9 Times Gary Vaynerchuk Broke The Internet With His Quotes

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By Jacob Maslow

• Gary is a highly successful serial entrepreneur
• He is known for his no-holds-barred, straight-talking approach to business and life
• Gary has a vast amount of knowledge on social media marketing
• His quotes are thought-provoking and often controversial

If you’re unfamiliar with Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re missing out on one of the internet’s most interesting, engaging, and entertaining people. A self-professed “serial entrepreneur,” Gary is known for his straight-talking, no holds barred approach to business and life.

And he’s also known for his quotable quotes. Gary has repeatedly broken the internet with his thought-provoking (sometimes controversial) sayings. Here are 9 of our favorite times Gary Vaynerchuk broke the internet with his quotes:

Gary Vaynerchuk is known for his brash and candid style

Gary Vaynerchuk is a highly successful businessman and inspiring public figure who has gained notoriety recently for his bold and candid style. Whether you’re listening to one of his many keynote speeches or following him on social media, Gary’s unapologetic approach carries an undeniable magnetism that entrances audiences from all backgrounds.

Despite his bullish attitude, Gary remains warm and welcoming to all. He even calls himself a ‘hustle-optimist’ – someone who knows that hard work is the only way to success but still hopes that good things can come of it. He channels this outlook through every aspect of his business, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to stay true to their vision while pushing them outside the safety zone that often comes with comfort and complacency.

He’s also known for dropping some serious truth bombs

Most people would agree that truth can be powerful and uncomfortable, but it’s been said that one man takes speaking the truth to a new level. He is known for his well-spoken words that leave you in a trance. Like precision knives, his “truth bombs” slice right through the fluff, leaving only the facts. It’s no wonder many people listen to what he has to say; he gets straight to the point and speaks with clarity and confidence. His raw, authentic message resonates with his audiences, who appreciate the boldness of his statements and the bravery it takes to speak unapologetically about hard truths.

Here are 9 times Gary Vaynerchuk broke the internet with his quotes

Gary Vaynerchuk is the king of inspirational quotes. Undoubtedly, his words of wisdom have done just as much to change the world as any other influencer in this age. Whether giving us advice on how to succeed in business, reminding us of what matters most in life, or encouraging us to get creative for a fresh perspective, Gary’s quotes have been breaking through the internet and setting trends these past few years. His top 9 quotes may not always be quoted by name, but they’re nonetheless broken through and created meaningful conversations – his unique brand of motivation has become part of our lives.

1. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”

Inspired by his entrepreneurial spirit, Jay-Z famously said, “I’m not a businessman; I’m a business, man.” Those seven small words aptly capture the essence of entrepreneurship, where taking risks and defining your path is the only way to succeed. Whether you’re an individual or a large corporation, it takes creativity, passion, and dedication to achieve those big ideas. Staying true to himself and capitalizing on opportunities was how Jay-Z secured his spot at the music industry’s top – an inspiring message applicable to business owners worldwide building their empires daily.

2. “There’s no such thing as an overnight success.”

Success often requires extraordinary effort and dedication, yet this is often overlooked in the face of a success story featuring seemingly instantaneous triumph. People like to latch onto stories that demonstrate ‘overnight’ successes, believing that similarly, they can ‘make it big’ with minimal hard work. However, a closer examination reveals that even in cases of fame achieved suddenly; there is always a backstory of thorough preparation and tireless ambition – skills and attitudes carefully cultivated behind the scenes and slowly refined over years of sacrifice. While life might have seemed to change overnight for the individual, their success truly has been anything but.

3. “You have to be all in to win.”

To win in anything takes dedication and a desire to succeed. Nothing is accomplished in life that isn’t done with passion and an investment of time and energy. Achieving success requires more than just playing at something; you must be all in to win. Every step must have enthusiasm, intention, and focus for a real chance of moving forward on any significant endeavor. Taking care to stay engaged, inspired, and motivated are pivotal step when fully committed and engaged. Being all in takes courage, but it also allows for greater potential wins and rewards as well as teaching valuable lessons along the way. When it comes down to it, winners are those who fully commit to whatever they take on, no matter how small or large the task may be – everyone has something they can apply this principle towards if they choose!

4. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

This quote contains a powerful message about taking ownership of your life and not relying on chance or luck to achieve success. If you want something, you have to go out and get it – no one will give it to you without putting in the effort. The only way to guarantee that something will happen is to create the conditions necessary for it manifest. Taking ownership of your future requires hard work and dedication and a creative mindset that allows you to come up with innovative solutions and strategies no one would have thought of before. You’re the only one who can determine what your life will look like, so make sure to take control and create something great!

5. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This quote speaks volumes about the importance of the genuine connection between people. What a person says may be forgotten, and their accomplishments may fade in time – but how they made somebody else feel throughout those interactions stays with that person forever. Taking the time to understand and connect with others is impactful and adds value to both parties involved, creating an almost unbreakable bond. In a world where people often forget to appreciate one another, Gary Vaynerchuk reminds us of the power that comes from taking the time to make somebody feel special just by being present and listening.

6. “You can’t get respect if you don’t give it.”

This quote emphasizes the importance of mutual respect in any relationship. Respect must be earned and cannot be taken for granted or expected out of courtesy. It speaks to the need to appreciate and look out for one another to maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship regardless of the context. Showing somebody respect by recognizing their opinion, listening attentively, and refraining from judging them will create an environment of understanding and trust – which is essential for good communication. In addition, respecting somebody else’s boundaries helps build strong relationships built on mutual understanding!

7. “What are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?”

This quote speaks to the importance of taking care of your future self by making choices in the present. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine or mindset that prevents us from acting on our goals – but it’s important to remember that every decision we make has an impact on our lives down the line. Taking time to think about how our current actions will affect our future can help us stay focused and motivated toward achieving our long-term objectives. Considering this question is a great way to ensure that you’re making decisions now that will benefit you tomorrow!

Key Takeaways


1. Focus on what you can control instead of wasting energy worrying about things outside your power.

2. Taking small steps towards achieving your daily goals sets you up for long-term success.

3. Appreciate and respect others around you to create healthy relationships based on mutual understanding.

4. Put in the effort now so that your future self will thank you later!

5. For more inspiring quotes from Gary Vaynerchuk, visit his blog!

These words of wisdom from Gary Vaynerchuk will inspire anyone looking for motivation and direction in life. Whether it’s taking ownership of your future, showing respect for those around you, or considering how today’s decisions will affect tomorrow – everyone has something they can apply this principle towards if they choose! With determination and dedication, anything is possible – use these quotes as a reminder that success awaits those who take action and never give up!


What is Gary Vaynerchuk famous for?

Gary Vaynerchuk is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and digital media expert who is known for his inspiring quotes and thought-provoking messages. He has inspired many people with his words to chase their dreams and strive for success.

Where can I find more Gary Vaynerchuk quotes?

A: For more Gary Vaynerchuk quotes, visit the official website or blog! The site features an extensive collection of his work, including videos, podcasts, and articles. Additionally, there are also dedicated social media profiles that regularly post new content.

What is the best Gary Vaynerchuk quote?

The best Gary Vaynerchuk quote is often subjective, but some of his most famous quotes include “the best way to predict the future is to create it,” “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” and more. Ultimately, the impactful message behind each quote depends on your interpretation.



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