FlowerBombTV Brings Her Art To Life Through Basel Bomb

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By Jacob Maslow

In the blink of an eye, FlowerBombTV went from her life as a nurse to one of the most creative, popular, and inspiring artists in the industry. When she left her job as a nurse, she had zero paintings completed; however, she knew that the career transition would give her the opportunity to focus on her desire to become a professional painter. She wanted her paintings to really speak to her personality, her experiences, and her unique sense of expression. Therefore, she knew that the idea of hanging her paintings in a typical gallery wouldn’t do them justice. That was where she developed the idea for Base Bomb, a unique investment opportunity in the art world.

A Visit To Miami with a Business Partner

As FlowerBombTV was brainstorming ways to show off her art in the best light possible, she decided to take a trip down to Miami to meet with one of her business partners. Staying at one of his rental properties, FlowerBombTV and her business partner developed the idea for a house party “bomb.”

In order to truly appreciate everything that her art stands for, she decided to show off her artwork in the setting of a house party. She had three artists hand-paint three separate cars. This included an Aston Martin, a Tesla, and a Rolls-Royce. Then, they recruited people to come and give live performances. The attendees were able to book tables, order bottles, and purchase a painting all at the same time. In essence, it was a mansion party that also featured art for sale in the setting of a nightclub!

Addressing the Challenges of an Individual Artist

Without a doubt, it is not easy being an independent artist. FlowerBombTV found that out very quickly; however, she is not giving up. She is on a mission to provide other artists with the opportunity to display their art as well. In some situations, it can be a challenge for artists to find a spot to sell their art without having to pay a hefty fee themselves. That is why FlowerBombTV and her business partner are on a mission to make it easier for other aspiring artists to get their names out there.

Looking at the Future of the Basel Bomb Event

For FlowerBombTV and her business partner, the first Basel Bomb event was a massive success. As a result, FlowerBombTV is looking for ways to spread the love to other people as well. She wants to invest in herself and the future of aspiring artists, bringing everyone together to bring Basel Bomb events to life in the future. With social media promotions, real estate space, and a hungry public, FlowerBombTV is changing the way artists promote, display, and sell their artwork. It will be exciting to see what happens next for FlowerBombTV and Basel Bomb.

Images Courtesy of DepositPhotos