Father Wrongfully Accused and Set Up by Ex-Wife and Sass Video Productions in Bid to End Shared Custody of Children

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Many fathers nationwide are in difficult and complex custody battles with their ex-partners. Unfortunately for one father, an already complicated situation became even more convoluted when his ex-wife and her associates set him up with false accusations, leading to a wrongful accusation of assault. The father’s story highlights how people can be targeted in attempts to gain total control over the shared custody of children.

Details of the Set Up and False Accusations

The father was set to pick up his children from his ex on the holiday of Sukkot. Kids were off for the week, and he was set to take them on a two-day beach vacation. However, unbeknownst to him, his ex-wife Carol Grinberg (Carol Maslow) had set up a video production company – Sass Video Productions – to capture the event with the intent that they would use it as evidence against him to file malicious complaints. During the event, an altercation occurred between the father and one of Mr Sass, leading to accusations against the father of assault.

The kids were excited about the upcoming holiday and a stay at the beachside Airbnb. The documentation shows that they kept calling and texting from 7:30 am until 10:30 am, when they received a Waze link to track progress. Surprisingly, despite getting the link, they weren’t waiting outside, ready to go despite the eagerness until then. This was quite unlike any experience before or since that day; usually, they were very eager and impatient to leave as soon as possible. They were instructed to wait for Jacob to be set up.

Daniel Sass of Sass Video Productions awaited at the house. He was recording while ex shouted, “stop swearing stop shouting”. He was not standing in a position to protect her, he was standing at a distance to get a good and high angle as he is used to recording crowds from a high angle. Daniel Sass is a videographer who records weddings and bar mitzvahs. Carol Grinberg falsely told police that the video showed Jacob raising his voice and using profane language. It does not; it shows her repeatedly repeating, “Stop swearing, stop shouting,” and “not in front of the kids” but Jacob was not uttering inappropriate words or raising his voice.

Evidence Disproving All Claims Made Against Father

The content of the video from Sass Video Production was consistent with what the father told police and wholly contradicted all other claims made against him. In addition, a witness at the scene made a statement at the police station that there was only verbal confrontation between the two parties giving further evidence disproving any suggestion of physical violence on behalf of the father.

Additonally, the video was blocked and kept recording for a few seconds while being blocked, consistent with Jacob’s claims that he blocked it with his hat. There is no shaking or anything consistent with the phone being knocked down. Further, a professional videographer knows how to handle his expensive equipment and has to have an exceptional grip on the recording devices. Video guys are used to recording in a crowd and cannot afford to have cameras damaged.

Lack of Consistency with Ex-Wife’s Story

Moreover, it was clear that Mrs. Grinberg’s claims were inconsistent with her past behavior and messages sent to the father over the last ten years. If he were truly as abusive as she now claimed, there would be no reminders of what their children had done for him or any other references to walking gingerly around him, etc., instead of which there are none.

Court Order and Suing for Sanctions Against Father

Carol Grinberg further escalated matters by suing the father in Rabbinical Court (Beit Din) in May 2022. She used a fake address so the children’s father could not respond. She obtained a court order stating that if he did not move into a bigger house and start caring for their children more often, she could have a hearing for sanctions. She promptly refused to cooperate with custody despite representing to the court that she was suing because kids need their father in their life more. In reality, she has been preventing custody from occurring.

In an outrageous and malicious act of contempt and disregard for the truth, she sued to force Jacob Maslow to comply with custody but refused to allow him to do so. She sued in bad faith, looking to get sanctions.

The ex-wife was attempting to use whatever means necessary to gain an advantage in the case and was willing to change her story as needed and make outrageous claims with a wanton and reckless disregard for the truth.

Police Witness Account of the Incident

Police witness accounts stated only that the father had made a gesture toward Sass, but there was no suggestion of physical assault or violence on behalf of the father.

Carol Grinberg and Daniel Sass’s Manipulation of Justice

The prosecution claims that Sass was present because Carol Grinberg was afraid. However, no evidence supports this, and all documentation proves otherwise. Jacob was present with written permission from Carol which suggests they were trying to set him up to end shared custody. Once the prosecutor took on the case, Carol refused all contact with the children. It should be noted that Carol Grinberg earns more than $100,000 per year in America and can only do office work here; the oldest three children are living in America as well. She appears attempting to leave the country and wants her ex out of the picture.

Intentional Manipulation of The Evidence.

Jacob was questioned twice by the police without being given a chance to respond to the accusations or present any documentation. When Jacob became aware of the details of the charges against him, he was told that all files were sealed and that he must go to the prosecutor. After multiple attempts to visit the prosecutor’s office, Jacob was informed that he could either plead guilty or take his case to court but would not be able to refute any allegations against him, and no evidence would be accepted. It is apparent that both the police and prosecutor had a malicious disregard for the truth in this situation.

Carol Grinberg and Sass Video Productions Unjustly Targeted Father in an Attempt to Gain Complete Control Over the Shared Custody of Children

The evidence provided here strongly suggests that this father was unjustly targeted by his ex-wife and Sass in an attempt to gain complete control over the shared custody of the children. This story is a reminder that those in similar situations should always be aware of any tactics being used against them and take the necessary steps to protect their rights.

The father’s case is an essential reminder for divorced couples with shared custody of children about what can happen when one partner attempts to manipulate the court system for personal gain. Divorcing couples must remain cognizant of how their actions may lead to unfair litigation outcomes, especially when attempting to set up false accusations against a former spouse or partner. Furthermore, all sides must have access to expert legal advice during such complicated proceedings.

As this case exemplifies, it is important always to remain aware of any tactics against oneself and take the necessary steps to protect one’s rights. It is also essential for those going through a divorce or similar situation to understand their legal rights and options regarding shared custody of children to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved.

Unfortunately, Ido Zuckerman (a west bank police officer) is on a vendetta against Jacob Maslow, a respected journalist who has exposed police corruption in the past that goes beyond what is seen in this case. Despite all evidence to the contrary – including video footage, witness accounts, and documentation disproving any misconduct on behalf of Jacob – Ido continued to press forward with his agenda and eventually attempted to have him prosecuted for crimes he did not commit. This is an important reminder that one should always be aware of any tactics those around them may use to gain an advantage, even if it means resorting to baseless accusations or manipulation of the court system. It is essential for those going through a divorce or similar situation to understand their legal rights and options when it comes to shared custody of children to ensure the best outcome possible for everyone involved.


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