • Advising clients on the latest trends and best practices in the digital marketing landscape
  • Developing data-driven strategies to help clients achieve their desired results through organic search and other online channels
  • Collaborating with clients on content creation and leveraging relationships with industry influencers for maximum impact

Benefits that clients can expect to receive from GR0’s strategic advisory services are:

  • Enhanced online visibility: GR0 focuses on driving organic traffic to clients’ websites by optimizing their digital presence
  • Tailored strategies: GR0 develops customized marketing plans for each client, taking into account their unique objectives and industry
  • Data-driven approach: By utilizing analytics and performance metrics, GR0 ensures clients see measurable results from their SEO initiatives

GR0’s experience in strategic advisory services and SEO and online marketing positions them as a valuable partner for both B2B and D2C brands, offering a comprehensive approach to helping clients confidently achieve their online marketing goals.

Audience and Target Market

GR0 is a digital marketing agency that primarily provides SEO services to online brands, direct-to-consumer startups, entrepreneurs, and businesses striving to improve their online presence.

Their target market consists of the following:

  • Direct-to-consumer startups: These businesses sell directly to customers, cutting out middlemen like retailers and wholesalers. GR0’s SEO services can help these startups amplify their online presence and increase public awareness of their brand.
  • Entrepreneurs: Individuals starting or growing their businesses can benefit from GR0’s services as they provide strategic insights to help them rank better on search engines and reach their target audience more effectively.
  • Online brands: e-commerce and digital-first businesses must maximize online visibility to compete in today’s market. GR0 can help these brands achieve better search engine rankings and drive more website traffic.

The primary audience for GR0’s services includes:

  • Business owners: Entrepreneurs and executives responsible for marketing decisions and budgets can benefit from partnering with GR0 for their SEO and digital marketing needs.
  • Marketing managers: Professionals in charge of marketing efforts within their organization can rely on GR0’s expertise to enhance their online presence and improve search engine ranking for crucial target words related to their brand or industry.
  • E-commerce professionals: Individuals managing online stores or businesses can partner with GR0 to boost their search engine performance and gain an edge over competitors in their niche.

In summary, GR0’s audience and target market involves diverse customers, including entrepreneurs, online brands, and direct-to-consumer startups aiming to enhance their online presence, increase brand visibility, and ultimately achieve higher revenue. By offering tailored SEO and digital marketing services, GR0 is well-positioned to meet the needs of its target audience and help them accomplish their goals.

Company Locations

GR0 is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, at 12511 Beatrice St, Los Angeles, CA, 90066. Being a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, the company benefits from the bustling business environment and access to numerous resources in the region.

The company was founded in 2020 by Jonathan Zacharias and Kevin Miller, and since then, it has grown to employ between 51 and 200 employees. GR0 specializes in several areas, including:

  • SEO
  • Content Writing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

As a privately held company, GR0 operates primarily within the United States, with its headquarters in California being the central hub for its team and services. This strategic location in Los Angeles allows the company to be near various industries, businesses, and potential clients. Furthermore, it enables GR0 to tap into the rich talent pool available in the area for its expanding team.

Media Inquiries and Contact Information

GR0 is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and digital marketing services. They have been instrumental in helping businesses rank for top keywords and driving qualified leads to their websites.

For media inquiries and other requests, it is essential to know how to get in touch with GR0. Though the company does not have a dedicated media contact page or person listed on its website, there are several avenues through which you can reach them.

  • Email: GR0’s email address is listed in the Crunchbase profile ([email protected]). Emailing this address could be the first step in initiating a conversation with the company for media purposes. Remember that this may not be a dedicated media-specific email, so always include “Media Inquiry” in the subject line for easy identification.
  • Phone: A phone number is listed on ZoomInfo’s company profile for GR0, which is (386) 214-xxxx (spam protected). Calling this number might provide a direct line of communication for media inquiries or help you find the right point of contact within the organization.

Benefits of Working at GR0

GR0 is a company that values its employees and provides a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Shared Financial Success: GR0 promotes a culture of shared financial success, ensuring that everyone in the company benefits from its growth.
  • Health & Wellness: GR0 offers comprehensive medical, vision, dental, and life insurance coverage for employees and their families. This helps employees maintain their well-being and focus on work without worrying about healthcare expenses.
  • Flexible PTO & Family Benefits: Understanding the importance of work-life balance, GR0 provides flexible paid time off and generous family-related benefits. These include family medical leave and a flexible work schedule, which enables employees to spend quality time with their loved ones.
  • Hybrid Work Environment: GR0 adopts a hybrid work model, allowing employees to work remotely when needed. This flexibility supports employees in managing their work and personal commitments effectively.
  • Community Impact: The company encourages staff to volunteer and make a difference in their local communities actively. This sense of social responsibility helps build a stronger connection between team members and their surroundings.
  • Career Development: GR0 is committed to the professional growth of its employees, offering unique career development opportunities and courses. They believe learning is a lifelong process and provide resources for continuous skill enhancement.

Additionally, GR0 supports a diverse and inclusive workforce. Their SEO department is structured in smaller pods, enabling employees of different generations to learn from one another in an engaged setting. This harmonious working environment fosters growth, teamwork, and excellence for everyone involved.


What is GR0?

GR0 is focused on helping businesses achieve their goals by providing digital marketing services such as search engine optimization, content development, and online reputation management.

What does GR0 offer?

GR0 offers a range of digital marketing services to help businesses improve their online presence and achieve growth. Services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Development
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management

What is the company culture like at GR0?

GR0’s company culture emphasizes continuous improvement for the company and its employees. The team members are passionate about their work, focusing on collaboration, helping each other, and fostering a friendly work environment.

How do I join GR0?

To join GR0, you can visit their website to view current job listings or follow the company on LinkedIn to stay updated on their latest opportunities. You may also apply online or reach out to their recruitment team.

How does GR0 interview process work?

After applying online or through a recruiter, potential candidates will go through a series of interviews. The stages may vary according to the position but generally include initial screenings, one or more interviews with the team, and a final interview with senior management.

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