Fitness Instructor Dylan Celli Explains How to Put Together a Home Gym in a Small Space on the Cheap

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By Jacob Maslow

It’s not always easy to get to the gym these days. That’s no reason to resign yourself to never exercising correctly, though. Instead, Dylan Celli fitness instructor and life coach, recommend putting together an easy home gym to help you find the extra motivation you need to work out.

You can put together a home gym for very little money, even if you don’t have a lot of space in your home. With a home gym, you can work out on your schedule without worrying about going out.

Cheap Cardio Equipment that Doesn’t Take Up a Lot of Space

Cardio exercise doesn’t require a lot of equipment. However, you should get a yoga mat or exercise mat to do bodyweight exercises, such as leg lifts and sit-ups. In addition, some plastic exercise stairs steps are very inexpensive and an excellent way to strengthen your legs and get your heart rate up.

A jump rope will give you some killer cardio and help you develop better coordination. You can even get cheap pull-up bars that you can put in a doorway when you work out and take down after. This equipment can easily be rolled up or stacked in a drawer or closet. All you need is the actual space to exercise in. None of this equipment needs to stay out.

If you have more space, you can get an exercise bike. Exercise bikes take up very little room, and you can usually find one for very little money, especially if you buy used. They are great for cardio while being very easy on your joints.

Cheap Strength Training Equipment that Doesn’t Take Up a Lot of Space

When most people think of strength training, they think of weight benches, weight racks, and machines. Stuff that takes up most of a room.

However, strength training equipment doesn’t have to take up very much room if you get the right stuff. There are two ways you can go. One is a kettlebell. A single item about the size of a cannonball with a handle, a kettlebell is not used like any other piece of strength training equipment.

Once you learn how to work out with it, one is all you’ll need for a long time to come. It’s pretty easy to store one small piece of exercise equipment, and it’s not that expensive to buy, especially if you buy used.

Your other option is an adjustable dumbbell or two. That involves just one or two short steel bars and a bunch of weight plates of different sizes, so you can scale up as you get stronger. You can effectively own the equivalent of a large dumbbell set for relatively little money and very little space.

The Takeaway

Setting up a home gym doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, and you don’t need to have a lot of space for it in your home. You can do anything in your home gym that you could do at a big professional gym, and it’s a lot more convenient.

About Dylan Celli

Dylan Celli is a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and life coach who specializes in leading people towards inner perfection by helping them achieve outward gains. Dylan primarily focuses on high-end clients: executives, athletes, and industry leaders by applying a progressive, goal-oriented strategy that improves self-confidence and inner peace.

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