Little change in Facebook staff diversity since last year

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By Larry Banks

On Friday, Facebook released its latest diversity data that showed the number of women and minority groups has not changed much since last year.

The number of women increased by 1%, from 31% to 32%. The number of black people, Hispanics and people of mixed race was unchanged at 2%, 4% and 3% respectively.

Little change in Facebook employee diversity

In terms of the company’s tech staff, diversity was much less even, with 84% being men and 16% women. Among non-tech workers, the figures are 48% of men and 52% of women.

The leadership at the social media giant is still mainly white and male. Women make up only 23% of the senior leaders while men hold onto 77%, which is unchanged since last year.

There was a slight increase in the senior leadership figures this year with more Asian people at 21% compared with 19% last year, but the number of senior Hispanics decreased from 4% to 3%.

In a blog post, Facebook highlighted some of its recent initiatives which are intended to increase diversity in future. These include a Facebook University training program, which invites freshmen from underrepresented groups to work in Facebook over a summer alongside special mentors, and also a training course tackling conversations about stereotypes and bias.

SOURCE: Reuters.

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