German Bourse Highs Offers Investors Hope

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By Ben Myers

Bull & Bear Statues
Bull and Bear Statues at Frankfurt Stock Exchange ( May 16, 2014)

Germany’s Borse Berlin has increased 13 per cent in trading volumes, giving a glimmer of hope for investors in the global market.


The Borse, which was established more than 330 years ago, has just released its year-end annual operating metrics.


It reported an uptick in volume and the value of transactions executed over the course of 2014.


Total trade exceeded $66 billion – an increase of 13 per cent compared to 2013 – prompting optimism for investors in global equity markets.


The Borse exchange’s electronic trading solution, Equiduct, saw trading volumes increase nearly 22 percent – from $45.2 billion in 2013 to $55 billion.


Transactions also rose to 7.9 million from 6.1 million – year-on-year growth of 29.5%.


Equiduct competes with other European exchanges as it measures and gauges investor sentiment. The product displays Equiduct’s pan-European consolidated order book in real time.


The Borse’s positive outlook is among a number of trading centres across Europe reporting growing confidence in the last six months of 2014.


Key events which brought extra spice to the markets included Sterling’s increased strength at the height of the Scottish independence elections, the slump in oil prices globally, meaning cheaper petrol at the pumps for drivers; Russia’s ongoing economy fragility and China’s economic slowdown.


The re-emergence of the US economy from its slumbers has also given some cause for confidence.


However, investor sentiment was tempered at the end of the year with news that Greece will be forced into elections by January-end, reviving fears its toxic debt could be re-negotiated.

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