Ford to be Keynote Speaker at CES 2018, Mercedes-Benz Confirms Major Announcements

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By Jacob Maslow

CES 2018 is just over a month away, with the show scheduled to begin on January 9. The show is a major event with all major tech companies boasting their own trade show exhibit booth design.. But the show has also been attracting the auto industry in recent years.

Ford (F) will be attending the show. The company’s CEO, Jim Hackett, is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the event in Las Vegas. Hackett will be joined by representatives for Mercedes-Benz, which has announced their plans to make several major announcements during CES 2018.

Tech-focused news is becoming the norm in the auto industry, with the rise of electric and self-driving vehicles.

Daimler (DDAIF), Nissan (NSANY) and Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) are all expected to be present at this year’s show. Many of the companies are closely linked to Nvidia (NVDA) and other tech companies, which are creating solutions to make self-driving vehicles a reality.

Byton automobiles will also be present during the first media day of the event. The company works to turn cars into smart devices with new technologies. Toyota ™ will be present at the second media day. The company, the world’s top automaker, will discuss their commitment to advancing mobility. The company will have a 45-minute segment during the media day to discuss their most recent improvements in automotive technology.

Continental Automotive will present their company’s products shortly after Toyota. The company is a pioneer in mobility systems and clean power, and is driving the industry forward through system integration with connected vehicles.

Monday, January 8, there will be a discussion on self-driving exploration. The hour-long discussion will focus on the auto industry’s quest to have autonomous vehicles on the road. The event will also focus on major brands competing in the industry and the advanced technology that is coming U.S. roadways.

Tesla will also be a major point of discussion.

Valeo is slated to talk on Monday, too. The company is a leading automotive supplier. Hyundai will take the stage during the media event on Monday to discuss the company’s latest technological advancements.

The event is slated to be the biggest technology expo of the year. In recent years, CES 2018 has become a leading conference for automobiles.

The company will have a major focus on the smartphone industry, with Samsung expected to provide a teaser of their Galaxy S9. Samsung’s Galaxy X and A series are all expected to be on display. LG’s G7, ZTE’s Axon 8, Honor’s 7X and TCL’s Palm are expected to be the focus of the event.

Yamaha Motors recently announced that the company will have an exhibit to cover UAV.

CES organizers are also under fire to start the week, as the official lineup for keynote speakers revealed an all-male lineup.

Google (GOOGL) is slated to be in attendance with speculation that the company will introduce new Chromebooks to their product lineup. Experts suggest that the company will introduce Chromebooks after the company recently launched their Pixelbook.

CES 2018 is scheduled to last from January 9 – 12. Media events will be held before the event.

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