Forbes Business Council Member J.J. Hebert reveals features of the MindStir Media platform

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By Jacob Maslow

Publishing is an ever-changing landscape that can be quite unpredictable to gauge, especially when one ventures into the realm of self-publishing. Roughly five years ago, it was thought that e-books would largely replace print books; however, over the past few years, the publishing industry has seen print overtake digital delivery. In fact, some avid readers choose to invest in both the physical and electronic copies of their favorite books. As a result, Forbes Business Council member J.J Hebert took self-publishing to a different level.

MindStir Media: an award-winning platform

MindStir Media was founded in 2009. Since its inception, the company has gone from strength to strength. According to BestTechie, Penny Matters, and iTech Post, the company is the top-ranked self-publishing company, a huge achievement given the stiff competition from the likes of BookBaby, iUniverse, and AuthorHouse, amongst others. They have also partnered with the likes of Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and Mariel Hemingway.

Nine-time award-winning author of four #1 Amazon Best Sellers, J.J. Hebert, is at the heart of this success. The company’s founder has over 10 years of experience in this field and gives his insight into exactly what it takes for an author to go from ideation to distribution and book marketing of the finished product. He also outlines the brand-new self-publishing features on offer from MindStir Media.

Personally assisting authors to self-publish

To be a truly successful author, that is, to get your work the attention of the public, one must properly and professionally implement all the particulars of the self-publishing process. Unfortunately, with so much involved in the operation, many authors become inundated and end up abandoning the project altogether. This is where MindStir comes in. The company offers a complete package of bespoke services to help authors achieve their self-publishing goals. Through this package, authors can have access to their own professional publishing team. Authors will be assigned a book designer, editor, project manager, and bestselling author who will mentor throughout the entire process.

J.J. Hebert personally offers his mentorship to those who seek MindStir Media’s services. He also stands by his claim that the company offers premium services with different packages to choose from. A new feature worth specific mention is that when your book has been completed, copies will be printed and distributed to anyone who has ordered it on behalf of the author. Additionally, authors have the option of ordering and getting copies shipped directly to their door. This allows for the personal selling and marketing of copies, should authors wish to do so.

Advocating for authors

J.J. Hebert is also a passionate advocate for authors. He guarantees that everything the company offers in terms of author services is author-friendly. Authors keep their exclusive rights when they work with MindStir Media and keep up to 100% of royalties. They have also developed a complete guide on self-publishing called Self-Publishing Guide: How to Publish a Book? Our Process, Pricing, and More. It is completely free of charge and is easily downloadable from their website.

In summary, the guide covers all the main features offered by MindStir Media. This includes; The MindStir Media process, all self-publishing packages alongside their respective prices, marketing, and advertising services, testimonials of authors who have and are currently working with MindStir Media, booksellers, and other affiliated retailers MindStir Media work with, and the various personalities and partnerships MindStir Media have established that you can leverage off of. This includes Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington’s official endorsement of MindStir Media, where you get your book on the map through his extensive network.

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