Google and GoPro team up for virtual reality

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By Larry Banks

Action cam company GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) have teamed up to introduce a virtual reality system that uses 16 cameras and Google software, a move that has sent GoPro shares soaring on Thursday.

GoPro and Google’s 360 degree VR system

GoPro’s various helmet and body mounted video cameras are incredibly popular with sports enthusiasts, and the new GoPro system uses Google’s Jump technology to create a 360 degree wraparound view.

Google demonstrated the new GoPro system at its developer conference in San Francisco, though it did not say when the system will go on sale.

Google also announced its new Photos app that will help users store and organise their images more effectively, and is available today. The new app lets users back up and store unlimited photos and videos for free, according to Anil Sabharwal, the director of product management for Google.

The app also makes it easier for users to post photos via social media and messaging services like Twitter and WhatsApp.

“We firmly believe you should be able to share photos and videos any way you want”, said Sabharwal.

It’s now available on iOS, Android and the web, and automatically organises your photos by people, places and objects that it recognises, helping users to also create collages and movies.

SOURCE: Reuters.

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