empowr Outlines Future Plans to Go Public

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By Ben Myers

empowr has outlined future plans for the community’s beta launch, and provides details of plans to go public to compete with Amazon and Facebook.

San Diego, California November 7, 2017

empowr’s attempt to become a democratized social media platform is moving forward with the company’s plan to move into the beta phase of testing. The platform’s plan outline steps needed to reach the next stage in development with the goal of making the company a public entity in the future.

“empowr’s intentions are to bypass (skip) Wall Street and become a publicly traded company via a ‘direct listing,'” states the company. empowr intends to become a public company with rumors that they’ll follow the same path as Spotify, which plans to use a direct listing to go public.

A direct listing allows the company to fulfill its vision of being 100% owned by citizens, success coaches and employees. Powerful investors will not be allowed to purchase the company’s stock in an effort to ensure that it maintains its democratic foundation. empowr has made it clear that the company’s founders have not taken any outside investments, keeping the company privately owned in the process.

All-time mission points will be utilized as a means to determine how stock options may be distributed when the company goes public. These points will include bonus multipliers earned between April and June. The higher the mission points, the more stock the community member will own.

The company’s objectives moving forward start with the commitment to provide value to empowr citizens. New technology will be developed to terminate ad credit or payment use by new citizens in an effort to stop confusion among new members relating to charges. New revenue streams will be explored to offset the company’s loss in ad platform fees for new users. Revenue will be used to enable the platform to continue on an accelerated growth path.

Communication is the final objective. The community’s gratitude for members that have been part of the community the longest and have done the most is key to the company’s future success. All members will have the same opportunity to receive the community’s gratitude and benefits over time.

Company Information:

Founded in 2015, empowr, a private company, acts as the world’s first social economy. Users are encouraged to use the power of social media to monetize their time in the community. https://www.empowr.com/

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