Facebook acquires shopping curation site ‘TheFind’

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By Larry Banks

In the future it looks like everyone will be able to shop more via Facebook ads, or at least that’s what Facebook hopes, thanks to today’s buyout news.

The online shopping curation site, TheFind, was bought out by the social network. Both companies state that the acquisition will make the ads in your Facebook news feed more relevant.

Facebook Buys TheFind

Facebook has recently issued the following statement:

We’re excited to welcome TheFind to Facebook. TheFind’s talented team has built a successful search engine that connects people to products. Together, we believe we can make the Facebook ads experience even more relevant and better for consumers. Our business is about connecting people with the topics, companies, brands, and increasingly products they care about and we look forward to doing that with TheFind on board.

For existing customers of TheFind, the website says that its search engine will be offline in a few weeks.

It’s a bold move by Facebook, which tends to only buy a couple of strategic companies and startups each year, that it thinks will add value to its core business. Shopping-related ads are of course one way that Facebook could make its users’ news feeds more relevant and engaging.

For anyone that clicks on ads (not this author), expect some big changes in the future…


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