Gifts For Your Neighbors That You Don’t Know That Well

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By Jacob Maslow

If you do not know your neighbours very well, getting them a gift may be a great way to start building your connection and rapport. Whether you wait for a well-known seasonal or festive occasion, or just buy them a gift out of the blue, gifts are great ice-breakers that give you an excuse to say hello and start a conversation.

In this article, we describe seven different types of gifts you can consider giving to a neighbour that you don’t know that well. Even if you don’t use one of the gift suggestions we have included here, they may jog your memory and give you inspiration for a gift idea of your own.


One of the most common gifts in the world for neighbours, friends, and family is food. There are so many different types of food you can choose to give as a gift. If you can’t find a single item then you could perhaps consider a hamper with a collection of different foods inside.

If you require food ideas then you could consider a range of handmade goodies including cookies, bread, and scones.

There is something that is so much more special about handmade food gifts, than food that has been bought from the store. Food will be a gift that your neighbor will appreciate.

Grilling Gear

Grilling is a national pastime so you can be relatively confident that buying somebody some grilling gear is likely to be well received. Even if they don’t personally love grilling and don’t plan to use what you buy them, they are likely to be able to acknowledge the gift and see what you were trying to achieve by giving it to them.

There are many gift packs available or you could compile one yourself. Typical components of a grilling gift pack include an apron to keep your clothes clean, and then a variety of utensils that would be used in grilling.

Gardening Gear

Depending on where you live, gardening may be a hobby shared by most people in your neighbourhood.

If that is the case then including some gardening gear in a gift pack has a high probability of being a popular gift.

Whether it be a pair of gardening gloves, a small spade or fork, or even a book which covers information about gardening in your particular location and climate, you can’t go wrong with the garden gear.

Pot Plants

At your local hardware or gardening supplies store you may be able to locate some indoor pot plants.

Indoor plants make great gifts as everyone loves to brighten up the inside of their home and there is an affordable yet effective way of expressing your good wishes even if you do not know someone very well.


If you have observed your neighbours out in the garden then perhaps buying them some seedlings is a great way of acknowledging their hobby and supporting them with it. Both flower seedlings and vegetable seedlings could be considered and can give you a seasonal conversation starter.

Pet Treats

Even if you don’t know your neighbours that well you are likely to know if they have pets, and if so, what sort of pets they have. Whether you observe them taking their dog for a walk, see the cat coming in and out of the property, or hear birds chirping, you will usually have some indication of what pets they have just by being their neighbour.

Buying treats and toys for their pets can be a great way to show your interest in them and what is important to them without it being a personally invasive gift.


If you’re buying a present for a neighbour that you don’t know very well then finding a way to give them a game or some kind of fun puzzle can be a light topic of conversation and something that you can then do together potentially.

It could be a puzzle or a little coffee table ornament that they and their guests will try and solve. The beauty of these gifts is that they can be conversation starters later on as you check in to see if they were able to solve the puzzle or complete the game.

Final Thoughts

Though it sounds corny, the truth is it is the thought that counts when it comes to buying gifts. Even if you buy your neighbour a gift that they do not like and would not have bought for themselves, the fact that you thought of them and decided to buy them a gift will be a touching gesture and will make it clear to your neighbour that you wish to connect and relate to them over the long term.

If you are going to buy a gift, don’t overthink it. Quickly choose something you think and hope they would like, buy it and then give it to them. After all, the gift is the conversation starter, what comes next is what matters the most.

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