Four Things To Seek Out From a Rental Company

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By Jacob Maslow

When you move to a new city, land a better-paying job, or plan to live with another person, you must find a place to live. Renting an apartment is a huge commitment, especially when signing a one-year lease. Before you search for the first appealing apartment, ensure you are getting into business with a reputable rental company that will make your life easier. The quality of an apartment or home is not only in the living space but in your interactions with your property manager and other rental company employees.

Below are four tips we have curated to help you choose the ideal renting company when searching for an apartment or home in your city.

1. Do they have an online platform?

When you seek an apartment rental agency in 2023, discovering their online platform is crucial. The days of calling a rental company or visiting their location to learn about their offerings are very much past. You should have information readily available to you through their online platform, such as the units they offer for rent, their prices, and details about the application process.

Using a rental company’s online platform is one of the best ways to find an economical and still top-notch apartment. You can view photos of the unit, learn about the various amenities, and discover all the conditions you must satisfy to rent one of their apartments. You also save time sifting through superficialities without leaving your home, so when you go for an in-person viewing, you have narrowed your selection to your top choices.

2. Are they receiving positive reviews?

An effective way to learn if a rental company is the real deal is by assessing their online reviews. People are sincere and forthcoming when they talk about their experiences of renting an apartment or interacting with the employees of a rental company.

Businesses in this field that have middling to poor reviews should be avoided. Even if you see an apartment listed at a shockingly low price, you are much better off going with a rental company that you can trust. Beware of falling into the trap of ‘too-good-to-be-true’ prices. Ensure you thoroughly check reviews and do your homework to avoid being a victim of rental scams.

Rental companies usually receive poor reviews if they cause problems for tenants and need to treat them with more respect. Always choose to go into business with a rental company that has a stellar reputation, as it will lead to a positive experience when renting.

3. Can you get a hold of them quickly?

One of the issues tenants face when trying to contact their rental company is that a response may only sometimes be forthcoming. You can often get a sense of a company’s sense of urgency in communications when trying to rent an apartment.

Even if you find a particular spot appealing, not hearing from the rental company for several days is a red flag. While they may eventually get back to you, such a lack of prompt communication is a sign of future things.

Imagine if you are living in that apartment, and you experience a plumbing or electrical issue. Can you wait hours or days for them to pick up the phone?

4. What neighborhoods do they serve?

Consider your circumstances and budget before choosing a rental company in your city. While some rental companies cover entire cities, many focus on specific neighborhoods or areas.

Perhaps you find an appealing rental company that offers outside your price range. Another company may have beautiful units within budget but are across town.

Try to create a list of several rental companies with a good reputation, assess the areas where their available units are located, and cross-reference those listings with the city’s neighborhoods where you would prefer to live.

Aside from the feel of an area, you should always consider your commute to work or university, nearby schools if you have kids, and proximity to shopping and entertainment venues when finding an apartment in a new city.

The experience of living in a specific apartment is not only about how the place looks and feels but also your interactions with rental company professionals.

Whenever you need maintenance work or have a lease question, you must contact the rental company. You are in good hands if the business has a strong reputation and long community service history.

You can find the best apartment that fits your budget using the abovementioned tips. Renting an apartment through a top-class rental company will only enhance your experience of living there in the coming months and years.

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