Is Google’s Net technology dominance over?

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By J Maslow

Search BusinessYou just have to laugh at some of the hand wringing articles cropping up on social media feeds recently regarding Google’s supposed ‘slide.’ There’s been quite a bit of digital ink being spilled recently on the topic of Google losing its way as far as its tech dominance is concerned. While these critics and naysayers do concede that Google is still the king of the roost as far as the global search market is concerned, they see Google as as one trick pony. They aren’t bowled over by many moon shots Google’s been trumpeting over the past few years-everything from driverless cars to intelligent home devices. Their focus has been on Google’s ability to make money and they point to the fact that Google really only has one solid cash cow-its search advertising business.
Indeed, you can count on these critics to view the recent reorganization of Google Glass from Google to its Nest subsidiary as yet another sign that Google is losing is mojo. My view is that all this doom and gloom regarding the Mountain View, California search powerhouse is too much digital jawboning about a non-issue. Google is a technology company and technology companies do explore different directions to map out their future and position themselves for greater opportunities. It should be expected that not all these explorations will be successful. In fact, you only need to look at Google’s many shuttered experiments-everything from Google Wave to Google Answers to Buzz-to see that Google loves to push its boundaries. That’s what it should be doing. Indeed, when Google does make the right move, such as buying Youtube and incorporating it into its ad system, the results are tremendous.
Far from facing a twilight, Google is just going through fits and starts. When it hits a smooth patch, watch out-rivals and startups might get crushed.
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