Google quietly stops selling the Nexus 6 smartphone

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By Larry Banks

Google has quietly waved goodbye to its one-time flagship Android smartphone, the Nexus 6. Currently you’re no longer able to buy the phone from the Google Play Store. The move marks the end of the 6-inch device, especially now that the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P are on sale.

Nexus 6 no longer available through Google

Anyone that is still looking for the Nexus 6 is still able to buy via retailers such as Amazon, which is selling the 32 GB model for $349.99. Google has not yet commented however whether the device is in fact permanently discontinued, though it seems certain at this point.

The original Nexus 6 smartphone came at an interesting time for the Android phone program. The Motorola device was Google’s biggest phone and the company since decided not to produce a 5-inch version that would have been a successor to the popular Nexus 5.

That move left the Nexus 6 as one of the few devices for customers who wanted a phablet device of that large size. Until September, it was also the only smartphone that could run Google’s new Project Fi mobile Internet service. Today though, Fi works on both the 5X and 6P phones, so there’s not much point in keep the Nexus 6 in its lineup.


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